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so I bought today a Fanatic Ultra Cat, aka FUC, in excellent condition, mast track moves, mast base and extension, seems to work really nice. Weighs 15 kilo.
A 70 cm carbon daggerboard that slides easily, carbon fin, original straps.

It was an envy of board engineering 30 years ago. Original owner. Last 20 years was sitting on the rack.

Pono, thank you  !

aloha steamroller!  love ULI....

Julie, I am not saying I can't learn, I just don't want to. Too many reasons... The absence of waves and downwinders in Calgary Alberta is one of those as steamroller mentioned. Couple others, like my body is not made from rubber anymore and the things that used to heal by itself in a matter of hours tend to stay forever... plus it is not even the fear of injury but rather a fear of cutting myself in the water (hint: I had some big surgery when they replaced original body parts with an artificial one... it doesn't like bacteria in the bloodstream). Plus do not want to "excite" my wife with a foil idea. And I totally agree if it is windy I rather wndsrf in harness and in straps, but not shlog. I thing the concept of wind in Maui is different than inland though.

Either way I don't plan learning to foil. Mtn bike involves a lot of sweating, no thank you. never was attracted to :)

But thank you for the info about the dagger. I of course can buy an old longboard with a dagger for 100 bucks... but at the moment looks like I am waiting to see where all this evolves. Reading this forum with a lot of interest and curiosity.

But Julie it is very interesting that you learned foiling and winging simultaneously. Just as an idea you should post your videos on youtube... not instagram...

Admin, Julie, Pono, the experienced people!

I am not interested in foiling whatsoever. So in many ways like  Admin, I did windsurfing, SUPing, even kiteskied on mountain lakes in winter untill it started to interfere with my skiing. I do now a lot of light air windsurfing on local lake. If the wind has some promise I go out on Formula + 8.5 Sailworks. If it is lighter I take big floaty board and small sail 4.0 or 5.0 or 6.0 and do some pivot jybes, helis, yahoos, backwinding - the entry level free style.

I am not interested in foiling whatsoever. I am interested in light days (and light days on the lake mean that it may drop to zero in 2 minutes) on the local lakes to go on big floaty board to go out with a paddle attached to the boom and goof around  and not to be blown downwind. Like I do now for entry level free ride wsrfng. Basically to substitute this light air wsrfng with this light air wing schlogging.

I have four boards that I can think about, but none of those has a dagger (Julie mentioned in other thread that Alan teaches  on old wsrfrs with a dagger to go upwind) - Formula (100 cm wide), free race Fanatic Ray 82 cm wide 145 litres, Naish Mana 9' long 30" wide, and ULI 9'3" and 32" wide.

I think I should be able to stand up on such wide floaty board easily. (Like the guys goofing around in the last Admin's vid are using the small board without foil and based on the kiters in background in a strong enough wind to go wsrfng...)

(Again, I prolly can buy an old wsrfr with a dagger if that is a requirement, but it will have a dagger but it will be probably very narrow, so it will be more difficult to stand up and paddle back when wind dies, so Id rather not...)

The Q is: is it possible to go upwind on those wide boards without a dagger (or at least not to go downwind, and again having paddle in light air even this is not a total disaster), and how? burrying the windward rail?
And because it is just shlogging it shouldn't be stressfull on my arms. Like right now light air wsrfng I shlog without harness under the power of my 5 m sail, and it is not tiring at all.

what do you think guys?

what about the following scenario, that nobody talks about.

No foiling whatsoever. Regular SUP. More specifically I have an ULI inflatable 9'3" prob 32" wide, volume who knows, I am guessing 180 l
Served me very well for last 8 years travelling to various places.
Nothing dramatic, just classical SUP surfing. Chest high, head high, knee high.

Here is the Scenario, and its common. Cross wind, strong enough to make SUP miserable.
Looks like I can take this thing, and I can go upwind. Nothing dramatic upwind, no planing, may be even shlogging, still probably faster than with a paddle,
go out cross the surf spot that will not be crowded, make U-turn, catch the wave, depower this thing, come in, repeat.

Sorta like they were doing (or rather advertising doing this) on SUP with windsurfing sail, only instead of sail, this thingy.
Plus everything still fits in a hockey bag.

