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Foil SUP / Go Foil : Axis : Armstrong : Signature : Cloud IX: ??
« on: July 11, 2020, 12:13:57 PM »
Having been a Go Foil guy from the time they were one of the few shows in town, and fairly happy with their products for the most part...but over the past few years as others have entered the fray, it seems that Go Foil is becoming late to the party on a lot of things, and very "this or that" with their new products.

So I've been kicking around the idea of going to another brand that offers a more component based, interchangeable system, and would like to hear what others are finding they like, and why. Also those sticking with Go Foil, I'd like to hear from you also, and why you've decided to stick it out with them.

I'll start by saying what I like about Go Foil is the that I've smacked all the wings I've had on plenty of things out there (a couple of times at speed), and other than a nick here or there, the only time I've ever done any damage is when I basically cut a wing on I'm assuming a sharp rock as I flew over it since it didn't even throw me off the board, and just sliced the bottom of the wing on it flying into the beach...which was easily repairable, and flies like new again.

Want I'm not too wild about is what I'll just say lack of options wrt fuselage lengths, and until recently the lack of interchangeability with their components...which yes, they've now adapted to become a little more competitive with the others. I'm also not thrilled that it seems that you have a choice in wings of either glide/pump (GLs) or surf/turn (Kai, Iwa, Maliko) with no really "in between"...where some of the other brands seem to have a nice mix of "tweener" wings that surf/turn really nice, but also have some nice "pump-ability" to them. And yes, I know guys like Austin, Derek, and others can make them look all encompassing wings...but I'm taking the normal human being, and even those in the 50-60+ age bracket are doing with some of the other brands.

Love to hear other's thoughts, and recommendations of what they're liking and/or disliking with some of the other brands out there. Also, I'd like to keep it to a discussion wrt the wings use on SUPs (surfing, downwinding, or wingfoiling are all welcome), as that's what I'm looking to stay on, and IMO, there's a distinct difference in the usefulness of a particular wing on a prone board, compared to that of the same wing on a SUP...even a small SUP at that.

Those who have had Go Foils and other brands in their arsenal, I'd really like to hear from you on why you went from one to the other. But also looking forward to everyone's input wrt the various brands they're liking and/or not liking and for whatever reason(s)...TIA.

So apparently I'm a very slow learner, or just a gluten for punishment...because after the order nonsense I went through the first time trying to get wings from GONG (same first to order, last to ship BS), in mid March I go, and order the Pulse 7m version from them (that at the time was "available for shipping" mid April, then mid May due to the CV19 crisis (understandable), and then suddenly w/ no explanation, mid June for no f'n reason), and yet here I am again...still sitting, waiting with nothing to show for it but a bunch of BS excuse emails from "JR" their "International Sales" dude.

Oh and yes, just like the last time, come to find out that others who've ordered their wings well after mine (just this month in fact) are receiving shipping notices that theirs are on the way, when all I get is another BS email with "JR" and GONG just saying it was supposedly shipped, washing their hands of it...
GONG Jaime - International Sales                                                                                              May 22, 2020, 1:25 AM (1 day ago)

Hello Dave,

Yep they’re out the door…. the transport service is in charge of sending that. don’t expect that to arrive quickly though.

Fortunately the transport services are piling back up, there are more guys driving not he road but that’s easy because they are other own anyway and have very limed contact with people……. unfortunately the offices are still not even half staffed because of the regulations on how many people can be in an office. And that’s where the  tracking numbers are sent form.. so those poor secretaries that are in charge of that are seriously backed up…...

That’s what i’m seeing anyway……

Patience…. It is on the way.

Thanks and Stay Safe!!
...only after I sent in an inquiry request through their website's "Contact" page (heck with trying to email anyone directly), after I saw my ordered had finally gone from "waiting" to "finished" (after so many ghosted emails), but never received any notice of when that happened, and no tracking number to see when I might expect to receive it.

So with that kind of stellar customer service, I feel as though I was just shoved out the door w/o anyway of knowing when I might get the wing...or if they've even shipped the MFer, and are still filling other orders before getting around to the poor dumb sap in CA.

