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The Shape Shack / Re: Finally Shaped my first board
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:29:33 PM »
Here are a few pics I got of me on the board.  Still need to get my go pro mount installed.

The Shape Shack / Re: Finally Shaped my first board
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:26:48 PM »
Thanks!  I really enjoyed the process of building it and now I'm really enjoying showing it off!  The board is much less stable than what I shaped it from (dropped about 30 liters).  The narrow nose takes some getting used to.  You have to stand in the staggered surf stance and put more of you weight towards the back for stability, but it seems if you want to paddle with speed you lean forward over the nose.  Still getting it figured out.  Once on a wave it's worth it though, so fast and loose loving the quad setup with this board.  Great for that small to medium sized wave we get on the Florida east coast.

For paint (color and clear coat) I used acrylic spray paint that I got from O'Reilly's auto parts.
Dupli-Color EDA164007 Cherry Red Equipment Red General Purpose Acrylic Enamel

I heard acrylic stuck to fiberglass the best seems to be holding up well so far.  The clear coat was just to try to save the paint for a longer period of time.  If it doesn't work out my other thought was to do a hot coat of epoxy resin over the entire board, but the spray clear acrylic was easier.

The Shape Shack / Finally Shaped my first board
« on: February 02, 2019, 07:40:09 PM »
I originally bought a used SUP for 200 bucks and rode it for a year and then kind of outgrew it.  So I decided to re-shape it into a shape I’d been thinking about for years.

I always like the tear drop shape with a skinny nose and wider tail.  Inspired by the Nugget surfboard made by McCoy from Australia

I went a little more extreme thinning the nose out.

Starting board specs.
8’2” x 31.5” x 4.5”.  Between 120-130 liters I estimated.

Re-shaped board specs
7’8” x 28.5 x 4.5.  Right at 105 Liters.

This was my first time attempting to shape a board.  I’ve done some repairs before on the deck pad, tail and the rails but never the entire thing.

First thing I did was download Shape 3D and start playing around with some shapes.  Finally I came up with something I liked and would fit into the dimensions of my existing board.

After deciding on it I printed it out and went into the garage and starting marking up my board with a sharpie and a 4’ level.  Marked the center line, this board had a stringer so it was easy to find.  Then marked out every 6” and put markings on where the new board would be. 

Once I finished everything I got a 6” metal cutting blade on my jig saw and just followed the line.  I took a little too much foam off in some spots but put it back on with some gorilla glue.

Then I took a thin cutoff disc and scored the fiberglass 8” back from my cut around the entire board.  Then I peeled off the glass using a putty knife to not remove too much foam.  From there I was free to re-shape my new rails.

Here it is roughed out

Here it is a little finer but still some spots that required filling.

Finally a first coat of fiberglass.  It wasn’t pretty and I need to sand and re-apply.  I sanded through in a bunch of spots trying to get it smooth.  Lesson learned spend more time getting the foam perfect and less time sanding glass!  After 2-3 times of glassing/sanding cycle I started to really dig the shape.

Time to install the center fin box.  4.5” up from the tail

Onto the side fins.  Rears 6” off the tail, fronts 14” off the tail and 1.5” off the rail.  On the fronts I did 1/4” toe in with a 8 degree cant.  Rear fins I did 1/8” toe in with 4 degree cant.  I decided to do that from some recommended numbers from the forum.  I marked a few of the recommended setups on the board and went with that looked best to me.

Then did 2 hot coats to get everything leveled out to where I was happy.

Finally did a 2 tone red/white paint job. Should have bought better masking tape had some bleed through.  Finished it all off with 2 coats of clear coat on top

Last step was to install a BPS Deckpad from amazon paired with a Go Stevie kick pad on the tail and it was time to hit the water.

The first day the water was like a washing machine.  Still able to stand up but not great for learning or building confidence.  I was able to stand 3-5 minutes at a time and then ended up falling.  Lots of moving water.  Reducing the front width of the board takes some getting used to.  I caught 3 waves, 2 were survival waves where I just tried to keep upright, but the final one gave me a nicer ride and I was able to do a few turns.  I tried it with a thruster setup with the center fin all the way back and it felt stiff.  Took a few nosedives but it was tough to say if it was the board or just the choppy conditions.

Second day I rode it with a quad setup.  Much faster and looser more of what I was looking for.  Waves cleaned up and I could get comfortable with my stance.  Stood with a staggered stance with one foot up front and one back helped.  I really have to put my foot way up front to drop in on a wave, further than I expected.  I needed to put some grip up past the vent plug so I could force the nose down on steeper drops without slipping off.  Once in the wave though the board is fast and maneuverable.  Still a lot to learn, but I always love a challenge.

