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Gear Talk / Smik hipster and infinity RNB
« on: Today at 08:16:25 PM »
First step in having a problem is admitting you have a problem… ;D hehehhehe
I am a board whore.

Ok, so I have been talking with another member about a comparison with the smik hipster and the infinity rnb. I told him  I would get back with him after I went out and did some direct comparisons between the 2 boards.
These are both great boards but different animals.  These are my opinions on the differences between these 2 boards.  I do not consider any of them to be negatives, but differences.  The results could probably even different for some one with a different surf style and / or different waves in comparison to the waves I am riding.  So lets have some fun…

 Me; about 5’10 and 193lbs  (178cm and 87kg) surfing eastern central Florida. Beach break.  Good waves but generally on the fatter side with a little mushy kinda aspect to them.  I have times of steep longer waves but have not have those sandbars break while having these board.


Infinity RNB “round nose blurr”  8’2”  x 30 “  x  125L

Smik Hipster twin    8’3”  x  31”  x 123 L

For me these shorter wider board seem to work better for me in the waves I surf.  I have longer narrower type board also, like a Jimmy Lewis stun gun, and I barely use them and am selling them for this reason.  The wider boards give me the additional stability for  digging hard to catch the waves when they are mushier.  Also, I surf a lot next to an inlet and get some moving water bumpiness a lot of the time.

So,  questions were :

How does it compare to your Infinity RNB?  Is it good in small waves?  I'm in South Carolina and about your size.  Trying to figure out if the RNB or Smik Hipster Twin would be a better everyday board.  I like a more traditional shape so the Smik appeals to me a bit more.  I've been riding the JL SuperFrank 8' Lean which is another great board for our conditions but I want a size that is in between JL's 8' & 8'6" lean models.  Your 8'3" custom Smik looks like it may be the perfect size.  I like a lively board but need to make sure it goes well in our smaller conditions. 

Can you give me an idea which board is more stable for you between the RNB & Smik?  Also, does the tail of the RNB seem a little wide for our conditions?  Is the Smik lighter?

We had some fun waves today in the waist to chest high sizes.  A little mushy getting into them but once on most of them, some decent faces opened up.  I took out the rnb first and it seemed like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time most of the time.  I did get a few waves to get the feel for the board again.  Got a few waves on the rnb and was able to get some turns though.  In comparing it to the smik, it feels like it on a rail, but not in a bad way.  It goes where ever I want.  It makes me feel like I am power surfing.  But I was still able to slide the tail a little in coming off a white water lip. On purpose, not accidental.  This board gets very fast very quick.  Getting back on the tail is crucial to make this board lively.  The speed aspect I guess makes it feel like it is on a rail when turning.

Now when I switched to the smik, my wave picking luck increased a bit so I was able to get a few more waves with it.  Nothing with the boards, just my dumb  luck.  When digging to get in to the mushy waves, the wider nose of the of the smik seemed to add a little more stability compared with the rnb.  But I did take the 2 boards out on the river the day before for photos and in a flat water comparison, the rnb was slightly more stable and seemed like it paddled a little faster. In the flat water the smik seemed a tad twitchier and a little slower.  This also seemed to be true out in the surf. But like I said, when digging after a mushy wave, I would step forward up on the wider nose of the smik and it seemed a little bit more stable compared to the rnb.

The smik was very fun in the waves today though. I had a blast on it.  With the twin fins, hip, and small trailer fin, the board seems like it fits tight in the pocket.  It did not develop the immediate speed the rnb did.  Maybe not as fast either.  The turns were sharp and in control with no out of control sliding.  Just not as fast as the rnb.
For the small wave question, that could be a good conversation, but the location you are surfing has to be taken into account. My Florida mushy waves don’t have a lot of power where other places waist high waves have some good push to them.  For me I would not take either of these boards out under waist high.  I have other boards for that.  I could. Yes. But I would want something with a little more float.  It becomes a fun question.

In the smaller waves I want to just play around and have more fun and not worry too much about performance.  I would surf my Foote board that is a like a big fish shape. It is 8’6”  x 32” wide.  Don’t know the volume but guessing mid to upper 130’s.  I have ridden small swell waves in the knee to waist high range and had  blast. Also overhead waves. This is why I have multiple boards.  If I was going for a small wave board, my choice would be the smik over the rnb.  But I would go a size or 2 up just to have the additional floatation and stability for trying to dig to get into the smaller waves.  It is mentioned he is riding a Jimmy Lewis super frank lean in 8’0” but did not want to go to an 8’6”.  For smaller surf I would so go with the 8’6” wide version.  But that is just me and from my experience.  Another type board would be the jimmy lewis destroyer which seems like a wider profile board with a pulled in tail. Looks like it could be fun.  The thing about the smik is it is designed to be a twin fin board and have the characteristics of a twinny.  I do not know if the just riding any of the jimmy lewis boards would have the same effect.  Someone commented that he had ridden the superfrank as a twin and had fun with it so it is a possibility.  The wider tail of the rnb works well for the stability but it develops speed fast and makes the turns a little more drawn out.  It would also give a little more float for riding smaller surf compared to needing a little more speed for a smik type shape with the pulled in tail.  Maybe a custom rnb with and asymmetrical tail could would work well too for smaller waves.  But again in my opinion, a few inches bigger and slightly wider catering to smaller surf.
My smik is about 2 lbs lighter than the rnb, but the rnb is the pvc construction which is  not as light as infinity’s carbon or custom boards.