I mean really...who in the hell hands a delivery company a package for shipment w/o getting any tracking number to verify its existence, or that it was actually shipped!? :o

What if I never see the GONG, supposedly w/o any tracking number or proof that it ever even got into the hands of the shipper responsible? Or is it the shipping company's responsibility, and if that's the case, how do I try resolve it with them...when no one - namely me - has a GD tracking number to even begin a discussion with them?

Is it just me, or does it seem like I got GONGed once again? >:(

Classifieds / Go Foil GL's You've All Been Waiting For!
« on: May 04, 2020, 02:20:44 PM »
Having another Go Foil wing sale, this time newer GLs, along with a brand new 24" mast and adapter if you need one to get you started. Now available....

1 - GL140 virtually brand new (used twice, but not a single scrape, scratch, nick, lump, or bump...heck the sticker is still on it)

1 - GL180 lightly used with just one little nick and slight scratch it received its maiden voyage  >:( (but neither of which do anything to hamper performance)
1 - 18N lightly used stabilizer w/ removable winglets on it that helps with stability, and hold in the turns (they can be removed with the holes not effecting in anyway how it rides compared to its out of the box performance w/o them)

1 - Brand new, never used 24" original mast (the semi-gloss paint job, not the bright shiny new high gloss paint job they put on them now)
1 - Tuttle to tracks adapter thats has little to no use on it.

So I bet you're wondering about prices. Here goes...

For the "brand new" GL140 with case by itself - $625

The GL180 and 18N together with cases - $650

The Mast and Adapter together - $500

The GL180, 18N, cases, mast, and adapter - $1050

Total package with everything you see above - $1625 (shipping within the continental US included).

Thanks for checking them out...message me if you have any questions, or need additional info. :)

Foil SUP / When Foiling Goes Wrong
« on: February 15, 2020, 09:57:00 AM »
So I thought this might be a fun little topic. A place for stories, and/or pics of when foiling might have taken a little bite out of ya.

I'll lead off with a pic of the results of not paying attention while entering the water with your foil machine....

...courtesy of the rear wing catching your leg when a wave brings the inverted floating board and foil crashing down onto you as you try to stop them from hurtling into the sand.

Let me count the number of dumb moves getting into this so preventable situation...(uh three?)  ::) :(

Classifieds / Go Foil Wings
« on: February 14, 2020, 04:50:35 PM »
Throwing it out there to see if there's any interest in a couple sets of Go Foil wings (no mast).

1. Iwa, Maliko 200, and the Maliko rear wing.

2. Kai front and rear wing.

All are in good condition, and I'd be real negotiable on the price. With the GL180 and 140, I don't see myself riding any of these wings again, and would like for them to not just collect dust on a shelf in my garage.

They're still excellent wings for someone starting out (IMO)...with the exception of the Kai, which is quite fun if you have big enough surf, or for some smaller prone person.

Just testing the waters, shoot me some ideas if interested...they're in SoCal as far as a question wrt shipping cost goes (which for the price I'm willing to let them go for, I'm not paying).  :)

Classifieds / GONG 7M Wing FOR SALE
« on: October 29, 2019, 09:58:37 PM »
Advertising for a friend - he writes:

GONG 7M Wing guaranteed perfect condition, used 6 times with back pack and pump $550 (don't wait 2 months for back orders be winging today !!!) willing to ship if you pay cost from southern cal area
(951) 743-7822

Here's his first time out with it...
...proof that it works just fine.  :)

Foil SUP / "Anatomy of a Breach"
« on: June 28, 2019, 05:25:05 PM »
Saw this on IG, and thought it was interesting how the breach of a tip that instantly pulls in so much air to disrupt the water flow over the wing, and down goes the foil, board, and rider almost immediately after...