I will update as I get more rides in on it.

Hope you enjoyed the build process.

Classifieds / 8'2" x 31" Surfcore SUP - Cocoa Beach - $450 OBO
« on: December 11, 2018, 12:26:25 PM »
8'2" Surfcore SUP

8'2" x 31" Wide. Between 120-130 liters. I'm 185lbs and it floats me no problem.

Great board. Has 5 fin boxes so you can surf as a thruster or a quad. Fast down the line, great for Florida waves. Stable in chop. Has a nice concave throughout. Great glide to catch waves early.

Here is a video of the board in action.

The board has some repairs but all have been properly glassed over. The board is 100% water tight and ready to surf!

Selling because I got a smaller board.

Located in Cocoa Beach, FL
Asking $450 OBO.

Gear Talk / Re: Wide Tail Board Sliding Out with Quads
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:28:34 AM »
After some trial and error my solution was to keep the controller side fins in.  Remove the 2 smaller trailers and put in a 6” center.  So I switched it to a 2 + 1 setup and that eliminated any sliding I was getting.  Now I can lay into my bottom turn as hard as I want.  One strange thing I noticed was the board was less stable in the water with a 2 + 1 setup.  It felt more tippy which I wouldn’t have expected.

  I tried the nubster and that helped with the transition from rail to rail but not on my hard bottom turn.  I suspect larger quad fins or thruster fins would do the trick too but I didn’t have any available to try.  Appreciate all the suggestions

Gear Talk / Re: Wide Tail Board Sliding Out with Quads
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:51:41 PM »
Here are a few more pics of the board and the rocker.  The rocker is very minimal.  When putting a straight piece of trim on-top of the board the rear rocker is 1.5" and the front right near the nose is 3".  But as you can see from the pick it's flat through most of the board.

Gear Talk / Re: Wide Tail Board Sliding Out with Quads
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:25:15 PM »
Thanks for all the responses!  I'm going to try running this board with a nubster first since I like how the board surfs with quads.  If that doesn't work I'll try the  thruster setup and see if that gets me the hold I'm looking for.  My friend has a few other quad setups so I may see if those fins are any bigger than what I've currently got in it.

I'm 175lbs, 6'2".  The board is somewhere between 120-130 Liters.  So it is a little on the big side for me.

I made sure my foot is all the way back on the board as I know that can be part of the sliding out problem.  I am not however putting my foot on the rail, I usually just move my foot straight back.  I will try putting my foot on the inside rail and see if that helps the turns as well.

The waves here in central Florida are sub par at the moment so I can't do any testing for a few days.

Gear Talk / Wide Tail Board Sliding Out with Quads
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:18:48 PM »
I'm having a issues with my wider tailed board sliding out on my on bottom turns and hard turns in general.  I recently got a smaller more performance oriented board for bigger better days.  It has a thruster fin setup and really got me to lay into my bottom turns.  Then when I returned to riding my wide tail board I found I would slide the tail out if I put the same pressure to turn the performance board.  I've got a Future Controller Quad setup on the board.  I find I have to feather my turns on my wide tail board to keep drive and hold.  I can only put about 75% of what I  want to to keep from sliding out.  As I keep progressing and getting better I'm wondering is this just a characteristic of wide tail boards?  Should I switch my board over to a thruster setup instead, or is there a quad setup that will provide better hold?

The wide tail board is 7'4" x 32" Custom board.  The performance board is a 8'4" x 28 Lokahi Custom Pro.

Here are some pics of the boards trying to determine the difference.  Wide tail board the front fins are 20" apart, rears are 15" apart.  On my performance board the fronts are 15" apart.  The wide tail has a fin depth of 4.5" while the performance has 4.75".  Overall I have a lot more fin area on the wide tail board which I thought would give me the hold I need.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP Board Shapes - Fitting into the pocket
« on: July 27, 2018, 10:03:35 AM »
Thanks for the replies.  Seadart this is exactly what I was looking for, appreciate the explanation!  I know there is a huge benefit to knowing the wave and how it will break, but also a little different shape can help too!

PonoBill - I'm definatley not trying to knock L41.  The boards are amazing and got me to progress more than I thought possible.  I'm not ready for another board yet, I was more interested in different shapes and what to look for to get into more critical parts of the wave.

I guess to get the full idea of what board would be best for hollow waves I should look at a pro line of boards like starboard-pro?

