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Classifieds / Brand New F-One 8M CWC and Duotone 5M with Boom
« on: February 20, 2023, 10:46:31 PM »
Last year, a friend of mine bought a couple brand new wings, inflated one (a 5M Duotone something with boom) twice to trying sup winging on a lake, and a F-One 8m CWC that's never come out of the bag. He's now selling them since he really didn't enjoy it that much, and wants to spend his time doing other things.

He's asking $750 obo for the brand new F-One and $500 obo for the Duotone with the boom. He's in Oceanside, CA and can ship, but at those prices doesn't want to pay for it.

DM me if interested, or for more info

Classifieds / Ensis, Kings, and AXIS Wing Foil Starter Kit
« on: February 26, 2022, 09:10:18 AM »
Ensis Score 6.2m - $650
Ensis Wing  5.2m - $550
Both in "like new" condition, each in the water less than 5 times apiece.
Buy both and I'll throw in the PKS Pro Flow pump with them for free.

Kings Wing Board - 5'4x27x102L - $1100
Also "like new" with RSPro Railsaver. Board is stable, easy to stand, comes off that water and flies super easy.

AXIS Foil - Available through a friend
S-Series 1000 HA
S-Series   900 HA
460 Flat Pump Carbon Rear Wing
Ultra Short Fuse
75cmx16mm aluminum mast
60cmx16mm aluminum mast
16mm Baseplate and Doodad
All gear is in very good condition - pictures to follow when I get them
$1200 for everything

Local pick up in SoCal or packaging and shipping available at buyer's expense.

I'm selling because I'm just done with the sport (for the 3rd time :-\) and moving onto something else. Friend bought all new black series AXIS gear is the reason he's letting his original stuff go.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Hood River AWSI Event Sept 7-11
« on: September 01, 2021, 02:42:41 PM »
I'm going to be up at the Gorge for the AWSI Expo with the Axis crew next week, and would love to meet, and get together with some of the other SUZers living in the area, and/or those who'll also be there during that time.

Staying with my son in Vancouver the nights of the 6th and 11th if any of you are in that area who won't be making it out to the Gorge, and are available to meet up in the evening of either of those nights.

I know so many of you by screen names only, but would love to put faces to them, and "talk shop" over some beers or whatevers. Hit me up with a PM, and I'll give you my cell# for when I'm up there to contact me at.


Classifieds / Axis Wing/Surf Setups
« on: June 14, 2021, 06:55:08 AM »
Have a friend selling all of his well cared for Axis gear. He has...

The HA1000 & 900 front wings, 440 & 400 tails, standard & short fuses, 90cm & 75cm mast, Doodad & baseplate.

$1850 for everything (he's in SoCal). PM me with questions and/or for contact info. 👍🏽

Classifieds / WTB: Axis 910 Front Wing
« on: May 20, 2021, 01:41:11 PM »
A friend of mine is looking for a used 910 to try it on an experiment he'd like to do (I'll share photos and videos if/when it works out).

So if anyone has one they're not using, and would like to let it go (relatively inexpensively) to let it get back into use...I have a buyer for you to help you make some space, and have a little extra cash for a new black series wing you've been thinking about getting. 😁👍🏽

Classifieds / Go Foil Complete Setup
« on: May 01, 2021, 05:10:09 PM »
Another posting for a friend....

Go Foil Kai, Iwa, Maliko fronts, Kai, Maliko tail, 24" mast with 3" adapter, and covers all in great shape...

...$1000, located in Dana Point, CA.

Classifieds / Ozone Wasp 6M - V1
« on: April 29, 2021, 08:26:45 PM »
Posting for a friend, who's selling an "Ozone 6M with pump. Only used 6 times".

Asking $600 - Located in San Diego, CA

Classifieds / Go Foil GL Wings For Sale
« on: March 18, 2021, 07:06:36 PM »
Posting for a friend who's having a hard time getting registered here. Here's what he asked me to post...

GL 180 front wing, very good condition. Couple little paint chips. Used 10 to 15 times. $600/obo

14.5 flip tip stabilizer . $110

18N stabilizer cut down to 15". $110

$700 for all 3.
All come with covers.

Call or text Jason if interested.

Foil SUP / Axis 1050 In Tiny Surf
« on: February 26, 2021, 04:26:02 PM »
Today was a real eye-opener for me, in that after loaning out most of my gear, I was pretty much left with either an 860 on an ultra short, or the 980 or 1050 on a short fuse (with the 370 tail for all of them). Since it was "1-2' and firing" ;)...flipped a coin and picked the 1050...Wow, what a whole lot of fun that turned out to be.  ;D

Not only was it able to catch everything I turned for since it paddles so easily, I was amazed at how easy it was to pump back out. There were a couple of times that I didn't come off the back of the wave as high as I would have liked to, and with any of the other wings I've ridden, that would have pretty much been the end of it. But with the 1050, more than once I touched down but kept going, and it lifted right back off the water...and kept climbing! :o

While it was one of those days where there wasn't much to connect to, I was able to pump back out over several small bumps of waves, and out yards past the lineup where I had originally started...a first for me. It also turned way better than I expected it to do...laying it over was EZ-PZ, and it accelerated coming off the bottom of the turn and right back up to the opposite peak. Truly amazing.

