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Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Wingfoil Videos
« on: September 10, 2020, 12:30:43 AM »
Is there already a thread for wingfoil videos? If not we can start with a bang or a Balz!

Been following this for over a year. Being a windsurfer, kiter, SUP'er and having added foil to all that, I told myself initially I wouldn't do another damn sport. However, the more I read the more I got swayed. Then once I decided I was all in, paralysis by analysis on which wing to get held me up for at least 2-3 months. Finally decided on the S25 and ordered at the beginning of May but then demand and no supply due to Covid held me up until now.

The 5.3 and 3.6 arrived on Wednesday (had already snagged Bill's 2.8 which arrived on Monday) and Thursday's forecast looked perfect for 5.3! Forecast came through at 15 - 20, rigged up and got everything together and headed out. I realized my helmet was in my jet ski so opened the hatch, the wing flopped up and onto the corner of it and unbelievably tore a hole in the leading edge and bladder before even getting to try it! Gutted.... Rigged the 3.6 and went out and puttered around.

Amazingly the next day it absolutely blasted at 35 in the morning. Wind was supposed to back off so took my time not wanting to get creamed. Rigged the 2.8 and had an awesome hour. Was able to get on foil right away (I have lots of towfoil and kitefoil experience) and blasted upwind. Got to the swelly section of our lake and finally realized a dream of turning down a 3-4' swell and just holding the wing overhead lightly feathering the back hand. Ran out of juice turned back across the swell pulled in the back hand and hunted down the next one. Awesome feeling! Even tried the one hander which was amazing until I tried to regrab the wing and had no idea what I was doing and fell in. Made one jibe attempt and had an awesome carve into it, let go of the back hand, still carving, but again no idea what to do to regrab  so fell inside. Definitely stoked me up and took a lot of the sting off of tearing my 5.3.

I want to thank Dwight (great video instruction), Bill, Admin, OBX Dave (awesome video inspiration), and recently Clay (adding to his already impressive video catalog), as well as so many others who have contributed their stoke, enthusiasm, insight, feedback, and advice to the forum. I appreciate greatly helping me get into another damn sport. Ha ha!

Foil SUP / Foil bag?
« on: July 10, 2019, 02:56:46 PM »
I have 4 foils and 3 masts and 2 fuses. Anybody come up with system to store/carry more than 1 set up?

Lots of buzz on the kiteforums about this new material that Ocean Rodeo will apparently be first to market with for leading edge and struts. Beyond the scope of my comprehension other than 1/2 the weight and 10X stronger.

Here is a new design concept that Bruno Legaignoux (inventor of the inflatable kite) made open source back in November.

Hopefully they will pan out.

Gear Talk / Paddle for 4 year old?
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:44:00 PM »
Hey all,

My friends' daughter is turning into quite the little water girl. Her parents are avid windsurfers and they SUP (flatwater and surf) regularly in Cape Hatteras. I got her a wavestorm for her birthday and figure she will be able to start out doing flatwater with them. Wondering what I should do for a paddle? I think she is maybe around 3 and a half feet tall. I assume the diameter of the shaft is a concern. Hoping to not have to spend more than $50 as the board was so cheap.

Classifieds / 2018 F-One PAPENOO PRO CONVERTIBLE SUP $1700
« on: November 04, 2017, 12:56:43 PM »
2018 F-One PAPENOO PRO CONVERTIBLE SUP, Windsurf, SUP-Foil and Wind-Foil
7í11íí x 30.5''  123 L   8.0 Kg

This is a brand new still in box. 2018 F-One PAPENOO PRO 7í11íí x 30.5''. Unbelievable versatility in one board. 4 boards in one as this board can be used as a SUP, for SUPsailing, for SUPfoiling, and for windfoiling. For SUP, it is a quad fin compact wide shape that provides early takeoff and is very maneuverable for small to medium size waves. With the mast track you are all set if the breeze picks up and starts to chop up the wave face. Just rig a light handling 4.0 - 5.0 M sail and you've got a great SUPsail board. Want to know what SUPfoiling and windfoiling is all about? If the waves are too mushy or the wind is too light, add a foil and you will experience serene levitation and an exhilarating sensation of speed.  Note that it is compatible with F-One DEEP KF box foils which offers interchangeability of different length masts and different size wings depending on the discipline you choose.

It comes with 4 Futures fins (V2JC1 460 & QD2 400) and has a DEEP K-F BOX (foil not included), FOOTSTRAP INSERTS (straps not included), and a MAST TRACK.

Located in Burlington,VT. Possibility to meet in New England (coastal ME, southern CC, Rhodie) for hand off depending on swell/wind forecast.

SUP surfing has been a complicated endeavor for me. Iím a windsurfer/kiter from Lake Chaplain area and my dream has always been to become a competent wave sailor. I started summering in Cape Hatteras 7 years ago to realize that dream and got into SUP surfing as a no wind alterative. Having dealt with the hassle of all the gear for windsurfing and kiting, I definitely was reluctant to add to the pile. However once I realized I could also lightwind SUP sail, that sold me on it. After having gone through the beginning stages, my impossible quest to find one board for SUP surfing and SUP sailing began.