Gear Talk / SUP Board Shapes - Fitting into the pocket
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:41:00 PM »
I'm progressing in my surfing ability and it's brought about some new questions I have about board shapes.  I bought a L41 SimSup and things took off from there.  I've been trying all different type of board shapes and sizes since.  The one thing I've found my L41 is lacking is that ability to get in the barrel or get tight up in the pocket.  When I get to a critical section I seem to either dig a rail, or my board wants to flip itself over.  I know the general concept of more rocker, narrower board will fit the wave and hold better in steeper waves.  I've just have a hard time understanding exactly why that works.  I've tried doing some research but I'm still a little lost.  I was hoping someone with more experience than me could walk me through characteristics that make a board perform better on bigger barrelling days vs my normal Florida mush and why.

Classifieds / L41 SimSup 8'4" x 31" 136L - Cocoa Beach
« on: June 27, 2018, 06:53:04 PM »
L41 SimSup ST
8'4"x 31.5"

Bought new in August 2017. Surfed for 6 months. Selling because I scaled down to a smaller board.
Board is in great shape, surfs amazing.
Speed down the line is perfect for Florida beach breaks.
Stable in chop and a great all around board.

$850 OBO
Cocoa Beach, FL

Gear Talk / Re: Longboard style SUP recommendation
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:35:50 PM »
Finally made it to Cocoa Beach, FL.  The L41 SimSup ST Board is amazingly fast.  First few waves I went right off the back, the board just shot out from under me.  Once I conquered that, it was getting used to being able to do a bottom turn.  You really need to get back on the tail of the board as others have said, but actually doing it is another experience entirely.  Once I got it dialed in I started to really rip down the line and make sections I thought impossible on my Nugg.  I'm very happy with the size (8'4" 136L) lots of side chop and backwash and the board is pretty stable despite all that.

Here is a video of the board in action.  The first few waves on Day 1 are a little mushy, Day 2 winds switched to offshore and really cleaned the waves up.

Very impressed lots to learn.  Any suggestions on form or technique would be appreciated!

Gear Talk / Re: Longboard style SUP recommendation
« on: July 02, 2017, 09:32:06 AM »
I am so stoked to get it into some waves after reading the replies.  4 more weeks to go!  I weighed it today it came in at 18.5lbs which feels so light compared to my riviera nugg which weighs 24.3lbs.  Can't believe almost 6lbs would make so much difference!

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I wish I had weighed my nugg prior to the fix but I did weigh it after.  Came in with pad and fins at 24.3lbs.

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Gear Talk / Re: Longboard style SUP recommendation
« on: June 26, 2017, 10:06:56 AM »
Appreciate everyone's suggestions!  After some careful consideration I decided to go with L41 Surfcraft SimSup ST.  I spoke with Kirk and I liked the idea of the wide split tail. 

I went with a 8'4" SimSup ST, 136L.  I'm 185lbs 6'2".  Took a little over 8 weeks to get it.  Here's a quick review, haven't tried it in surf yet just on my lake.


Board was packed up very nicely plenty of padding and even though there was some box damage none of it made it through to the board.  The first thing I noticed was how light the board was.  5+ pounds lighter than my Riviera Nugg easy.  I need to weigh them both to truly compare.  Much stronger glass job, very solid.  Love the color the fit and finish.  Vent in the handle is slick along with the raised stomp pad.  Couldn't be happier.

Water test.

Initially it felt very tippy but I think that was mostly due to it being so light and the thinned out rails.  My heavier boards (9'2" Riviera Nugg and a 12'6" Compressor) are much slower to react to movement and both have very full rails.  Started on my knees but easily stood up after a few seconds.  I noticed the board felt like it was trying to plane out with me paddling it which was amazing.  I can tell this board is gonna fly!  I could get 6-7 paddles on one side before switching so tracking was good.  Nugg for comparison is 7-8.  Glide was comparable to the Nugg, despite the SimSup pushing water and trying to plane it still had nice glide.  I did notice if you got tired and didn't keep the board level in the water the thin rails would dig in and you would only get 2-3 paddles per side but that is just me learning.  The sweet spot seemed to be with my heels 2" back from the rear of the handle.  2" forward and the nose would pearl, 2" back and the tail would sink.  But once you were setup it was very comfortable.

I paddled it in my lake roughly 4 miles round trip.  Never fell off, very light and I was quick to get used to the lower volume.  This is exactly what I wanted I would be worried if I was falling or unstable in flat water.

Can't wait to try it in a few weeks in the surf!

Few pics of the board and my daughter rocking the surfing stance.

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