Foil SUP / Divinycell PVC Foam Block
« on: May 15, 2019, 11:54:07 AM »
After Googling whatever I could think of to find where I can purchase a Divinycell foam block that folks are using to install track boxes in, and all I've been able to find are sheets of it, and nothing in the block form I'm looking for, and that I know is out there...somewhere.  :(

I know someone here knows where to order it from (or go pick it up in SoOC CA even better), and any help y'all can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Classifieds / Werner Grand Prix 86 Paddles
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:23:53 PM »
Not my paddles, but I do know the person selling them, and bought one from from him several years ago at a great price that I still use, and enjoy today. Anyway, thought I'd post the Craigslist ad here for anyone interested in what appears to me to be a good deal.

Werner Grand Prix 86 SUP paddle 77" long
They are used Team rider paddles in good condition. Reason for sale, he is given new ones every year. There is another Grand Prix 85" long. The money will be used for him to race in Carolina. These are half off of retail. Thanks Chad 949 338 1975 $200.00 each. Cash only Cash only 200.00 each

Pictures in the ad won't load, but can be seen here....

Classifieds / Blue Planet Foil SUP - $1200 (San Clemente)
« on: January 13, 2019, 01:53:55 PM »
OK, same seller, different about this one?


Blue Planet 2018 Easy Foiler.
Ridden twice, like new.

This one I stood on, but at 200 lbs. the 98 liters floated me to basically my knees, and I'm not a paddle pro who can paddle a board submerged a couple feet underwater. But for any of you sub-175 guys, this is a great deal on an truly "almost [brand] new" (delivered mid-Oct, and taken out just twice), super light carbon foil board with mast tracks and Tuttle adapter for any foil setup, and the matching custom bag that came with it.

2018 Blue Planet Easy Foiler on SoCal Craigslist - 6'x27.5"x4" @ 98 a $500 discount on a virtually brand new board.

Classifieds / Foil SUP with helmet and vest. - $300 (San Clemente)
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:50:14 PM »
Not my equipment, but very familiar with it, and can vouch that it's "in like new condition", and an incredible price for someone wanting to try foiling for the first time on a budget, or upgrading their current board with an already "flight tested" one.

Kings foil sup in like new condition.
7'3" X 30" X 4.75" Approx 125 liters.
With like new kayaking helmet and impact floatation vest.


I've flown this board a couple times, and can say that it's stable, paddles well, and flies nicely. Just thought I'd post it so someone here has a chance to jump on it if they've been looking before someone else jumps on it....$300!!! :o 8)

Here's the link to the SoCal Craigslist ad...

Foil SUP / Foiling with Zane
« on: October 08, 2018, 04:40:57 PM »
Had the opportunity to foil, meet up, and talk with Zane, and he's added to my list of "The Good Guys of the Sport". So down to earth, friendly, easy going, and full of stoke. Oh, and he foils pretty good as well. 

I'm sure others must have seen it before, but it was a first for me, and hadn't read about it here so here goes....

Several of us are standing outside just waiting for the next set, and here comes Zane pumping his 6'9" HN at warp speed, and since he had nothing to connect to outside of us....he somehow throws the thing up into the air, and does a complete 360o, lands the board, and then turns to paddle towards us to chat. :o Wow!!

Eventually I think his go-go energy got the best of him, and seeing a little bump forming on the outside he decides it's time to foil. Now I guess it would have been too pedestrian to just paddle out towards it like the rest of us mortals, so he starts digging with his paddle as he begins pumping his board (that's a good 6" to a foot underwater btw), and after maybe a dozen paddle strokes, and pumps...he's up on the foil, and pumping out to the incoming swell, hops on it, and carves it up like he's on a short SUP board, I think forgetting that he had a foil screwed into the bottom of it.

I had to sit down and take a rest just watching him.  ;) ;D  We shared a wave a little later on, and it was a blast following him, and having the best seat in the house to watch him do his thing.  8)

General Discussion / Another SoCal Shark Attack - 9/29/18
« on: September 29, 2018, 06:48:03 PM »
From NBC News:
Boy, 13, attacked by shark off Southern California coast.
The boy "sustained traumatic injuries to the upper torso area" in the attack off an Encinitas beach.

