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Had the absolute pleasure of my yearly meetup, (slash) " Can i borrow a board and surf with you?' mission to Cape Cod for the July 4th week with the one and only SuptheCreek.

As per usual, Mr Creek offered up the proceeds of his van to a man that was told 'You can only surf if if you are back here by 9am" by his wife and family.....  Good news....Creek has ALWAYS has met me at dawn the last few years i ventured into his neck of the woods for a session.

Got to Coast Guard beach and had good size (3-4) with some somewhat fat waves. A welcome change from the flat or back brekaing waves of MOCO NJ.

Had the pleasure of meeting fellow zoner Eddyonasup who really gave me pause when he hooked in his Great White shark repellant gizmo.  Needless to say. my 'rests' in between waves were on my knees not my butt when I saw that.

Got to try out the new Sunova Placid which was a great board for the lumpy, big but fat conditions- got me in early but really was great on the wave- at 140L bigger than I would normally surf but as I was keeping al skin out of the water for Mr. Shrak it was great.

 Creek was on the Kanga which worked awesome for him, and Eddy was a on a low volume STarboard Longboard shape- also great for the fat but decent sized swell.

Eddy and I were in 3/2's with Eddy even in boots, and anyone who had surfed with Rick knows......even at 5am. the guy was in trunks. ANIMAL!

anyway....heres a glamor shot and a sunrise shot- and again always an honor to surf with the zoner crew.  Thanks again boys!

Classifieds / NorthJerz Surf Sup Fin Set Blowout
« on: May 27, 2020, 02:03:57 PM »
Hey Zoners-

Did some organizing recently and realize I have a bunch of great 5 fin sets that I cant use on any of my current boards that dont have longboard/US centerboxes.

So here are three full 5 set (Thruster and Quad) setups. 

Picture 1:
Gerry Lopez GL1 /GL5  fin set.  Longboard Center, FCS Quads : Condition 8 out of 10

Picture 2:
Gerry Lopez GL2  5 fin set.  Longboard Center, Futures Quads  Condition 9 out of 10

Picture 3.
Rainbow Fin Co. Infinity Team Fins  Longboard Center, FCS Quads  Condition 8.5 out of 10

$100 shipped (USA only) for each of the above

Hey Guys-

So I have decided to sell the wave eater.  I looked for a LONG time to find a used +10ft board that was under 30in wide that still had lots of volume and float.  The funny thing- Before Sup got mainstream guys like Kalama and Laird were all over shapes like this.

So I tracked down this big hunk of beef the 11'6 x 28 Kalama.  I dont know the volume but its significant.

I use this in knee high and under and even full tide non breaking swell.    Plenty of length to catch ANYTHING but narrow enough to actually turn!

My issue with keeping this forever is that now that spring is here I have to take this board down off a rope rack to get my Touring board out.   I figured before i relegated this to being outside against my fence I would see if a Zoner may be able to make use of it.

Its got paddle marks galore on the rails but is water tight.  A big plus is the Blue Planet deep handle I added. (this was a no handle board belive it or not) So its actually not a full chore to carry.

Original fins included.  Firm on the price for reasons above- but if anyone within driving distance of NJ wants to suck up every wave possible this summer this is for you

(Note the handle is perfectly straight.  The original pad i tried to re- glue shifted a bit for the pic over he handle- I have sinced removed it.


Gear Talk / NEW BOARD! 8'2 Genration Wedge
« on: April 06, 2020, 05:06:10 PM »
Hey guys- sharing some new board stoke.  I just got this today and got it out in the water about 20 minutes off the truck!

i am going to put up a review as I think the shape is really groundbreaking for performance sups.

I only have two hours on it (In perfect waist high glass- so grain of salt on the early reviews- any board would have been super fun today) and its by far the best sup I have ever put my feet on.  And I never liked a new/ demo board immediately!

more to come........ Pics below!

The Shape Shack / Balsa vs foam -float
« on: February 09, 2020, 12:41:29 PM »
Question for you shapers. I just had someone tell me that a balsa board (ie sunova xxx construction or several other brands that do full balsa over foam)  will float like a slightly higher volume board.

In my case a 114l balsa being closer to 118 foam and glass...

Can anyone weigh in if they think this is true?  One balsa shaper said this on line when I searched the question.


Surfboard flotation is a function of the ratio between the volume of the board and the weight
of the board. Period. A balsa board and a foam board of the same basic dimensions and
weight, will float exactly the same. If one of the boards is lighter, it will float better.

I tend to agree with the above but if a balsa board gets me a little more float in a slightly more compact shape I'm all ears

SoCal / LA Area Info
« on: February 07, 2020, 03:36:53 PM »
Hey Guys-

I have a work trip to LA and know I can squeeze one day of no meetings to do a day surf trip from LAX or North Hollywood depending on day

Few Questions:

Anybody that rents/ demos decent sups?  Id have to pick it up and drop it off same day. (arrive late night before)

Ive only surfed El Porto out there, been to Huntington but didnt surf.  Any spots with close rentals and ok surf?