Both of these boards are a blast, but just different.

I hope I answered everything, any other questions, let me know.

Rnb vs smik

Water rnb

Water smik

rocker comparison

Rail comparison

Tail comparison

my Foote

Bill foote


SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Re: Smik Hipster Twin
« on: April 10, 2019, 06:43:37 PM »

here are the twin fins that came with the board. so far so good.

Classifieds / Re: Infinity B-Line 8’10” $825
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:53:17 AM »
ok, where ya located,

any pics?

full dimensions, please

SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Re: Smik Hipster Twin
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:40:50 AM »
Go for it badger. never know til you try it.

LB, the tails are quite different. The superfrank is a straight tail where the hipster has winged pull in and was designed to be a twin. I will say that both share the wider nose and narrower tail if that is what you are talking about.  I have not ridden a superfrank so i can not say.

It sure has Mr Big!  But the outcome was so worth it.

SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Smik Hipster Twin
« on: April 08, 2019, 06:52:09 PM »
I can’t believe it has been about 2 months since I got this board.  In the past week, I have finally had a chance to ride.  I had been reading about these and it struck a cord with me.  I have a regular VonSol shadow 7’0” fish that was a blast riding with 2 big twins and a small trailer.  I could not believe how loose it was and easy to throw around.

So here is the Smik hipster twin that had the actual research in to making it a dedicated twin.  I decided to support my habit by getting one.  Mr Big was a great help in talking with Scott wo shapes them. Decided to go with the 8’3” x  31” by 123L version. I wanted a tad additional float for dealing with the softer waves in Florida.  Board came with 2 big twin fins and a trailer. Good quality fins.  I was able to get a T-shirt with it too.   Scott was  great to deal with.

Finally was able to not be at work when there was some surf.  So my stats for reference, 5’10” and 192 lbs (178cm and 87 kg). First session out was basically wind chop/ semi wind swell.   Not great conditions but I wanted to try it.  Waves were not that good.  Got a couple of drops in the chest to slightly overhead range.  Once I got the foot placement down.  Had to stand a little more forward while standing around.  Once on a wave, and you get back on the tail and this board is just FUN!

Second session out was waist to chest semi glassy swell left over from some wind swell.  Much better conditions.  Found the sweet spot for standing on it.  The board was nimble and fun.  I will be getting a lot of use out of this board.  Able to slide the tail out on a turn if I want to.   I was riding the board with small trailer fin it.  I will eventually try it as a twin, just want to get a few more sessions in with it before I start playing around.

I have a 12'6 paddle surf hawaii  hull paddler and it is a great board for what you are thinking about.  It is only kinda what you are thinking about being that it is HIGH volume.

I surf it in florida and had it out the other day because conditions absolutely sucked for smaller boards.  the waves were big but super mushy.  A carve-able face here or there but I would have never been in those sections on a lower volume board.  I have this board for cruising on long barely breaking or mushy surf. I have a couple places where I ride it way far out  and cruise.  I can carve it no problem if a face prevents itself. I am not going to rip on this thing and I know that.  I have dropped in on waves slightly overhead without much problem.  The thing is the board gets going so early, I am on waves before they are even steep enough to break.  have been caught up few times when waves jacked suddenly but could control it.  Just have to get back on the tail once on the wave to make it carve-able.

There is another thread about a custom 12 sunova.  That is supposed to be a lower volume compared with the older psh's.  You should research something like that.  Paddle surf hawaii used to make 12' gun that was real popular too.  THere are some videos around too that show how it rides.  just to get an idea.  I know these are probably bigger than what you are thinking, but they are worth a look.

also found another thread from a former member who went a similar direction.  I found his thread and will just copy it.


Right now I'm calling it The Missing Link until I can think of a more proper name for it. Coastal Cruiser is already taken but that's really what it is.

This is the board I felt was missing in my quiver. I ordered it because all of my boards are 7'4 and under and strictly used for surfing. I felt that I needed to work on my endurance, enjoy more distance cruising/exploring while surfing on the way. My 14 x 24.75 Fanatic Falcon is an amazing open ocean distance board but kind of a pain in the but to always haul around. Plus, surfing that 14' is not ideal. Getting back out through the surf can be a challenge too.

So, Kirk made me this beauty. I wasn't looking for a race board or downwind board, just something that could cruise okay and surf okay. So the nose is very pulled in, making it easy to bust through the waves getting in and out of the surf, the tail and nose are thinned out so I could actually surf this thing.


