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Update: I actually returned the 28"Mahattan and got the 30"Mahnattan PLUS.

Nixy was very very easy to work with and I just paid the $100 price difference. They took care of shipping etc. I'm definitely a customer for life now.

The Plus (30"wide) works so much better! I went out on a calm lake (under 10 km/h wind speed, no motor boats) and paddled upright for over 3km. Standing up most of the time and didn't fall in! I still have some shaky legs sometimes, but that is just me. I have no way of telling if it is slower, but it definitely is more my style!

I almost exchanged the 28" for another Monterey, but I'm glad I got the Manhattan PLUS to switch it up. for now i use the Monterey for longer tours where i mainly sit and kayak. On longer tours I need the dual-chamber more, and encounter wakes and currents. For just being close to where is tart and goofing around, I take the Manhattan and will not put my kayak seat on.  i learned sitting and paddling with the iSUP paddle actually isn't so bad. So I can wean myself off the seat and kayak paddle.

So this turned out fine (thanks to Nixy's great service). My advice to any non-pro is to get the PLUS version.

And yes, my 30"Manhattan still is skinnier than 99% of the iSUPs I encounter. I really think 28"is really stretching it unless you are really experienced.

I'm getting close to 50 and maybe have 1-2 days a week to paddle during the summer.

I practiced standing on a calm swimming beach. I only fell in 5 times, but practiced some beginner turns. Couldn't do the step-back turn without swimming. I think for now this iSUP will do more kayak duty on rivers with current (where I don't stand anyway). It's really fast and tracks very well. Going upstream is so much easier since any added speed above the water speed is noticeable.

I'll use my other 32" iSUP for more standing practice before I do that on the Manhattan again. Or if we just do an iSUP/swimming day, the Manhattan should be perfect when you want to swim.

I just saw they now have a 30"Plus version of the Manhattan  That must be all new since I didn't see that. That would have been better for me. Oh my....

I bought the Manhattan. It was just too good of a deal with the triple-action pump and the carbon paddle for $600. It took only 2 days to deliver.

I took it out today. but it was a bit choppier than expected and I only sat on a kayak seat and used kayak paddles :-) it was a bit less stable initially, but got better once moving. It kind of feels as expected based on my experience with the 32" Monterey.

Where the water was calmer, the water was full of disgusting plants. And since I counted on falling in when standing, I'll do that in the future near a nicer beach or so.

Speed (when kayaking) was maybe 1-2 kmh faster than my Monterey. I tested tracking without any fin, and when kayaking it actually still tracks relatively well (better than many inflatable kayaks). So this is a really nice board and I look forward to explore standing  8)

Accessories are the same as for my old Monterey, excellent. The triple action pump takes under 5 minutes to 15 psi (but my arms hurt!!). The carbon paddle also is great (for me as non-pro). I actually also bought their electric pump. That takes 10 minutes. But my arms didn't hurt and I can apply sunblock and do other stuff to get ready while it pumps.

Gear Talk / US finbox fin for iSUP - 7"or shorter
« on: August 03, 2022, 05:39:15 PM »
My iSUP has thsi 9"center fin note the thumbscrew that is captive (doesn't get lost)

I want a shorter fin for shallow rivers. All the ones I found have a different type of screw and a sort of threaded square washer. Look at this example. I'm not able to install such fin with that square washer, only without.

Is this some sort of different US fin box system? Some reviews mentioned it would be for hard SUP (not iSUP). Some videos make it look like that square thing should slide inside the finbox. But that doesn't work in mine.

Is there a shorter (like under 7") reasonable fin that is like the one I have?

I started iSUP last year with a Nixy Monterey G4  that is 11'6"x 32". I know how I behave on it. I'm 175# and 5'11, BTW. I only go on lakes and slow rivers and when wind is under 15 km/h. I'm in Wisconsin (NOT great lakes)

Now I have to buy a second iSUP for family use and think I use the Nixy Montery for family use and buy myself the "next" iSUP. Want something narrower/faster. But I'm still a bit shaky.

2 caught my eye and I wonder if going from 32" to 28" width is just too much?
- Option 1: Nixy Manhattan at 12'6"x28"  I like it being light weight, great accessories and at $600 a screaming deal. but all reviews i read start by saying that novices over 150# will fall off...
- Option 2: SIC Bullet air 14'x 28" It lacks on the accessories, cost $1,000 shipped, BUT it has the dual chamber (like my Monterey). I'm a safety freak, so a dual-chamber would be nice (even if i never heard of anyone loosing air...)

Should I look for a little wider board, like a 30"? I don't really want to keep buying iSUP. My plan is to have this new one, and the Monterey through the end of their useful lives (10 years?)

Considering the Manhattan is reviewed as not very stable for beginners, would the Bullet be much more stable at almost same width? I don't have the option to test or rent a 28"iSUP to see how I like it. So I'm buying strictly from my experience with he Monterey.

SUP Safety / Re: 3 SUP paddlers dies in Wales
« on: November 01, 2021, 08:04:02 AM »
I was under the impression it happened on a river and the river was fast due to rain.

If it was a t the mouth of the river, of course the ocean tide could have added.