If I hear that this is doable in practice (not in theory) I probably push a buy button.
what do you think guys?

Foil SUP / paddle length
« on: July 31, 2018, 11:13:04 AM »
Just curious about the length of a paddle.
If you on the foil you are a feet in the air, so you'll need a longer paddle to reach to the water.
or you paddle only when the board is about to touch the water, so you are not that high in the air?
So... what the length? longer, so you paddle out with a longer paddle ?

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:10:58 AM »
hey Admin, long time,
with your first name it would be strange if you would not like Ayn Rand :)
on serious note, we mostly on the same page, although I am less interested in philosophy and more in depiction of reality.
It is considered an anti utopia, but to me it is very realistic book. Those long passages (like 80 pages) is real depiction of socialism, no matter where and when (those stupid russki, who didn't know how to do it and spoiled it, or nazi germany, or cuba, chilie, venesuela, eastern europe, china, or korea or veitnam...). And I saw it with my own eyes (although I was lucky to be born in 54, one year after Stalin death, so what I see were a sunset years, when everything was rotten already, not the worst ones. And yeah I been in Eastern Europe, a paradise compared to USSR, but still a big shithole, and also heard real story from the guy who been in N.Korea, it was difficult to comprehend even for me). Written by extremely smart talented lady!

what I do not understand is why bring Trump into discussion? to me it is strange. Everything is now related to Trump?
Especially we were criticised by some by discussing Ayn Rand (a writer or /and philosopher) on Saildrones topic (and it was not me who brought  her !! - although I agree it was me who  called out this "idiot" comment but this is only because I am dumb and / or manipulative, and yes calling an opponent names has nothing to do with personal attack. Of course! Some are more equal than others...)

but since you did....
Trump didn't run against the Ayn Rand's characters. So not sure why to compare.
Voters had to choose.
First he run against Jeb, the brother of W, you know the nukular guy, who looked Putin into his ass and saw a KGB eyes that couldn't lie, the guy who coined the meme about "religion of peace", literally next day after 9/11, on 9/12
Then he run against the Hil, not entirely an altruist or a role model for honesty and principle. Sure, she didn't file a bankruptcy even once, but did she produce or create anything?

And yes, SailDrones rule!

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 26, 2018, 09:38:47 PM »
I am feeling your altruism seeping out from every word, hahaha,
and lots of Pono too, hahahaha

I have a suggestion - you should change your avatar to deNiro!  :) :)

nice talking to you Pono Bill, not that I found it interesting or enjoyable

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 26, 2018, 02:43:55 PM »
yes Bean, definitions are important, but altruism and empathy are very different
As for the fact that "most" are wired in with empathy.... I'd say "no". I'd say "some".
Some are wired quiet opposite. Like remember Borat's reaction when he is told that Pam A is an activist with PETA - "against cruelty towards animals"?
He starts to laugh, "against ??". Some think about Borat character as a satire. Yes there is some satire but mostly not - there are a lot of people like Borat in this part of a planet where  he comes from.

Regardless if empathy is wired in, where from the cruelty towards animals comes from? At the very best it is a wash (between wired in for it and wired in with something completely different)

But even if we switch from altruism to empathy - is the empathy was a foundation of survival for the last 10,000 years?
Is it the foundation that created Western Civilisation? I personally don't think so.

And again , the only reason I had started a rebellion - I can't stand Ayn Rand being called an "idiot" , especially by self described conservative. Everyone can disagree with anything, just keep civil.

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:21:02 AM »
No answer.
No answer.
"What's gone with that boy, I wonder? You Bill!"

BTW, this book is probably prohibited by now (at least censored), too racist and xenophobic, and not much altruism expressed...

speaking about altruism...
was Henry Ford an altruist? Bill Gates? may be Steve Jobs :) ?... Edison may be :) ?...
endless list - but those are the people who moved civilisation forward...

or a bit closer to Earth... the endodontist another day who had redone my old root canal and that cost me few grand (my dental is through the roof this year), to whom I am eternally grateful, is he is an altruist ?... Or the companies that build the equipment he used, from CT scan that lasted about 10 seconds (only ten!) to the drills and microscopes - those are not totally altruistic. (God forbid if they were!!!)

