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Random / Re: My action cam evolution
« on: January 07, 2021, 01:08:45 PM »
There are only so many places with truly good wind in the US and the World.  Cape Hatteras, The Gorge, San Francisco Bay Area, Corpus Christi, and Hawaii.

South Africa is king when it comes to big downwind.

Random / Re: Robert Redfield - CDC - Covid
« on: December 17, 2020, 12:10:35 PM »
As I'm sure you are aware, the soreness is a good thing. 

Here is an interview that answers some other common questions.

I'm at the back of the line (89/100) in this nifty site:

Random / Re: Robert Redfield - CDC - Covid
« on: December 16, 2020, 10:19:30 PM »
Thanks for that link Rando, that was fascinating.

Random / Re: Covid-19 - the Second Wave?
« on: December 09, 2020, 08:03:04 AM »

Here's a dose of yesterday's "daily distortions" from the NYT.

Youtube and Facebook are allegedly censoring as well.

Next up: Rachel Maddow will link Ivermectin to Russian meddling.   

Random / Re: Covid-19 - the Second Wave?
« on: December 08, 2020, 08:12:03 PM »
This should be interesting.

This is what Dr. Kory deems offensive.  Starts at about 11:00.

Random / Re: Apple Silicon
« on: November 21, 2020, 09:35:50 PM »
...When I need a new mini they will be dialed...

And hopefully will let you run the new shiny $799 BlackMagic eGPU (or any eGPU for that matter) bought to supplement Davinci Resolve 17 and Rhino 3D because right now you'd be F**ked.

Hmm, Am I mistaken in assuming that BM has a specific version of Davinci 17 for the M1?  Therefore - Davinci 17 should run fine on the new Mini?  I think that's what this guy is saying, but I'm no expert...

Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 21, 2020, 11:24:20 AM »
Yes, primarily north shore though.

Most of the alpha surfers prefer to use a paddle when foiling downwind.  I think wingers do Ka'a point and harbor in the mornings, then the expert wingers will hit Maliko. 

Big wind this weekend, my head will be on a swivel.   

Random / Re: Apple Silicon
« on: November 21, 2020, 11:05:22 AM »

Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 20, 2020, 08:49:10 PM »
I wish I had saved this stuff but I tend to trash everything.  I had some amazing GoPro footage shot from OC1 of a big winter swell (extremely high wind) Maliko run with Alan and Scott Trudon (who was and probably still is a beast at downwind).  That one seems lost to time.

Sad to hear that.  I remember some of your outrigger stuff at pier one.  Something about "if you wanted to - just hop over one lane"... So groomed and so big. And you were flying.  I had a look at some of my early stuff and need to make an early Maliko video.  Somewhere in there are some good beatings.   

OC1 perspective would be great for shooting foiling downwind.  Foilers would have to wait for a canoe but in my opinion the fly-bys look outstanding anyways.  There might be a time for that.  This really reminds me how much I enjoyed that particular glide. 

Yep, the fly-bys are amazing.  I thought the standard foil downwind crew was fast - carving the biggest, meanest downwind lines I'd ever seen - then an expert winger came thru...  Wow, that was impressive.  Very, very fast across the water. 

This is from awhile ago, light day, so I could see Kathy for awhile.  Foilers are tough for me now, but I have an idea...

IMO, Gopro Max is a good choice to video foils approaching, then zooming past a boat.  I've been thinking spherical for that reason.  Max is down to $400... Freedom to pan and scan - better yet - VR goggles.  Looking around at what people are surfing out there will be an eye opener.  Probably time to get a Max and start building up some files.  I'll figure out how to edit them later.   

That is exactly why I have 20 TB of externals filled with old footage.
Someday I will want it, because it is a small sample of our SUP history.
Documentation of  people, places...

I tried to keep stuff to look thru when I'm old.  Logic was - keep the footage, edit later.  I'll need something to do if the nurses roll me up to a wall and forget about me... 

This thread go me thinking, so I had a quick look back at the first year of stuff remaining.  Like admin I tossed some early stuff.  Dammit.   

Uncle Big is pushing 70 now, still flying.  He's won the Molokai/Oahu solo several times...  That thing on my head is the Garmin watch.  Better signal.  Fun day.  Very windy, less than 2 miles for those tight little swells to form. Entire run on 1080 and TCX stashed away...  Racerender made it easy.

Davinci someday - 3D, VR.  C'mon tech, hurry up and make it a bit easier...       

Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 17, 2020, 11:50:21 PM »

Dashware could be an amazing program and same with Virb edit but for some strange reason they both seem to have been abandoned.  I  suspect gps overlay is ahead of it's time and needs to become super easy before lots of people use it.

Garmin was first with GPS built into the cam.  I was using Dashware, Gopro and a Garmin watch back then.  Gopro bought Dashware in 2015 to catch up to the Garmin Virb.
Gopro/Dashware became Quik.  Gopro stopped supporting Dashware.  I was a bit miffed.  I moved to Racerender.  Quik was (apparently still is) a train wreck.   

Social media was taking off, Gopro had to follow the market.  Software/Firmware was always behind and full of bugs.  Internet  selfie stuff was always first for Gopro, desktop was (is) lacking.     

