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The Shape Shack / Grow a Surfboard - Plant Foam Cloth and Resin
« on: October 26, 2022, 09:53:29 AM »
Has anyone grown a surfboard and laminated with tree sap?

Over the years I have heard of various attempts at bio or plant based foam, and every time I followed up it was a dead end.  Either they focused on other markets or gave up for some undisclosed reason.

I have more recently heard of nature's epoxy - mixing tree sap with burnt wood ashes.  Information seems scarce and seeing a finished creation even more hard to come by.

I tracked down a grow foam kit supplier and some plant cloth and some tree sap and gave a go at growing a surfboard:

Wondering if there is any rough formula for figuring out the minimum volume needed for a given body weight to schlogg back in standing up when the wind has a major fade?

Scenario would be wind drops to the point that can not get up on foil, but there is barely enough wind to schlogg across or spinnaker back to the beach. 

Example: I'm around 100kg all up and cannot standing schlogg on a 95L board, I make it about 5 feet and then fall in.  Kneeling is worse and can't do it all nor knee paddle back in.  So how many extra Liters of volume would I need?

Similar Scenario would be hit a big hole or up and down wind and need to be standing to catch the micro puffs that come through.

I have one wing that is so bagged out to the point I don't like using it, it's lost to much power and hard to get on foil with.

Wondering what if any repair options there might be? 

Mostly asking from a longevity and giving more value to the customer point of view.  And then anyone know if the bagging out can be quantified as in a bagged out 5 is now the same power as 4 or a 3.5?  Or does the screeching become uneven to the point of a poor user experience rendering the wing land fill?

Could a kite repair place ad "pleats" or cut out a triangle in the canopy and re-sow?

What is the history of windsurfing sails and kitesurfing kites?  Did/do they stretch out?  And then what can be done?

I wanted to love the dji action 2, the short battery life is a real bummer.  I made a video of action cams I am using now:

Three sessions in with the eight meter CWC Strike.  Huge improvement over other big wings I have tried:

I had a first gen gong 7m, and then slingwing v2 6.4m, the first was just massive and heavy, second had to abrupt pull and weird handle/placement, I sold both after a handful of sessions.

Some surf spots are wind shadowed and with a 6m it was either very difficult or a no go, stoked to see how the 8m works this winter.

Anyone else tried these new big wings?

A couple gale events with nuking northerly winds this month in California.  First one was more offshore and dangerously strong.

Today was another one, more NW in direction, lots of 30-40+ winds.  I went to Cowells to sup foil, was tolerable when we paddled out, gusting high 20s or more when we gave up, blowing straight offshore and felt pretty sketchy towards the end of our session.  Exciting in a way, as many foilers as regular surfers, more prone foilers.  Pretty fun and glad everyone came in safe.

Did you go out?  Wing? Surf foil? surf?  Where?

Foil SUP / Tail wings bolt pattern - compatibility
« on: January 15, 2021, 12:02:45 PM »
The intention of this thread is to find out what the tail wing bolt pattern is of the different brands.  And encourage a standard sizing so that all tail wings (stabilizers) are interchangeable and will fit any foil regardless of brand or design.

So I am stoked to learn that my F4 tail wings fit the Takuma Kujira fuselage.  I read on another thread that Signature and Unifoil also have the same bolt pattern.   I have four F4 tails and they have many more so this feels exciting to me, or at the vary least I'm not bummed that I need to spend hundreds more to get the feel I want.

I measured with a digital caliper measuring the space between bolts holes on the Fuselage (the inside or smallest measurement).

F4 and Takuma both measure 25mm.

Axis red fuselage measures 30mm.  Any other brands measure 30mm?

What is gofoil?

How about F-one?


Attached photos are showing how I measured.

Maybe I'm overthinking this...

Wondering if anyone makes a foil "lift kit" or extender for track/pedestal mount?  Essentially a hollow box that goes between foil and board.

Something light and strong that will allow playing with a taller mast without needing to buy another mast, or find out if taller will work first.

I've seen foil sleeve for tuttle, and there are stackable shim kits from wizardhat.  Both those seem like they would ad unnecessary weight.


I made a Learn to Foil video course with detailed tutorials showing and explaining how to foil.

Here is the main course page:

And here is the signup page:

I dedicated years to capturing foil video footage and breaking down the fundamentals of foiling and what works and why it works. 

This summer I have been doing the same with wing foiling and have been adding wing specific video tutorials.

I see this as a living course and am adding more tutorials as foiling and winging are continuing to evolve.

Here is short video from the course just for the Standupzone, I explain the 3 axis of foiling: Pitch, Roll, and Yaw:

Thank you, and I welcome all feedback on what you like about the course, how to improve, and what you want to see more of.


So I got a wild hair to try a tether after watching my friends get blown downwind with no chance of getting back.

I was pretty stoked it worked and got my beginner friend to try it a couple times and it helped him, he got tired instead of running out of water at the other side of the harbor.  And he's getting the wing handling dialed and probably one more session away from adding foiling into the mix.

Most powerful and lightweight 6-7m wing?

F-one is the lightest I've tried and slingshot v2 the most powerful. 

What other 6m or 7m wings are lightweight and powerful?  Cloud?  Armstrong?

As fall rolls around we often get 10-15mph winds and good long period waves, need lots of grunt to get up quickly and then lightweight to flag out and ride the swell...

Classifieds / Slingshot Slingwing V2 6.4m
« on: August 09, 2020, 02:45:25 PM »
Excellent condition, used 4-5 times.

Asking $750.

Every time I try to tighten a torx bolt I feel annoyed and frustrated, the key doesn't sit well in the head and I either spin the key up and out of the bolt, or worse up and strip the head.  The keys I have used are the ones that came with various foils and after market I bought online.

Am I missing something?  Do I need special keys to sit properly in the head?  Something else?

My wera hex keys sit perfectly in my hex head bolts just fine, and I can tighten the begeezus out of them without stripping the heads nor breaking the threads out of the foil.  And don't get me started on torx availability which is practically nill (I can buy metric hex at every ace hardware store).

Sell me on this idea of Torx, and what parts do I need to have success?

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Wing Foil Videos
« on: July 04, 2020, 03:15:55 PM »
Seems like the Foil Videos thread has lost some steam as a lot of us are super stoked and interested in the wing ding thing.  So this thread is meant to be a collection of wing foil videos.

Seeing grey haired bigger older guys wing foil surfing was very appealing and still is for me, it was proof for me that anyone can do this amazing new sport/adventure.

So here are the few videos I remember getting me stoked to get the wing ding figured out:

Gear Talk / Grav Grip Battery Free Camera Stabilzer - waterproof
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:34:13 PM »
Saw this project today and backed it.  Unsure what I'll use this for, waterproof stabilizers are hard to come by so who knows...

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