I mean for 10,000 years is the altruism what moved progress forward ?
Really? not the build in instinct to care for yourself because no one else would?
Like even 100 ... 200 years ago to care for yourself to not to die from the hunger?
or today  to care for yourself, because of your kids, retirement and the urgent necessity to buy a new board, a paddle, a sail or skis? because if not you than who??

I mean - altruism is an engine of progress? Really?

and BTW have you ever been on receiving end of this altruism?
I mean certainly there are friends, and acts of kindness and I was lucky to know what it is...

but on systemic level? so, about receiving end.. I was in NY, NY the most progressive and supposedly altruistic place... about 30 years ago..
the single drop of altruism woulda go a very very long way helping me.
The help from all those multiple agencies and societies and charitable foundations that I had received - is absolute zero!
Negative in fact, if you amount the time I had spent contacting those. Plus a doze of humiliation must I say.

The only help I got was from my employer - I worked 12..14 hours a day writing the code, and I was not paid much, because he was not an altruist.
But again I eternally grateful to him.
And whatever I saved went to my immigration lawyer (definitely not an altruist)

Please convince me that altruism is so important and our civilisation wouldn't exist without it.
Please show me, again on systemic level, that altruism has any significant role in the progress.
And then explain why did you call an "idiot" the lady whose only crime/mistake/error was in her philosophy that does not hail this altruism.
This doesn't bode well with conservative / libertarian views? or does it?

because calling her an "idiot" is what started this.

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 24, 2018, 05:37:24 PM »
now you want me to comment on Trump?

reminds me how CNN host innocently asked Huckabee in one of the earliest debate to comment on him...

but notice, just notice - so you choose not to answer my direct Qs but asks yours.
And how subtle, from Ayn Rand to Trump and Putin. wow

the only thing I agree with is: "We're not going to get anywhere debating this"

but here is what I say  - I think nothing about Trump and Putin. Because there is nothing there there
Trump is Putin's nightmare - cheap oil, sanctions, strong America, economic boom, strong military, personally unpredictable guy.
Putin was rooting for her - all her emails available, the paths like half a mil for Bill for the hour delivering words of wisdom, or Uranium one are well established, no punishment for wars in Georgia, Ukraine and Crimea - all in his interests, why change it? Withdrawals from defence systems in Eastern Europe - what not to like?? Plus no oil production in North America, so oil prices are going up....

all of those are hard facts, not the spin from TV talking heads, he says, she says....

Last thing. I never met a real altruist who thinks of himself as altruist. Bill, sorry if you think you are an altruist - sorry to pee on your parade, you are not. Of course it is so self flattering to think about ourselves in such a virtuous terms...

And Atlas Shrugged is not about altruism. As I said, leave this "very dangerous philosophy - Objectivism" aside.
Keep the scope to the one you had set yourself: "You haven't build it" and Ayn Rand is a "feckless idiot". Oh you didn't said feckless, just an "idiot".
Ok you never answered why exactly is she an "idiot".

So... feel free to ask any Qs but first clarify in which exactly way she is an "idiot".
See when you choose not to answer, it is an answer in itself - you can't answer, but you dont have a courage to admit your bad.

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 24, 2018, 12:12:24 PM »
this is getting nasty... and personal against me...
now "I am a failure"... may be.
But for your info - I run away from Soviet Union, when I was 37
I came to North America absolutely legally with working visa, working and paying my taxes from day one, so yeah, I am an immigrant (completely legally with many years of queue and legal work), not an undocumented alien
And yes for the last 27 years I try to assimilate every day.
And yes I have an accent and I am sure it is visible when I write, not only when I speak.
And I consider North America is a god blessed paradise, simply a miracle, and unlike you guys I have Thanksgiving dinner every single day. Because I don't take it for granted.
And what I see more and more everyday - is exactly what driven me away from USSR.
(like on surfing forum bringing Ayn Rand literally from nowhere and calling her names - and yeah Bill I think you forgot "feckless" in front of "idiot" - this would be more in tune with the times, mob will like it, and they will laugh, oh how funny!)
I do see the trend and unlike you guys I saw your future. You don't know what you asking for, I saw it with my own eyes.
I just have some experience that you don't , that s all. In fact I have incomparably more experience than you. Not a good one, but it "enriches" me :)