SUP Safety / 3 SUP paddlers dies in Wales
« on: October 31, 2021, 09:19:18 AM »
Just saw this on BBC

Maybe it is my lack of reading comprehension... but the article doesn't seem sot state what actually happened beyond being caught in heavy rain.

SUP General / Re: Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 28, 2021, 09:07:38 AM »
Thanks. The decision got easier when I decided my family may end up having 2 iSUP in total. In 1-2 years this Monterey will be for family duty and the new iSUP will be a "motorbike" iSUP for my then advanced skills when I go out alone. Probably in the 28"-30" class

That way I didn't need to find a single iSUP that is good for beginner, advanced, touring and 2-person duty.

SUP General / Re: Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 27, 2021, 12:54:30 PM »
I received my Monterey G4 and set it up in my living room (Winter is coming). I don't have a comparison to other iSUP. But someone else looking at this may want to know:

- I set it up with the Nixy Comfort Kayak seat. It is a bit elevated and seems comfy.
- I strapped the SUP- and my kayak-paddle to the D-rings. I used some velcro straps with carabiner hooks. From the seat I can mount and dismount the paddles.
- I ordered a D-ring I can thread into the one camera mount in the rear since the D-ring itself is too close to the edge and would keep my kayak paddle in the water.
- I can reach my drybag strapped to the front bungees easily. For the time being I will try to use the drybag as a foot-rest. But I will consider a better footrest solution (once I know how much I paddle kayaking vs. standing).
- The pump is great and a bit better than my triple-action 2-cylinder pump. Among other things the hose is attached to the non-moving part, which is better than having it attached to the up/down moving handle on my old pump
- The manual is very brief and doesn't talk about the inflation sequence for the 2 chambers. I contacted support and they told me to inflate the outer chamber first while the inner valve is open, then inflate the inner chamber
- The bag is good, but it doesn't fit the pump or paddle. So for someone who actually carries the iSUP a long distance, or travels, they may need a larger bag. Not a problem for me, I don't even need a bag since I can park close to the water.
- The leash seems to be good and solid
- The paddle seems good. I can feel the weight of the paddle end, though. So I see why one would like a full-carbon paddle :-) But I'm sure it is fine for me now and way lighter than all other OEM paddles.
- Mine was an open box (for $65 off). But it was packaged like new and there was no trace of prior use.
- Overall quality seems fine. The Pad doesn't line up with the D-rings 100% and there is some overlap. I saw that in a different review also and you only notice it if you pay attention. Not a big deal and this is me being nit-picking.
- The center fin is 9" US-box. The side fins are proprietary. My recommendation would be to make them all US-box. I plan to use the single 9" center fin in deeper water, and the two 5" side fins in shallow water.
- There is a paddle strap on the port side to attach the paddle while carrying. I don't know how well that works, but I'm more concerned that strap will be in the water and ruin hydro-dynamics to some small degree.
- It has tons of attachment options and sure would be a good youtube/fishing/touring iSUP.

Overall I'm happy with it and would buy it again. Support also stated they do sell the plain iSUP without accessories, but stated it isn't really worth to do. I agree, especially when you buy an open box... even when I buy my next iSUP from them, I'm sure I can sell the then unneeded accessories for some good $. So for my next iSUP I really would consider Nixy again if they have a type of iSUP I need.

I can't wait for spring!

SUP General / iSUP leak repair and pump for while on a trip
« on: October 26, 2021, 07:06:20 PM »
I just got my first iSUP and wonder if I should take a small pump and repair kit with me to repair a leak while SUP-ing somewhere. I plan to do day-trips and if I have a leak, I like to be able to repair and to be able to re-inflate and get back to my starting location. That could be 10-15km on water. I'm near Madison, WI and the largest lake is Lake Mendota,-89.4954853,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x88065354b86eb411:0x9729efbead0277c3!8m2!3d43.109671!4d-89.4206079 , about 6km in diameter. The lake is relatively busy and I assume I could get back to some shore. My iSUP has 2 air-chambers, so I could paddle to some pier and repair there, re-inflate and go back on my way.

The actual permanent patches and glue take 24 hours to cure before re-inflating. So that clearly doesn't work while on the water. The glue also has a shelf life of 1-year and I just know I will end up with old glue.
I found these temporary patches:
- Flex tape that allegedly also works to apply under water That would work well assuming on a pier i can't do a perfect priming job
- Tear Aid. There is one for inflatables, and one for vinyl I'm not sure if either has a pressure rating to be used on drop-stitch. i couldn't see if that has a drying time and if it can be applied on wet or otherwise imperfect surface.

Do those patches actually work? Or are there other patch methods that work without a long curing time? I know I would need some sort of small high-pressure pump since I don't want to carry the large floor-pump with me. But first I need to know if I actually can patch.

another wrinkle I see is when there is a leak, water may be inside the iSUP. Regardless of what type of patch, how does one get that water out before patching? Or can the water be be coerced out later by opening the valve and somehow funneling it out?

Am I over-thinking this? I've never seen a video or picture of iSUP with people having pumps with them unless it was a packed touring iSUP. I'm a somewhat belt and suspenders guy, hence the dual-chamber iSUP.

