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General Discussion / Wishing our friend in the best in the Hurricane
« on: August 23, 2018, 06:01:32 AM »
Robert of Blue Planet and any of the other ZONERS in hawaii as residence and vistors the best today and tomorrow
Let's hope you all are safe and the islands stay the paridise they are
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NorthEast / Hoe Wa'a Challenge Brigantine New Jersey
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:02:44 AM »
Sunday 8/19 7am to 12:30
Oceanside at the Brigantine Hotel (biggest building on the beach in Brigantine)

SUP, OC1 & Surfskis race distance conditions pending

Any details feel free to contact me (I AM NOT RUNNING THIS I'm just a sponsor and hopeful participant)
The Big boats OC6 and the like are racing from Fluffy's (South Inlet Brigantine)on SATURDAY 8/18

Extreme Windsurfing

Events / Sunova Waterman's Challenge
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:02:37 AM »
Sunday 8/19 7am to 12:30
Brigantine Beach Hotel

SUP, OC1 & SurfSki

Fun event run in conjuction with the Hoe Wa'a Challenge part of the POCC series for big OC's on saturday at Fluffy's Brigantine SOUTH Inlet

registration Go to Hoewa'
Detail feel free to contact me directly 484 515 5758 (I'm NOT RUNNING THIS EVENT just a sponsor and possible participant)

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Classifieds / NEW ALLWAVE 9'4 PURE $699
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:57:57 AM »
GREAT board for everyday surf (Even in RIVERS...SUPER Durable construction)
Easy to ride but performance to progress
Can't beat the design or Construction
Excellent components
Can ship anywhere easily
Best to call me for details 484 515 5758

Extreme Windsurfing

Events / Donny Fund Paddle 7/2 New Jersey
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:30:15 AM »
Great fun event meet other paddlers, have a fun 2+ mile paddle, Support a GREAT CAUSE and get a wonderful breakfast for more details call JimK at Extreme Windsurfing (It is NOT our event it is hosted by the Yacht Club of Pleasantville we are just sponsors and ENTHUSIASTIC participants) 484 515 5758

Hope to see a lot of ZONERS this Sunday morning 7/2

Extreme Windsurfing

NorthEast / Great Event in New Jersey Sunday 7/2
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:20:30 AM »
Donny Fund Paddle

Hosted by the yacht Club Of Pleasantville
Benefits the Donny fund for Catastrophic Injuries and the Field of Dreams
We start paddling at @ 8am its a fun 2+ mile paddle in Lakes Bay followed by a breakfast at the Yacht Club

Any questions you can call JimK @ Extreme Windsurfing (Not our event we are a minor sponsor ans ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPANTS) 484 515 5758 for more details

Classifieds / Fanatic AllWave PURE NEW $699
« on: April 22, 2018, 11:21:46 AM »
Hey Folks,

I still have access to these great boards in 9FT X 32" 159L AND 9'4 X 33" 177L Best boards for everyday waves, and even good all around paddling. Fun kids and family board that still surfs GREAT !
Comes with soft deck pad, and Fins

This is a REAL SUP shape (no Chinese copy board) OUTSTANDING construction and made by one of the most reputable manufacturers (FANATIC) Full warranty

Great board to start if you have a goal of getting into the surf (Oh Yeah you can SUP Windsurf this board too)

PM or Email me ( for details we ship everywhere and accept al; major credit cards

Extreme Windsurfing

Classifieds / KILLER DEAL NEW Fanatic AllWave 9FT Pure construction
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:50:44 PM »
This is a NEW in the box WARRANTY included
This is an amazing board fun in flatwater GREAT in Surf
 Super construction quiality Thruster fins and pad
$599 plus shipping can ship pretty much anywhere

Gear Talk / NEW SUNOVA "CREEK MODEL" first review (Not CREEK)
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:20:47 PM »
OK Guys

Will P has given me first review of our very own Rik Weeks personal design. I have more in production and a smaller version in production as well I hear

