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That wind looks pretty gnarly Rick...  Glad you didn't get blown out to Portugal! 

Hope you enjoy hanging with Evelyn and the GenRation crew down in Punta de Mita.  If they have any SP25's in the size I'm looking for (7'11" or 8'2") let me know! 

I was going to reach out to Evelyn to see if she was surfing Montauk for Larry - reached out to Fanman who was working Friday so ultimately didn't make the drive out East.  But I think I made the right call with an amazing session Friday morning a sandy point near me that had more user friendly double-overhead waves with fun 200yd walls that were perfect on a SUP - much more doable than what was shown on the usual channels.  The wind came up pretty heavy later in the day but the wave at Gilgo looked too good to pass up so I paddled out and was hanging out with the relatively small crew when a cleanup set came and a double overhead+ wave snapped my second leash of the day so I was toast...  Saturday morning was also really fun early before the tide came up and swell dropped.   

Larry definitely brought the goods - probably the largest I've seen in NY for the last several years. 

General Discussion / Re: High Performance SUP suggesting
« on: July 26, 2021, 12:53:52 PM »
I'm similar dims to you - 6'3", 195lbs.  My performance board for the last few years has been my 8'4"  110ltr Sunova Flow, though I've been itching to go down a bit in size for the really good days, though I still fall off of it now and then in bumpier conditions.  I'll take out my 128ltr Sunova Speed when I know it's going to be really mushy and bumpy without much juice. 

I would think you could go down 15lts if you're looking for more performance.  Any of the JL boards mentioned might work and I would also consider the Genration SP25 8'2" x 29 1/2" x 115ltrs (I'm looking at getting a 7'11"). I saw one for sale in Florida on Sean Poyter's IG feed and had I been closer I would have made the trip to pick it up. 

Classifieds / Re: Sunova SP25
« on: May 26, 2021, 12:58:50 PM »
Oooh that's a really nice board....  Though it's definitely one of the boards I have my eye on, it's likely too small for me as well.  I'm looking to pick up a 105ltr version. 

SUP General / Re: Todos Santos Surf SUP Rental
« on: May 06, 2021, 07:24:36 PM »
Hey Tomkat - wondering if you were able to rent a decent board down in Cabo last year?  I'm heading there next month and can't bring a board with me from NY looking to find a decent performance board. 



Sessions / Re: Orlena- CODE RED SWELL!
« on: February 04, 2021, 12:55:38 PM »
Nice Cookie! New York was pumping and strangely hardly anyone out at my local. A pretty easy paddle out - solo and dry - I only spotted 4 others several hundred yards down the beach. Caught several clean lefts which convinced a couple others to come brave the conditions with me.  I was glad to see them as I got slammed pretty hard when I tried to take a right - ended up bruising some ribs and it could have been worse. It usually closes out during large swells at low tide around me, but the period and direction was just right to create make-able sections. 

But it was well worth it and I actually never really got cold (even trudging through 2ft snow drifts). I'm loving my new Vissla 5mm - note that if you have a Surfline Premium membership you can get 20% off.  But I guess it was cold enough - my phone was too frozen to allow me to get a shot after I wrapped around sunset...

Completely agree cowboy. I've been to both Punta Mita and Nosara and it doesn't sound like Nosara is really the type of place you and your wife will really enjoy - you have to put in some effort both to get there and get around - while Punta Mita has plenty of options and is an easy trip especially from the West Coast. 

Punta Mita has both really high-end resorts (Four Seasons, St. Regis) for the high-rollers as well as other options around (We stayed at the more budget-oriented surf hotel Quinta del Sol, outside the gates) and there are a ton of potential waves that aren't very heavy (e.g. La Lancha).  If you're looking for all-inclusive I would look at the Grand Palladium Punta Mita.  It's right in front of a great surf break (Burros) and they host a SUP retreat out of the resort run by no less than Iain Cairns, Sean Poynter and Daniel Hughes. Our friend Evelyn O'Doherty (publisher of Standup Journal) went down there for a wounded warriors retreat and wrote an article about it for the Journal. 


Nosara is a fantastic place and if my wife didn't have long tail Covid since Feb and wasn't able to pick up a board and surf this summer (though spending time in salt water was therapeutic), we probably would have moved down there for the Winter where I could work from the albeit spotty wifi in town.

But note that the vibe in Nosara is pretty far from an all-inclusive resort. It's got a Yogi/Surfer/Bohemian vibe to it which can be great if you're looking for that but it's not super luxurious. Mostly dirt roads and no beach bars (development is thankfully prohibited within 200m of the beach). If your wife is into Yoga one of the highest-end places there is the Bodhi Tree resort.  They probably do include a meal plan but I doubt the atmosphere there is pina coladas by the pool.  The Harmony hotel is probably the other higher-end option available where the vibe is probably more like gentrified Brooklyn in Costa Rica. 

Now there are a couple big resorts in that general area of CR. There is a JW Marriott south of Tamarindo in Playa Avellanas that probably has a pretty luxurious setup with great waves right out front.  That would probably be my pick to satisfy both the desire for waves and luxury, but it probably isn't all-inclusive or cheap.

