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Random / We Ded
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:54:04 PM »

General Discussion / Screen Name Change
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:07:27 PM »
To align all of my social media accounts, I'm updating my Zone account to reflect the same screen name I'm using elsewhere. So SanoSlatchSup will become "Califoilia".

I'll leave both up for a little while so as not to appear to be a new or different member to reduce confusion, but will then remove the "formerly" part, after that.

Gear Talk / New King's - foil SURF machines Board
« on: November 08, 2020, 11:49:51 AM »
Having read so many of Dwight (DW)'s post wrt board shaping, I was more than intrigued and interested in getting on one of them, and went to his site to see about ordering one. When I saw he had "orders suspended" there, I PM'd him here, and unfortunately, he informed me that he's only "making 5’1 SUPs, but nothing bigger", and had no plans on making anything bigger in the near future...and to not wait for him. :(

So with what he talked about here, and on is website, I took those concepts to Dave Daum at King's who's shaping my boards now, and worked with him to try to get something similar (but not exactly in respect to Dwight and his boards). After several hours on the computer with me trying to communicate the direction that Dwight was taking things, we came up with what I thought looked great on the computer, but that had me more than a bit worried when it came off the CNC machine.

What seemed like enough bottom on the screen, suddenly looked too small, with way too much chine to the rails. :o

Everyone - and I mean everyone - who saw it said it was going to be tippier than hell...and honestly, while I never said it, I feared the same thing silently. Several even told me that I should just buy the unglassed foam from Dave and start over, instead of wasting anymore money on it having him finish it, and then not being able to stand on it...much less paddle it. Well, being stubborn (or really more so not wanting to bruise my, I just had him proceed on with it, and so glad that I did!

Turned out to not be at all tippy, it paddles great, and is incredible in the air with how easy it is to throw around, and so controllable, because now the slightest input has it responding immediately to it; that I'm able to drop into big late drops that I'd never even think about turning into with any of my other boards.

I'll not share all of Dwight's secrets here (you'll have to go to his website to find them ;) :D ), but I will share that flat bottoms replacing all of the concave bottoms that seem to be so prevalent with so many of the foil boards out there (and on all of my previous boards) is a game changer.

Thanks to "Dwight (DW)" for putting the ideas into my head, and to Dave Daum at King's Paddle Sports for giving me the leeway to "shape" (I have no computer design skills) what has turned out to be the most incredible SUP foil board I've ever ridden...and I've ridden, tested, demoed at LOT.

Stoked to say the least,

EDIT to add: 5'7"x28"x105 liters

Classifieds / Axis 920 Front Wing & 440 or 400 Stab
« on: September 13, 2020, 04:55:13 PM »
Since surfinib has now completed his 920 sale...if someone else is still looking for an in great shape 920 wing, I have one that I'd be happy to part with...since I changed my mind on the wingdinging craze which was the only reason I picked up in the first place (7M wing is still available) - $275 plus whatever shipping (or pick up) from SoCal.

Also have either a 440 or 400 stab that I could throw in with it for an additional $100 for either. Sorry, no mast or fuse to go with the deal, wing(s) only.

Classifieds / GONG 7M Wings ($450 & $650)
« on: August 28, 2020, 10:34:47 AM »
For sale two GONG 7M wings:

#1 GONG WING PLUS 7M- Vision & Power Limited Edition. This wing is being listed for "Air Boom Ron", who's been seen flying/jumping it in 11 mph winds at the lake. The wing is about a year old with a few dozen sessions on it, and in excellent condition.  $450 boxed and ready to go.

#2 GONG WING PULSE 7M This wing is new, brand new, never in the water, only inflated once in the backyard just for chits and giggles. At $650, get it now for less than the price of new from Gong, and you won't have to hassle the wait of shipping from France with La Poste. It too is ready to go to The UPS Store for shipment today.

(Pumps not included)

Foil SUP / Can We Talk Stabilizer Geometry?
« on: August 12, 2020, 08:11:56 AM »
Flat stabs, anhedral down stabs, stab tips curved up, stab tips curved down, stabs mounted on the bottom of the fuse, stabs mounted on the top of the fuse...wth?  Can someone please help make up my mind as to which shaped stab I want to use when and where.

I get the size and AOA thing and all, but all these different shapes and mounting location reasons has me scratching my head as to what it is they're all specifically designed to do differently, and maybe even more importantly for my Axis selections in the future (I currently have accumulated the 390, 400, and 440)...why that is. TIA.

Classifieds / Go Foil Complete Package
« on: August 04, 2020, 10:39:07 AM »
Go Foil Clearance Sale!  Everything you need for any condition that’s presented to you. From beginner to advanced there’s a combination in here for you. All components in good to very good condition. Mounting hardware included…just add board, paddle, leash, and go kill it.

Front wings: GL210, GL180, Iwa, Kai.
Stabilizers:  18W + Pedestal, Maliko, Kai
Mast/Fuse: 29.5 Tuttle w/adapter for track mounting if needed (adds another 3” in height)
Covers: Wing covers for GLs and 18W, and a one piece front, back, and fuse cover for Iwa/Kai wings, and one piece mast cover.