I am financially independent, practically retired (oh I forgot to say that when I arrived I had couple thousand dollars and my son had a broken leg in the cast with obviously no insurance)
Do I have to list my education level for you? Suffice to say it is high enough.
I learned SUPing 11 years ago, when it was in the infancy, no lessons, just learned completely by myself - we just bought an oceanfront condo (I guess I am not a total failure ?) and so it happened

Am I am a failure? Perhaps. But this is not for someone who knows nothing about the stranger from the Internet to say. On another hand if he had invested 30 minutes into Atlas Shrugged, he can say anything he wants - personally I will ignore it.

regardless, on the subject - Bill there are only two possible alternatives.
Everything in between somehow gravitates to one of those.

The first option: freedom, individualism, economic prosperity, personal responsibility, choice, pursuit of happiness, ...

option number two: you haven't build it, collectivism, guilt trip for the simple fact of your existence (second person plural), economic misery, no freedom, no choice, and in some cases no toilet paper.

in fact everything in between somehow gravitates to one of those, correlation 100%
like I can give you recent examples - transgender toilets, inclusion, diversity, multiculti, "free stuff", carbon taxes - guess what option those additions gravitate to.

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:12:05 PM »
oh yeah your use of "Your post, on the other hand, leaves me itching for a blue pencil.." - it is also is a second person plural, nothing personal of course.
Are you totally honest? or just pretend ?

and thank you very much for explaining to me the intricacy of second person plural, it so subtle, and gentle - but do you really think I don't know this? or you trying to make another personal touch? like with a blue pencil...

and again, why suddenly you move to objectivism?
from "you haven't build it" straight to objectivism.
Is n't it moving a goalpost again? can't stay focused?

and specifically , I said first 15 minutes in this interview is philosophy, Objectivism, lets not touch it...
lets talk about second half after 15:00, the part that more or less deals with "you haven't build it", that you are so proud of...
staying within the frame of discussion is difficult, I understand...

whatever - but  "Objectivism is ridiculious and dangerous philosophy" but marxism is OK for you??

do you understand the difference? Like how many humans were killed by this dangerous philosophy (objectivism, that is)?
And how many hundreds of millions by marxists of all different varieties, from international socialists (aka commis) to national socialists (aka nazis)

Go bitch more on objectivism. Google (aka goolag) is a great help. Lots of scholars with that kind of ideas... majority rules! Like 500 years ago majority was thinking that the Earth is flat and in the centre of Universe.

General Discussion / Re: SailDrone
« on: July 23, 2018, 02:42:30 PM »
oh yeah, "your post blahblahblah... yadayada..."

of course! make it personal! standard operational procedure!

goes even better: "if you don't understand reality..."

of course - you arguing with someone who doesn't understands reality, ... sure...

and silently moving a goalpost about a mile away from what I said, and most importantly what you had said.

How about being focused and staying on Ayn Rand, whom you called "an idiot" - do I quote you correctly?

Yeah you may be read everything but did you understand? Or it is enough just to say that "she wandered of the tracks" - end of story! end of discussion... PonoBill says so... must be so...

Regardless here is her interview. 
In my view an interview with a very very very very smart and bright lady. (I first wrote, much smarter lady than the PonoBill, but then I crossed it out, not to go personal - so I am trying, trying really hard :) )
Lets forget first 15 minutes, philosophy, objectivism....
But starting at 15:00 where exactly did she "wander of the tracks"  ?
(the interview is 40 years old, but it appears she talks today)

And if you decide to answer and defend your "idiot" point, please refrain of discussing me. It is not about me. It is about you calling her an "idiot".
Or "wandering off the tracks".

So go ahead, starting at 15:00 pls. point to at least to a single statement that is "idiotic", kindly :)
Just to prove your point.

Or alternatively please take back your "idiot" and  "wandering of the track" comments.
Thank you.

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