Here is Will's words
Love the nose. Fit and finish is great. Feels like the Speeed surfing from the tail. Super light!  Very positive and controllable even banking off the top. Super stable while waiting standing for waves. Goes over foam great.   I really need to surf it in better than the 2 to 4 foot choppy 20 knot winds to get a real feel for it. It fits in my Montero no problem. Has a bevel rail under the nose that really works!  It cuts through chop when taking off. Great Bert design there.
The cons. Feels sort of bouncy, like a lot of rocker.  A little slow to paddle but catches waves well. Feels like the Starboard 8'11 widepoint but more stable and It surfs better. Hate the domed deck. For sure will hurt my knees but if it adds more performance it will be worth it. Don't know why he didn't make the standing area flat?  Super pleased with it. It will become my "go to " board as it's fun to ride. Probably over fined. I will change the center fin for smaller and see?
I can't find his pics
basically the CREEK model has the ACID nose The SPEEED's tail and Rocker Thinned out SUNOVA RAILS and Skate features
If I find the pics I'll post or maybe Will or Creek can add

Extreme Windsurfing

Gear Talk / It was only a matter of time till someone did it
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:03:05 AM »
I was putting boards together in my shop this past Saturday (pouring rain & howling winds). I saw that Fanatic has a fin box that you can use EITHER Future Fins or FCS..I was AMAZED! OK maybe I'm a little slow but it amazed me
just thought I'd pass it on...Pretty cool I thought

Extreme Windsurfing

General Discussion / NJ Sunova Demo April 29 & 30th
« on: April 26, 2017, 06:14:29 AM »

THIS IS A FREE DEMO at Extreme Windsurfing (7079 Black Horse Pike West Atlantic City, NJ) Starts 8am saturday we'll meet at the shop and find the best local conditions. (We'll post where we are going on the shop door if you arrive late) We'll return to the shop for FREE lunch at Extreme Eats. Then either head back to the surf or flatwater paddling whatever is best.

We'll re[peat this same schedule on Sunday

Rik Weeks (SUPTHECREEK) will be at Extreme Windsurfing both days with a FULL Van of Demo Sunova's along with (on Sunday) Tino the owner of Sunova to talk about what is "in the Pipe Line" from Sunova

Don't miss this event !

Any questions feel free to PM me here or give me a call 484 515 5758

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General Discussion / OBAMA Kitesurfing
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:06:37 PM »

Just thought you might wanna know what he's up to

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Sunova SUP / Anybody See Creek's Footwork Video
« on: July 18, 2016, 05:40:43 PM »

Creek please post it ... It shows how to ride the Speeed

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Gear Talk / NEW KeNalu Mana's Finally Here + first Impression
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:03:17 PM »

At first glance (I'm waiting for my DW ride I'll let you know more after a couple DW runs). The Mana has less pronounced wings and more "cupping" of the blade. Construction and graphics look perfect as always from KeNalu.
I have a DW (Xtuffs shaft, Mana 90 blade Ergo T handle) for this afternoons DW Runs. tonight I'll set up an Elite Shaft and Mana 82 blade, same handle hope for surf in the AM

Hope my pics came through I'll respond to this thread with my DW impressions

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Gear Talk / Bounce Boards and How they work
« on: May 22, 2016, 10:58:53 AM »
OK Guys

I had to take my usual mind set off line and try out these board. We have these in our Demo Fleet Nice looking designs ,SUPER Durable and in flat water that was enough to give Bounce Technology a try with a few boards but that is selling them short.


SUPER Durable is not being fair to their durability. OK they aren't as light as Sunova's or other top quality boards. I'm not sure what Jim's doing there in Oceanside California but they aren't that bad weight wise. I had to carry them both about 2 blocks to the beach and over BIG dunes and that was cool. But hey there are other polyethelene boards that are durable. So where does Bounce seperates' itself! The Bounce construction feels like an epoxy sandwich ON THE WATER Stiff under even my behemouth weight. It did not feel sponge AT ALL!