So anyone out there has a 1050 that you've not had out in the surf thinking it was going to be too big (my initial thought actually), give it a try...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how playful of a wing it is for its size, and the pumping is an absolute dream. Not just a wingding or downwind wing as I expected it to be. 👍🏽

Random / We Ded
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:54:04 PM »

General Discussion / Screen Name Change
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:07:27 PM »
To align all of my social media accounts, I'm updating my Zone account to reflect the same screen name I'm using elsewhere. So SanoSlatchSup will become "Califoilia".

I'll leave both up for a little while so as not to appear to be a new or different member to reduce confusion, but will then remove the "formerly" part, after that.

Gear Talk / New King's - foil SURF machines Board
« on: November 08, 2020, 11:49:51 AM »
Having read so many of Dwight (DW)'s post wrt board shaping, I was more than intrigued and interested in getting on one of them, and went to his site to see about ordering one. When I saw he had "orders suspended" there, I PM'd him here, and unfortunately, he informed me that he's only "making 51 SUPs, but nothing bigger", and had no plans on making anything bigger in the near future...and to not wait for him. :(

So with what he talked about here, and on is website, I took those concepts to Dave Daum at King's who's shaping my boards now, and worked with him to try to get something similar (but not exactly in respect to Dwight and his boards). After several hours on the computer with me trying to communicate the direction that Dwight was taking things, we came up with what I thought looked great on the computer, but that had me more than a bit worried when it came off the CNC machine.

What seemed like enough bottom on the screen, suddenly looked too small, with way too much chine to the rails. :o

Everyone - and I mean everyone - who saw it said it was going to be tippier than hell...and honestly, while I never said it, I feared the same thing silently. Several even told me that I should just buy the unglassed foam from Dave and start over, instead of wasting anymore money on it having him finish it, and then not being able to stand on it...much less paddle it. Well, being stubborn (or really more so not wanting to bruise my, I just had him proceed on with it, and so glad that I did!

Turned out to not be at all tippy, it paddles great, and is incredible in the air with how easy it is to throw around, and so controllable, because now the slightest input has it responding immediately to it; that I'm able to drop into big late drops that I'd never even think about turning into with any of my other boards.

I'll not share all of Dwight's secrets here (you'll have to go to his website to find them ;) :D ), but I will share that flat bottoms replacing all of the concave bottoms that seem to be so prevalent with so many of the foil boards out there (and on all of my previous boards) is a game changer.

Thanks to "Dwight (DW)" for putting the ideas into my head, and to Dave Daum at King's Paddle Sports for giving me the leeway to "shape" (I have no computer design skills) what has turned out to be the most incredible SUP foil board I've ever ridden...and I've ridden, tested, demoed at LOT.

Stoked to say the least,

EDIT to add: 5'7"x28"x105 liters

Classifieds / Axis 920 Front Wing & 440 or 400 Stab
« on: September 13, 2020, 04:55:13 PM »
Since surfinib has now completed his 920 sale...if someone else is still looking for an in great shape 920 wing, I have one that I'd be happy to part with...since I changed my mind on the wingdinging craze which was the only reason I picked up in the first place (7M wing is still available) - $275 plus whatever shipping (or pick up) from SoCal.

Also have either a 440 or 400 stab that I could throw in with it for an additional $100 for either. Sorry, no mast or fuse to go with the deal, wing(s) only.

Classifieds / GONG 7M Wings ($450 & $650)
« on: August 28, 2020, 10:34:47 AM »
For sale two GONG 7M wings:

#1 GONG WING PLUS 7M- Vision & Power Limited Edition. This wing is being listed for "Air Boom Ron", who's been seen flying/jumping it in 11 mph winds at the lake. The wing is about a year old with a few dozen sessions on it, and in excellent condition.  $450 boxed and ready to go.

#2 GONG WING PULSE 7M This wing is new, brand new, never in the water, only inflated once in the backyard just for chits and giggles. At $650, get it now for less than the price of new from Gong, and you won't have to hassle the wait of shipping from France with La Poste. It too is ready to go to The UPS Store for shipment today.

(Pumps not included)

Foil SUP / Can We Talk Stabilizer Geometry?
« on: August 12, 2020, 08:11:56 AM »
Flat stabs, anhedral down stabs, stab tips curved up, stab tips curved down, stabs mounted on the bottom of the fuse, stabs mounted on the top of the fuse...wth?  Can someone please help make up my mind as to which shaped stab I want to use when and where.

I get the size and AOA thing and all, but all these different shapes and mounting location reasons has me scratching my head as to what it is they're all specifically designed to do differently, and maybe even more importantly for my Axis selections in the future (I currently have accumulated the 390, 400, and 440)...why that is. TIA.

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