Looking for one buyer at this point.

Retail is $3,875

Price is $2250.  Split UPS shipping.

Random / FedEx Is Such a POS
« on: July 28, 2020, 02:19:10 PM »
Waiting for an order from a kind man in FL that FedEx originally said was supposed to be to me tmrw (7/29), but then last week sent an update saying it would be here today (7/28) by the end of the day...YeeHaw!

Since someone has to sign for it, I waited patiently all morning and into the early afternoon, only to get another email update from them at 1345 hrs saying that it's now not going to be here until sometime tmrw again - like my time's not worth anything - and oh well...F U in other words.

Called their CS who basically said the same thing; that he was sorry, but nothing he can do to change that, offer any kind of refund to anyone - or again in other words - F U dude, just sit and wait for it again tmrw.

F'd up thing is, I've found this to be more common than not with this POS company, with them upgrading a delivery date by a day, and then emailing half way (or later) through the new delivery day that, "Oops, just'll be coming tmrw after all".

Happened with our original Go Foil order several years ago, which got so screwed up that StandinDan and myself had to drive to their distribution center 40 miles from us just to get our stuff...and even then once we got there we had to wait "while we try to locate it". WTF? ::)

Well OK, all better now that I got that off my chest. Y'all just saved me a trip to the therapist...much appreciated. But still...F U FedEX!!  >:( :D

Classifieds / Axis Foils/Wings WTB
« on: July 24, 2020, 06:03:33 PM »
So rather than sit on my computer all day long instead of foiling, thought I'd throw it out there that I'm looking to buy the following Axis stuff if anyone is interested in selling theirs now or in not too distant future...

Front wings: 1000, 860
Stabilizers:  400, 370
Fuselages:  Short or standard
Mast: 19mm and longer than 75cm (looking to go 80-84 cm but can cut down a 90)

If you have any of the above you're interested in selling...please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
SanoSup (Dave)

The Shape Shack / Question(s) On Foam & Floation
« on: July 19, 2020, 01:44:43 PM »
Reading another thread wrt figuring the number of liters of foam per weight got me thinking about a board that I currently have had in production with a local shaper for about ever (for another time and thread), and since it's still in its raw CNC'd form I went over to way it just for shits and giggles...or so I thought.

The foam blank (6'0x28x4.75) weighed in at 3.13 lbs, and using this chart for the 1 lb foam it was cut from...

...I come up with 3.13*30.24 = 94.65 liters. Only problem, the computer/CNC program spits out 116.4 liters which I need...94.65 liters is about 15-20 liters shy of what I have had float me when I never knew the blanks weights in the past.

Thus my question: Is "weight to volume" in liters, the same as the amount of weight needed to displace "X" amount of liters of water? Or is "weight to volume of liters" the same as the weight required to displace a particular amount of volume of water in liters?

Hope that makes some semblance of sense in what I'm confused and concerned about wrt this new weight number of a board that the "numbers" say won't float me.  :-\

Foil SUP / Go Foil : Axis : Armstrong : Signature : Cloud IX: ??
« on: July 11, 2020, 12:13:57 PM »
Having been a Go Foil guy from the time they were one of the few shows in town, and fairly happy with their products for the most part...but over the past few years as others have entered the fray, it seems that Go Foil is becoming late to the party on a lot of things, and very "this or that" with their new products.

So I've been kicking around the idea of going to another brand that offers a more component based, interchangeable system, and would like to hear what others are finding they like, and why. Also those sticking with Go Foil, I'd like to hear from you also, and why you've decided to stick it out with them.

I'll start by saying what I like about Go Foil is the that I've smacked all the wings I've had on plenty of things out there (a couple of times at speed), and other than a nick here or there, the only time I've ever done any damage is when I basically cut a wing on I'm assuming a sharp rock as I flew over it since it didn't even throw me off the board, and just sliced the bottom of the wing on it flying into the beach...which was easily repairable, and flies like new again.

Want I'm not too wild about is what I'll just say lack of options wrt fuselage lengths, and until recently the lack of interchangeability with their components...which yes, they've now adapted to become a little more competitive with the others. I'm also not thrilled that it seems that you have a choice in wings of either glide/pump (GLs) or surf/turn (Kai, Iwa, Maliko) with no really "in between"...where some of the other brands seem to have a nice mix of "tweener" wings that surf/turn really nice, but also have some nice "pump-ability" to them. And yes, I know guys like Austin, Derek, and others can make them look all encompassing wings...but I'm taking the normal human being, and even those in the 50-60+ age bracket are doing with some of the other brands.

Love to hear other's thoughts, and recommendations of what they're liking and/or disliking with some of the other brands out there. Also, I'd like to keep it to a discussion wrt the wings use on SUPs (surfing, downwinding, or wingfoiling are all welcome), as that's what I'm looking to stay on, and IMO, there's a distinct difference in the usefulness of a particular wing on a prone board, compared to that of the same wing on a SUP...even a small SUP at that.