United allows a surfboard/sup as standard baggage when you originate from CA.  I have been looking for a 8' 28-29 115l shortboard for some time.  May bring a board bag in case.  If anyone has a line on a used B-Line or local shaper with inventory let me know.  Boards are so much more prevelanet and cheaper out there. (watching Craigslist too- nothing yet)

Is late feb 3/2 weather out there?

and of course if anyone is up for a surf let me know!

NorthEast / North Jerz and SupSean share a session
« on: January 20, 2020, 12:40:24 PM »
SupSean made his way down to to NorthJerz country for the swell yesterday.  We found a nice bowl away from the proners and had a great...well a great first 10 minutes. then the offshores came in (15+) and was a little hard to handle. 

Nice chest high waves though! and SupSean had a ride so long I didn't see him back at the peak for about 10 min!

Was great to catch up with a new zoner and share the stoke!


I have two great boards i'm looking to sell to fund a new board for a trip.  Both are in great shape. 9/10  One small out of water repair on each (Same darn drop of my rack in the garage) Hardly noticeable, and of course no water.

RS pro tape on both and full fin sets

prefer not to ship- but i do travel frequently in the mid atlantic up to Maine and could possibly arrange a meet.

this isnt a 'need to sell' just another 'buy high - sell lower' in the high end SUP market  ;D ;D to make me feel better about adding another board.

750 for the Focus Rawson and 1100 for the JL

SUP General / Creek shoutout on APP World Tour
« on: November 14, 2019, 08:15:30 AM »

Our favorite forum member just got a shout out from the announcers cheering on Daniel Hughes and the Genration guys down in Barbados!!!!!


Travel, Trips, Destinations / Day Trip Charters from Tamarindo Costa Rica
« on: October 03, 2019, 08:46:13 AM »
hey zoners

im taking my family to tamarindo thanksgiving week.

Trying to find any outfits that do day trips to local breaks either by boat or by car (Nosara, playa grande Ollies etec)

I know many camps do- but im just looking for one or two mornings i can slip away for a surf. Havent found anything on the internet outiside of camps and multiday tours

any help is appreciated.  Could be for prone or sup depending on what i can rent. Not bringing gear since it s 'family trip'  ;)

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Maldives 2020....6/2/2020 YEEEEWWWWWW
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:31:16 PM »
Just booked an 8 day charter with Moon tours!

Positive vibes here helped.  Was stoked on the mellow wave vibe and a buddy that  is a dedicated prone single finner that's joining me.  (he saw Bert Burger surfing a longboard on  the perfect chest high peelers and was sold)

 Description of the waves was great as well as footage from past trips.  I've got kids and im not traveling around the world to get into meat grinders like I did in my 20's!

If i need to get a beat down ill do it in hurricane NJ swell close to home.

Ok zoners. lets get some folks to fill out the trip! I think is 4 or 5 spots left

Gear Talk / New (old) Summer Toy! 11'6 x 28 Kalama
« on: June 20, 2019, 06:37:49 PM »
Ive been on the hunt for a 10ft + <30in wide sup used for some time.   I had a 10'6 Sunova Style which I loved (now with a fellow zoner)  But It really shined in Decent waves when I'd want to shortboard. It really was more of a performance longboard then a groveler.

What i really wanted was a Sup Glider. something that catches summer ankle/knee bumps and gets down the line with some cross stepping or just riding the odd ripple on a flatwater ocean paddle.

After a failed experiment on a 10'0 Laird (It was terrible)  and a 12'6 Tourer with a V Hull that was amazingly unstable for 30 in wide.....I think I found it!

Had this think out in Knee/Waist waves today was was grabbing waves further outside than ive EVER been.  Glides for days.   But man....since its an old was a TANK. once i got use to the weight, and more importantly the swing weight to get it lined up to take off I was hooked.

This was a $150 pickup off Craigslist (with CF really like $100) and i paid it off in smiles in one day.  My only issue now..... I want to copy the exact shape in a 20lb custom carbon! 

Straight rails- but still ok turning off the center.  stable as all crazy for a 28 in wide board.

sharing the stoke!

Classifieds / Wanted- Ke Nalu Shaft
« on: June 01, 2019, 04:20:11 PM »
Hey Zone.

I just got into Touring/ Distance and have two Ke Nalu Blades and a Handle as spares.  All my paddles are cut to surf height. So if I could find a shaft I could have a Touring Paddle.

Looking for a longshot that someone has a shaft they may want to part with before I plunk down for a new one. (Hard to do when I also have two generic paddles I could/have been using)


Classifieds / Sunova 10'6 Style XXX Tech Longboard in NJ $1100
« on: February 19, 2019, 04:36:31 PM »
Hey Zoners!

Selling my beloved Style.  10'6 XXX Tech - has RS Pro Rail Tape installed and front of the board Pad to nose has Hexatraction.  Board condition is a 9.5 out of 10.

Reason for selling: I will be replacing this with two boards. (Longer surf tourer, and shorter narrower LB Perf. shape) 

Needless to say i'm not going to pursue 2 new boards with this one still on the rack in the garage, so I am selling it to fund the quiver shakeup

Board is located in Monmouth Co NJ.  Please DM for pictures-

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