Performance (How did it feel)
You could tell these are flatwater designs .The 11FT & 11'4 (Displacement Board) tracked STRAIGHT and had better glide than I expected. I was using a bigger blade than I usually use (KeNalu Elite Konihi 95) but the Bounce boards accellerated very well. Neither in paddling nor catching a wave (oh yeah a right hand break in a secret location in OCNJ I was the only one there for 2hrs and I left the beach to the Seagulls and Foxes) did either board feel sluggish...a typical feeling you expect in thermo modeled boards. Bounce boards also DO NOT HAVE A SEAM That a certain mFG claims is there to protect your paddle (YEAH RIGHT!) Once on the wave I found that the stock Future fin was TO SMALL but I brought a Sunova (9.5" Surf Fin) fin that solved that problem. Ok boards this size (not mind my size) aren't exactly slashing off the lip or popping aerials. The Bounce 11Ft (All Around design) felt as good if not a little looser and fast on the wave as any other all around designs from Fanatic, Starboard ect.. The 11Ft actually nose rode (w/Sunova Fin) very respectably. Smooth carving bottom and top turns with some "Tip Time" Can't argue with that for a FUN session

So I went in to try the dispalacement 11'4 Ridding these kinda boards (Fanatic Ray & 14FT Falcon) are one of my guilty pleasures. I usually do this in knee high smooth waves I tell myself I'm "training" (ha Ha) But today we had high tide waist to chest high waves with a slight chop. Kinda bigger than my usual fair for boards of this design and size. Again I was pleasantly surprised. Stepping back to "Bottom Turn" (as it maybe) then stepping forward and it FLEW Down the Line. After a couple of waves I had to catch the wave deeper (on the other side of the Jetty) so I didn't over shoot the pocket. The rides on the 11'4 were a good 30% longer than on the 11FT. So I kept getting "Braver" I guess I should point out at this point, it seems I have a mental block about remembering my leash. I'm a firm believer in leashes. I have tons at the shop. But my buddy Dave usually saves the day because he is like a boy scout bring 2 or more of everything...but the last time his leash broke I HAD THE SPARE...VERY Rare. Anyway No one else out and driving back to the shop (no to mention carrying those 2 boards 2+ blocks (They aren't THAT light) was out of the question So I'm out there WITHOUT a leash. I was set up about 10 ft on the "Other Side of the Jetty, 50ish feet off the end (that was exposed, Jetty's continue underwater much further than the exposed portion) Ok So on this one wave I Goofed up bad, and had to bail at the end of the Jetty No leash, No buddy Dave! I thought As I'm rolling around the end of the Jetty "How do you fix a thermo formed board?? I popped up on the other side of the Jetty to see this Bounce board "Bouncing" down the jetty. After a "Bit" of a swim I got to shore to find the board WITHOUT A SCRATCH.WOW!

So WHO needs these boards? Anyone who wants a performance board but has any of these conditions to deal with.

* ANYONE running a rental or camp SUP operation (I delivered a bunch up to Lake Wallenpaupack last week)
* Anyone who paddles in inhospitable places Rocky Beaches, Rivers, around/off docks and piling
* Whitewater Folks (Can't wait to run the upper Lehigh & Delaware as well as local river runs here in SNJ This summer)
* Family loaner board
* Anyone who BEATS up their rails (Check out the Bounce Board website Video ... Enough said)
* KOOKS LIKE ME how forget their leash
* Anyone who wants one board that does EVERYTHING

** OH yeah all this comes at a VERY REASONABLE Price

As you guys can see I was really impressed with Bounce boards. Plus they are a great company to deal with. I'm just a Thrilled Customer I have no other affiliation with Bounce Composites

Just my 2Cents I don't have a personal photo/videographer and I'm DEFINITELY not good looking enough to invest in a SoloShot

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