Iím now intermediate SUP surfer (6í and 175 lbs ) and for the past 2 years Iíve been on an 8í5 X 31 (140 ltrs) custom full carbon Hammer made by Surfingsports and have been progressing on it as a SUP surfer. I have used it to SUPsail but havenít been that inspired. This summer, thanks to Jarvissup, I had the chance to demo the 7í6 X 29 (115 ltrs) JP Surf Slate Pro for multiple sessions. The Slate was a complete revelation and opened up a new level of SUP surfing and SUP sailing for me. Totally love the board and ended up buying it.

Being just an intermediate SUP surfer, my initial concern was the drop in size would lead to me falling with a fair amount of frequency. Surprisingly during my first session, aside from a couple of falls getting past the break, I found it only slightly less stable than my Hammer and I hardly fell at all. Didnít take me long to find the sweet spot for paddling and for such a short board it wasnít nearly as sensitive as I thought it would be regarding fore and aft pressure on the toes and heels. The volume distribution felt super comfortable and balanced paddling around on the board. I feel very stable on the board now even with some chop.

For me catching waves is the weak area of my game. Usually I read them wrong and Iím in the wrong spot, also have trouble timing the alignment, and I have this issue with not bending my knees enough so I either fall off the back or pearl the nose. The Slate canít help me with the first 2 problems but I fall off the back significantly less than I used to and the nose just wonít pearl. (Ok, I did pearl it maybe 3 times in approximately 15 sessions).  One super strong point for the board is the pivot turn to catch waves. This board with such short length and good volume distribution whips around on a dime and I caught many waves with the technique.

In regards to paddle speed to catch the wave, the Slate is not a fast paddler but somehow it doesnít need to be. We had one fairly glassy day with small (knee to thigh) gutless waves which was a total hero day for me. Practically every wave I paddled for I caught which was such an ego boost. However subsequent to that, on a day with some chop, I was brought back to reality and was falling in. Another day we had waves that just were not breaking and would roll over. At one point the bigger sets began to crumble on the outside bar. I decided to paddle out there all by my lonesome and give it a shot. When the big sets rolled through I was able to run down the line on these shoulder to head high mushers for a 100 yards. Of course catching 4 of those resulted in attracting the masses who came out and just floundered around which ended my fun. Never the less, it was such a great feeling having made the most out of less than ideal conditions.

Regarding speed once on the wave, I find the Slate satisfactory. This was not a stellar summer for quality waves in Cape Hatteras so generally there werenít a lot of sections to be made anyway so I don't have much basis for an accurate assessment of the speed There were a few occasions on very small waves that I stumbled on a surprising acceleration so maybe there is a trim of the board that I have yet to discover.

I'm at the point now where I'm looking to make turns on each wave that I catch rather than just go down the line. My Hammer needs a fair amount of input working both rails with footwork and feels forced coming around so for me this summerís typical wave ride was 1 or 2 turns. The Slate as I stated was a complete revelation in how you could turn on a wave. The Slate is responsive and feels lively. Also the boardís lightweight and short length help throw it around easily. I was getting 2 to 3 turns on a wave without much effort. I also found I donít need the footwork back and forth between rails to get it to turn. Just get back to the stomper and go rail to rail. The Slate was putting a smile on my face during sessions with its ability to work the waves.  I see the potential of this board and know that if I get it on a decent wave, Iíll finally be able fulfill my dream of doing a nice roundhouse cutback on a wave. I canít attest to the Slates ability in big waves, but Jarvissup has had it some solid head + conditions and said it handled great.

The only concerns with the board for me is some loss of stability in chop and getting out past the break is a bit more challenging due to slow paddling. I was however still able to occasionally climb the white water on a couple shoulder + waves.

As a SUPsail board, this board catches the smallest waves if thereís a 10 mph wind and the turning is outstanding. Also even though the board is super short I had no trouble with lightwind maneuvers. Tacks, heli-tacks, switch foot gybes, all no problem. I encountered just a little difficulty balance wise sailing it backwinded.

So to conclude the long effusive praise of this board, I can say Iíve upped my wave count and upped the fun factor while on each wave. Didnít think it was possible but think Iíve found the 1 board quiver for me to enjoy both SUP surfing and SUP sailing. I don't foresee outgrowing this board any time soon and couldnít be happier with the purchase. Certainly if you are an intermediate like me and want to progress but might be hesitant due to the small size, I would definitely recommend that you demo the board. I think youíll be very surprised. And rumor has it for you heavyweights, they will be coming out with a 8í X 30Ē (130 ltr) next year as well. If you are in the NE, Jarvissup can prolly figure out a demo opportunity. If you also wavesail this board is a no brainer.

SUP General / Finally some hope for us poor landlocked sob's
« on: December 18, 2015, 11:27:42 AM »

Myself, I'd easily pay lift ticket rates for this.

SUP General / NORTHERN COMFORT - A Farewell to Winter
« on: March 30, 2015, 04:33:52 PM »
Apologies if this has already been posted since it is a year old (0 search results) and it is proners. Strangely it showed up on a windsurf forum.

Pretty dang awesome though so probably worth a rewatch

SUP General / Shipping?
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:36:27 AM »
Sorry if this is a little off topic but I ordered a custom 5'2" prone board from Cali. The quote they gave me was $200 to the east coast and that was to a terminal 50 miles away. I paid less than that to get my 8'5" SUP shipped to a terminal 10 minutes away last year. I know there are surf retailers that ship boards under 7' for $75 so I'm hoping I can find a better rate. If anyone has any leads or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Cuba?
« on: December 19, 2014, 01:19:38 PM »
As an American, should I be excited at the sup prospects if we normalize relations with Cuba?

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