Those who have had Go Foils and other brands in their arsenal, I'd really like to hear from you on why you went from one to the other. But also looking forward to everyone's input wrt the various brands they're liking and/or not liking and for whatever reason(s)...TIA.

So apparently I'm a very slow learner, or just a gluten for punishment...because after the order nonsense I went through the first time trying to get wings from GONG (same first to order, last to ship BS), in mid March I go, and order the Pulse 7m version from them (that at the time was "available for shipping" mid April, then mid May due to the CV19 crisis (understandable), and then suddenly w/ no explanation, mid June for no f'n reason), and yet here I am again...still sitting, waiting with nothing to show for it but a bunch of BS excuse emails from "JR" their "International Sales" dude.

Oh and yes, just like the last time, come to find out that others who've ordered their wings well after mine (just this month in fact) are receiving shipping notices that theirs are on the way, when all I get is another BS email with "JR" and GONG just saying it was supposedly shipped, washing their hands of it...
GONG Jaime - International Sales                                                                                              May 22, 2020, 1:25 AM (1 day ago)

Hello Dave,

Yep they’re out the door…. the transport service is in charge of sending that. don’t expect that to arrive quickly though.

Fortunately the transport services are piling back up, there are more guys driving not he road but that’s easy because they are other own anyway and have very limed contact with people……. unfortunately the offices are still not even half staffed because of the regulations on how many people can be in an office. And that’s where the  tracking numbers are sent form.. so those poor secretaries that are in charge of that are seriously backed up…...

That’s what i’m seeing anyway……

Patience…. It is on the way.

Thanks and Stay Safe!!
...only after I sent in an inquiry request through their website's "Contact" page (heck with trying to email anyone directly), after I saw my ordered had finally gone from "waiting" to "finished" (after so many ghosted emails), but never received any notice of when that happened, and no tracking number to see when I might expect to receive it.

So with that kind of stellar customer service, I feel as though I was just shoved out the door w/o anyway of knowing when I might get the wing...or if they've even shipped the MFer, and are still filling other orders before getting around to the poor dumb sap in CA.

I mean really...who in the hell hands a delivery company a package for shipment w/o getting any tracking number to verify its existence, or that it was actually shipped!? :o

What if I never see the GONG, supposedly w/o any tracking number or proof that it ever even got into the hands of the shipper responsible? Or is it the shipping company's responsibility, and if that's the case, how do I try resolve it with them...when no one - namely me - has a GD tracking number to even begin a discussion with them?

Is it just me, or does it seem like I got GONGed once again? >:(

Classifieds / Go Foil GL's You've All Been Waiting For!
« on: May 04, 2020, 02:20:44 PM »
Having another Go Foil wing sale, this time newer GLs, along with a brand new 24" mast and adapter if you need one to get you started. Now available....

1 - GL140 virtually brand new (used twice, but not a single scrape, scratch, nick, lump, or bump...heck the sticker is still on it)

1 - GL180 lightly used with just one little nick and slight scratch it received its maiden voyage  >:( (but neither of which do anything to hamper performance)
1 - 18N lightly used stabilizer w/ removable winglets on it that helps with stability, and hold in the turns (they can be removed with the holes not effecting in anyway how it rides compared to its out of the box performance w/o them)

1 - Brand new, never used 24" original mast (the semi-gloss paint job, not the bright shiny new high gloss paint job they put on them now)
1 - Tuttle to tracks adapter thats has little to no use on it.

So I bet you're wondering about prices. Here goes...

For the "brand new" GL140 with case by itself - $625

The GL180 and 18N together with cases - $650

The Mast and Adapter together - $500

The GL180, 18N, cases, mast, and adapter - $1050

Total package with everything you see above - $1625 (shipping within the continental US included).

Thanks for checking them out...message me if you have any questions, or need additional info. :)

Foil SUP / When Foiling Goes Wrong
« on: February 15, 2020, 09:57:00 AM »
So I thought this might be a fun little topic. A place for stories, and/or pics of when foiling might have taken a little bite out of ya.

I'll lead off with a pic of the results of not paying attention while entering the water with your foil machine....

...courtesy of the rear wing catching your leg when a wave brings the inverted floating board and foil crashing down onto you as you try to stop them from hurtling into the sand.

Let me count the number of dumb moves getting into this so preventable situation...(uh three?)  ::) :(

Classifieds / Go Foil Wings
« on: February 14, 2020, 04:50:35 PM »
Throwing it out there to see if there's any interest in a couple sets of Go Foil wings (no mast).

1. Iwa, Maliko 200, and the Maliko rear wing.

2. Kai front and rear wing.

All are in good condition, and I'd be real negotiable on the price. With the GL180 and 140, I don't see myself riding any of these wings again, and would like for them to not just collect dust on a shelf in my garage.

They're still excellent wings for someone starting out (IMO)...with the exception of the Kai, which is quite fun if you have big enough surf, or for some smaller prone person.

Just testing the waters, shoot me some ideas if interested...they're in SoCal as far as a question wrt shipping cost goes (which for the price I'm willing to let them go for, I'm not paying).  :)

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