Marriott also owns the Hotel Punta Islita quite a ways further south but waves are probably at least a 20min drive away (e.g. Camaronal) that even has a beachfront pool bar (we stumbled upon it while exploring the area while staying and surfing in an pretty rustic AirBnB in Camaronal. 

Tamarindo is now mostly high-rises and condos and everyone I know who's been there recently has been disappointed, but if you're looking for a party vibe that much more of the place to go. 

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: New 25 mile bike/surf trail in Tofino
« on: October 29, 2020, 11:47:05 AM »
Whoa - 200 people in the water in Cox Bay...  My company is HQ'd in Vancouver and I've been wanting to take a trip out to Tofino at some point but that seems pretty crazy.  Assume that's Summer crowds and the Winter thins it out a lot? 

On the other side of the continent, NY state is in the process of extending the bike path on our barrier island off of Long Island right now.  I might actually consider picking up an eBike to access some of the more remote beach breaks along the island once it's completed...  Certainly not as picturesque as the PNW but a lot of people in our beach community are excited about it. 


Sessions / Re: Surfing alone
« on: October 19, 2020, 12:49:49 PM »
There's a bit of a secret spot I like to surf at where on a sizeable swell you can't really access it at high tide.  During the Teddy swell a few weeks back, I drove there parked myself on a bit of an island  after some others surfers left and spent the next few hours getting some work done on the laptop between sessions.  The spot has an outer bar where the waves break softer and is less critical than the barreling beach break nearby so I felt comfortable enough surfing alone, though that's also because I'm a pretty strong swimmer and can deal with having a leash break 300yds offshore, which of course happened on my first session...  Once the tide dropped and some friends showed up in the afternoon I had been able to surf the break along for over 4hrs over the course of the morning and early afternoon...  This is the same spot that I caught a wave and surfed with a pair of dolphins a couple weeks back - though thankfully I wasn't alone that time and my surfing buds on the inside witnessed the event - a pretty magical moment. I caught a shot of a dolphin playing in the surf before I headed out that day. 

All this makes me happy that my home break is a spot where you don't have to lock your car... 

SUP General / Re: Hurricane Paulette....
« on: September 18, 2020, 10:20:02 AM »
Two really fun days with Paulette on Long Island and thankfully no damage here after Isiais left us without power for a week.  My wife got one shot of me and I took a few between sessions, including some of one of our local grom rippers who seems destined for bigger things...  Got to enjoy some draining heavy beach break and then some 300yd outer bar mushy bombs the following day in another spot nearby.  Looking forward to playing with Teddy next week! 

Classifieds / Re: Go Foil Complete Package
« on: August 07, 2020, 01:16:47 PM »
Hey Sano - do you have any recommendations on what I would want to use to start getting into foiling in waves with a SUP (was thinking of modifying one of my two 8'10" Sunova Speeds with a box before picking up a foil-specific board.  I'm 6'3" 190lbs and a strong surfer and will probably be using it in sloppy east coast short period conditions (though I imagine I'll get foil brain and start doing it all the time)... 

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Mellow Wave Destinations
« on: July 20, 2020, 02:00:37 PM »
+1 on Nosara. It's a great area, there are a bunch of great AirBnB/VRBO's for rent there, great variety of restaurants and a fun Surfer/Yogi vibe to the town, though definitely not the high-end spa experience you might want from a south shore Maui or Ritz Carlton Residences in Punta Mita.  You aren't going to get skunked on waves and there are also reef breaks both to the South (Right point very close by) and north (left point within an hr) that light up when the Guiones beach break gets too large. Just make sure you rent a proper 4WD vehicle as getting around can be challenging. The Blue Zone folks are even foiling as well as SUPing now if that's your bag. Can't wait to get back there.


Foil SUP / Re: JL Flying-V 6'5" and GL Maliko 200
« on: May 26, 2020, 11:07:11 AM »
Thanks for the review APPST.  I've been thinking about getting in but have been holding off for a while.  Now that Summer is here with small waves and long rollers that tend to not break around the inlet near me it seems like this could be the right size setup for me (6'3", 190, no issues with winter gear on a 110ltr board). 

Gear Talk / Re: NEW BOARD! 8'2 Genration Wedge
« on: May 11, 2020, 07:22:23 AM »
The wedges are on average about an inch narrower than the SP's (inc the 25) If I wouldnt sink anything smaller I may have gone with an SP.  My weight may change but the waves i ride dont.  and i simply cant fit a 30+ in wide board into hollow NJ beachbreak no matter how much I weigh.  So the board had to change not me or the waves.

That's an interesting point around the width - my Flow is just under 30" wide but a narrower board would definitely help in some steeper days here in LI. I'm just above 190lbs at 6'3" so I'm hoping that the 105ltr 7'11" SP25 fits the bill and is stable enough.  Btw - how long did it take to get the board after you ordered it? 

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