11' 8“ x 27.75” x 4.5 @156L

The stability is very comfortable. Flat deck making it easy to stand long durations and easy to move around . Stepping back on the tail is really nice. Easy to sink the thin tail and whip it around if needed. Glide is okay, nothing fantastic. I kept the volume low so there is still some resistance and it does sit lower in the water but that makes it easier to surf and more stable/less rollie. At first I felt the board paddled a little slow so I hooked up my garmin watch for some testing and turned out the board moves pretty well. I feel that if I was back in my race/training mode, I could maintain 5mph over 4-5 mile stretch. I never did a 100% sprint run but was able to put about 90% sprint into it and got the speed up to 5.6 mph. Easy cruising at 3.8mph, moderate around 4.5, more race mode would be around 5mph. My 14' I could pace myself at 5.7-5.9 mph over 4-5 mile stretch in open ocean, calm conditions. Just to give you reference of speed.

Surfing the waves was a challenge for me at first until I figured out a few things. Need to be facing straight to get into the wave. If the board is sideways a little, the rail tends to catch and over I go. The board is long and I'm still getting used to that. Today I was able to catch waves from the 2-4' range.

The board catches the waves well and as soon as I step back, the board is pretty easy to manage. I'm just running a 9" cheapie dolphin fin for now.

The board does not catch bumps…not enough volume and not enough volume in the tail to push forward. I was not expecting to be able to catch bumps. That's what my 14' is for.

Overall, I love diversity that it brings to the quiver. I really enjoyed paddling and exploring through the kelp beds and seeing fish I've never seen before. I look forward to cruising the coastline to see what cool places I can find. Saw the biggest leopard shark I've seen today. About 20' below me and looked to be 5' long. Usually we see lots of them near the shore line, but this one was far beyond the surf lineup.

General Discussion / Re: Is Coreban still in business?
« on: February 28, 2019, 05:06:25 AM »
Nicki Carstens was the shaper for them.  I think he started how own brand as stated above, Signature.  Before the foils he started another line of stand ups, Signature, which I guess now has a foil line too.  Since I heard of him starting signature, I never heard much about coreban after that.

General Discussion / Re: Spot check, Europe Creeeeeeekkkkk!!!
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:54:11 PM »
Thanks for posting the video.  THat day 3 looks funnnnnnnnnnnn.

General Discussion / Re: Creek in Portugal - a travelogue in Vids and pics
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:53:32 PM »
Definitely looking like some fun waves there. Overhead, somewhat clean, clear water.  Nice !!  Have fun.

Good to hear it worked like you expected in bigger waves

I will leave a report once I get mine out

Training, Diet, and Fitness / Re: Sugar is sneaky bad....
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:26:06 AM »
It seems to be all over the map as far as which types of foods break down easier than others:

Thanks for this, that's an interesting article.

Yes an interesting article and agree it would have been very interesting if they had used vegetables too.

I wish when they were talking about the the mice losing or gaining 1 or 2 grams of weight they would have relayed that in percentages.  Or given the weights of the mice before and after for correlation.  The mice lsoing or gaining that much could be as easy as us fluctuating a few pounds during any given day. 

And it also backs up the saying that not all calories are equal.  And throws wrenches in the CICO argument, not contained to this forum.  Makes counting calories a whole lot more difficult  based on whether your food is cooked, picked, beaten, pounded, rolled.....and then you need a whole DNA test to figure out how much of it you are actually ingesting based on your genes.  Gonna need an advanced calculus and statistics class just to figure out  how many oreos I can have for desert.

Training, Diet, and Fitness / Re: Sugar is sneaky bad....
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:02:51 AM »
I saw The Matrix too.

I am not disagreeing with CICO stuff.

But that chart is flat out wrong because it says paleo/primal, keto,  and intermittent fasting are about cutting calories.  Third column makes it pretty clear where it says, "HOW IT WORKS" which is wrong.  None of those ever talk about counting or cutting calories.  They do talk about eating healthy food until full.  I have read all the books from their creators just about.  And those are not diets.  Low fat diet, yeah, heard lots about that one.  Weight watchers, yeah, that is a diet plan.  The others are about health and eating healthy. Losing weight is a by-product.  They should not be on that chart. 

Training, Diet, and Fitness / Re: Sugar is sneaky bad....
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:22:15 PM »
I think that chart is completely misleading.

I follow paleo/primal and have been eating that way along with intermittent fasting.  Most of the time I do not eat breakfast.  I have been reading up on keto lately too because they have some good recipes.  Not one those is about calorie deficits.  They are about eating different styles of food and leaving out others for the health benefits.  Despite eating generally only 2 meals a day, I can easily make that more than my basic caloric intake.  I have gone months at a time of weighing my food to know how many calories I am taking in to learn that . Broken down into macros too.  It gave me an idea about quantities and the effects it had on me. 

General Discussion / Re: HOT Chicks on Stand Up Paddle Boards!
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:33:04 AM »
She might be in the overweight side of the BMI readings. Very NICE!!

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