The boy, who was not identified, "sustained traumatic injuries to the upper torso area” in the 6:55 a.m. incident near Beacon's Beach, said Encinitas Lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles. A spokesman for Rady Children's Hospital said he was in critical condition and would undergo surgery Saturday afternoon.

After the attack, the boy was brought back to the beach by three good Samaritans on a kayak. About 30 people had been in the water diving for lobsters on the first day of the season, Giles and a witness said.

The 13-year old boy who was apparently bitten by a shark while free-diving on the first day of lobster season, on Sept. 29. 2018 in Encinitas, California.The 13-year old boy who was apparently bitten by a shark while free-diving on the first day of lobster season, on Sept. 29. 2018 in Encinitas, California.Family photo / via Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego
Lifeguards on scene provided life support before the boy was taken to a trauma center, Giles said. The boy was conscious when he was saved by bystanders and when he was transported by helicopter, he said.

"There was about 30 people in the water, and then we heard this kid scream—and I thought he just, you know, maybe his first bug [lobster], got like a big one and so I was happy for him,” Chad Hammel, one of the kayakers who helped rescue the boy, said.

"And then I kind of heard that 'I got bit,'" Hammel said. "There was a seal swimming around us, and so I kind of put two and two together. When I started paddling towards him and there was a big old, you know, wake of blood behind him."

Once on the kayak, Hammel said the boy’s “entire back was open.” The boy said the shark attacked him from the clavicle and on his back, and the shark's teeth cut part of his cheek.

One of the three men was swimming with his fins and Hammel paddled towards shore, but “the shark followed," Hammel said.

"He wasn't really chasing, but he was kind of waiting to see what was going to happen," he said. It was the boy’s first time out for lobster, Hammel said.

Bystanders said the shark was around 11 feet long, Giles said. The boy was in about 9 feet of water 150 to 200 yards from the beach. One of his parents was on the beach at the time.

"We are concerned about obviously public safety. The beaches are going to be closed down right now," Giles said. "We are asking people not to go into the water."

Bystanders reported there was a seal in the area at the time of the attack, Giles said. Seals are prey for some types of sharks, including great whites. Hammel said "it looked like a white." Officials were working with a marine scientist to determine the type of shark involved.

The boy’s family is requesting privacy but said they appreciate the support they have received, Dr. Tim Fairbanks, division chief of pediatric surgery and trauma surgery at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, said in a statement on their behalf.

"The family is completely focused on their child at this time," Fairbanks said.

He added that the boy was free diving for lobsters when he was attacked.

The waters by beaches were closed from La Costa Avenue around South Ponto Beach south to Swami’s Beach and would remain closed for 48 hours to see if there was any more shark activity in the area, Giles said.

"At this time since the incident, we have not seen any shark activity at all," he said.

A surfing competition down the beach was canceled Saturday, and a sheriff's helicopter was being flown to observe any signs of sharks, among other measures. If there is no more activity spotted, the beach closures could end at 7 a.m. Monday, Giles said.

The attack shocked some people familiar with the waters off Beacon’s Beach. Mike McInnis, who lives nearby, learned to surf there when he was 6 years old.

"I just couldn’t believe it was happening, in my surf break," McInnis said. "I surf here almost every day."

There were a series of possible shark sightings reported off the coast of Oceanside, a city north of Encinitas, in late June, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Downwind and Racing / PPG Women's vs Men's Board Sizes
« on: September 14, 2018, 10:19:51 AM »
Just out of curiosity I went looking at the PPG website, and when I got to the pricing/registration page, noticed that all of the women's races have a board limit of 12'6" while them men's were "14' & Under"...which I thought was quite interesting given the recent thread here wrt the "WSL announces equal pay for women", and the following discussion about "equality" in the competition venues.

Seems to me that the PPG is (intentionally or not) stating that women can't handle or compete on the larger boards which I think is a big mistake for more than one reason.

So any idea on why they wouldn't just use the same "14' & Under" stipulation, and let the competitors choose which length board they're comfortable on, and feel would give them the best chance against the competition?

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