Personally, I've never had issues with telemetry on Gopro cams.  I got wise to the bluetooth/phone problems early on and have avoided them ever since.  Great cameras.  My 8 has never had a glitch.  Rock solid. 

I had a quick look at the Gopro Support forums and it sounds like the same old story. 8, Max and 9 are so far ahead of the Quik software that Gopro is doing a complete overhaul.  They are calling it "Mural."  Hope it works out for you guys.

Rando, those videos from the wayback machine are awesome.  Your vids were always the best.. That's the best thing about the zone, you have archived every post since day one.  I love looking back at the good old days.  Thanks for that.

Devin is still in top shape - flying on SUP.  She still tasks me in my ski.  All the others are foiling.  Dave's in the 30's.  Jeremy and Kathy are in the low 40's.  Wings everywhere too.     

Here's a couple from the old days.  Pre GPS and a Dashware/gopro/garmin.

Something recent with the 8.  Pull the micro SD, jam it into the desktop - Racerender does the rest. One and done.  Easy.  I don't do text or fades anymore .  I just want that little speed graph for my downwinding... 9.8mph average in this clip Rando...



Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 15, 2020, 12:11:25 PM »
No harm done I saw all his teeth fall out! Did you edit this with Davinci??

Ha ha, thanks, but no DaVinci for me. 
I'm only interested in the real time GPS data onscreen.
I don't do any post processing.   

I record my Gopro, drag it into Racerender, add my template and watch.  That's it.

If I want to upload, I'll render a clip.  Logon to Youtube.  Maybe add music (with the crappy Youtube editor) and off it goes.  Seems plenty fast with my basic desktop/graphics card and 20Mbps upload connection.

Racerender is easy and fast because it's simple.  No bells and whistles, no online anything. 

I'm leery of personal data mining.  That's why I steered away from Gopro's editors (Quik).

DaVinci users without a "plugin" may prefer Racerender because it has the 'custom' output.  I'm guessing they go straight thru with no loss of resolution. Then they post process with DaVinci.     

Race render is ok for small guys too.  A few clicks and I'm watching.  I like the real time GPS for my downwinding.  Gopro is 18Hz, so it's quite accurate.           

Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 14, 2020, 08:59:28 PM »
Here's a short video of a stick fish slamming into my ski.  He's fine, no harm done. 

Gopro 8 at 4k60.  9 stills grabbed of the airborne fish. 

They look good on my monitor, you can see the teeth.   :)

Random / Re: Davinci Resolve 17 - Incredible
« on: November 14, 2020, 08:10:55 PM »
Does Davinci load the GPS data from GoPro footage like Apple editors will? 

Adobe Premiere Elements does NOT.  Adobe Premiere PRO DOES.

I haven't tried that.  How/where is that data showing up in the editors where it is working?

Racerender is an excellent program, stable, simple and user friendly.
Drag and drop your first gopro file.

Racerender will ask you (with a pop up) "we noticed your file may be part of a set, would you like Racerender to join them?"  (It will link the 5 minute clips into one video).
Click yes.

Racerender will then ask you (with a pop up) "we noticed your file has embedded telemetry, would you like to use it?"
Click yes. 

Add your gauge template.  Start editing. 

Nice big lower res editing screen is quick and easy to see.  Big ribbon on the side is easy to understand. 

Edit out the extra and render a video file.  You can render various resolutions, Custom, Local, Internet and TV.   

I googled a bit and Davinci guys use Racerender.

Personally, I don't post process anything.  I render my clips at 'internet' - for Youtube.  On occasion, "local" to grab stills. 

The Davinci guys likely have hardware that can render video like shit thru a goose. 

BTW, that promo reel for Davinci blew my mind.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: wind vs current
« on: October 09, 2020, 09:28:07 PM »
Hmm, I usually sidestep the quantum stuff.  Has any of that been proven yet?  Or is it all theoretical?  A quick search and all I found was 'reality is what you make of it.'  K. 

Anyhow, I had recently watched parts of the below linked video.  Also, years ago, Michael's zooming earth...

When you guys were claiming that "we all move at the speed of light" thru spacetime, something didn't seem right.  So, I had to google it.

In the words of Lewis Carroll Epstein:
“You can’t go faster than the speed of light, because you can’t go slower than the speed of light. You are always going the speed of light through spacetime. If you use some of your speed to go through space then there is less speed through time.” 

So, I used Epstein and Professor Green's intuitive explanation for time dilation to conclude that: your claim that we are all moving the speed of light thru spacetime is incorrect.

Because: According to Dr. Greene, motion affects time (and vice versa).   

Since I'm aging, I must be traveling slower than the speed of light, thru spacetime.  It sounds like a zero sum game in 4 dimensions to me.  Change one, the others adjust...

That said, living in 2 dimensions, as a 'flatlander' never made no damn sense to me neither.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: wind vs current
« on: October 07, 2020, 09:35:44 PM »
Bill, to be more precise, we are all moving through Space and Time at the speed of light.

Yup. Even more correctly, through spacetime.

Hmmm...  That spacetime taradiddle refers to a sum total in 4 dimensions.  I'm aging, so I'll stick to 3.   

Michael puts a number on how we all move thru space, in kph.

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