(I still haven't figured out how to include the links in a word so they don't show full length)

I decided to end this research and yesterday ordered the Nixy Monterey for $835 plus their premium kayak seat. they already were $100 down, and had an open box. I fear if I wait too long, much inventory will be gone. I figured buying a package with premium accessories makes more sense for a first iSUP. For an upgrade it may make less sense, since one then already has a good paddle and pump. So for my next iSUP I can focus on ones without great accessories (or preferably none).

I think there are reasonable scenarios where any of the above iSUP make sense. The Monterey will be a great 2-person kayak, 2-person iSUP with daughter and maybe my wife wants to start at some point. So for me it made sense. And for this type of iSUP I think I got top of the line is. 

FWIW, Another possibly good cheap iSUP I found the 12'6"x30" Tower iRace. Best part is they also sell it as the iSUP only (no package). It made less sense to me since I also need a paddle. But I really wish more manufacturers would offer the iSUP without all the accessories (Especially the manufacturer that plasters their website with all the sustainability things they do :-)

Last week I also contacted some manufacturers with some questions. The manufacturer with the fastest responses was Sea Eagle. Red, Starbaord, Gili and Tower were seconds. iRocker never responded. Nixy kind of responded, but only saying someone else will answer the questions and so far haven't. So I'm kind of blindly trusting they have good support and all the good reviews weren't paid advertisement.

I researched a bit more and narrowed it down a bit. Let me know if I'm out of touch.
- board stiffness will have major impact on stability, or at least how stable it feels to me. With the bow and stern being lifted, it also shortens the waterline and reduces speed. So a good stiff design will make a given iSUP better
- My main failure scenario while on the water is to go by downed trees and poke a hole from a branch
- I need at least a carbon hybrid paddle (like the Nixy paddle they sell for $95). Any lesser paddle I likely upgrade soon and I add the cost below.
- Whatever I buy I likely keep long term as a second/family/guest iSUP. So resale value or it being the perfect board for in 2 years isn't that important, but longevity is. I totally realize in 1-2 years I need to spend $ on a very good iSUP that will meet my future needs better.
- Most accessories that come with iSUPs are just for the landfill and I wish manufacturers would just sell the plain board without pump and paddle. Even if a manufacturer provides good pump and paddle, what will one do with all the equipment if you buy multiple iSUPs?

- for the Starboard ZEN SC I'm really concerned about flex and puncture due to the single-layer. Zen is cheaper and lighter than Deluxe. That typically means less strong and the above video shows. And a DC Deluxe iSUP from Starbaord would be $1,500 with paddle. Without knowing what my long term iSUP will be that is too high.
- Fanatic would cost $770 with paddle and seems to have similar single-layer construction and weight as the Starboard Zen boards. So the same concern about stiffness and the 1-year warranty also doesn't help

Still considering:
- Sea Eagle Needlenose 126 for $750 inc paddle. Negative is they use a glued heavier construction, but that could mean better puncture protection. IDK. Another negative they don't use US-fin box. Positive is they have longer 3-year warranty and I'm somewhat intrigued by their Needlenose design since it slices through the water and provides a longer waterline. I'm curious to hear if someone has specifics about downsides of the SE (besides what I listed)

My current favorite:
- Nixy Monterey for $835 inc paddle and the only one with a reasonable pump. That is most likely to be the stiffest board (dual chamber, woven dropstitch, carbon rail etc.) while still being lighter. The added safety due to dual-chamber also is good. The long term use after I advanced and buy a faster second iSUP would be for 2-people (my daughter) touring with it and for general family/guest iSUP. It won't be as fast and tracking as what I originally asked for, but I can't over-look the quality it seems to have and the good utility for many years of future family use. It would be a good compliment to whatever fast iSUP I will buy later.

Obviously it is my $, my decision, and I really want to order next week so I'm done with this decision making  :D. Tell me if my assumptions are wrong and if conclusions are totally unreasonable. I don't want to ding a specific manufacturer and realize all my opinion is based on zero experience boarding and without seeing any of the boards in person.

thanks for the replies. All good points.

Renting/Demoing: it is turning winter now and even in summer, the local places only have what I call Dicks's Sporting goods type vessels. And there literally was nothing available in person this year. and with so many options (like Starbaord has) I doubt a dealer would literally the one I want there to demo. and since I fear next spring will have no inventory, I have to buy now based on theorizing. Basically pick one that seems good enough and demo for a a year or two. Even if i coudl demo 2 good boards, as a beginner all of them would feel wabbly  ;D

Resale: If I pick well, I probably will use it for 1-2 years as my primary board, then if I upgrade, keep it as a secondary unless i can sell it well. And at the sub-$1k price it is still money well spent to get education even if I can't sell it at all. Our local market doesn't seem to have any premium brands anyway. Maybe after COVID there will be a ton of new and used iSUP flooding the market. Who knows. Or maybe I run into a stick and destroy it. So I really don't want to over-estimate resale at this point. I agree, a Starboard likely would sell better, though.

Sea Eagle: could someone point out what exactly is bad about their construction? They seem to use an older dropstitch construction with more layers compared to the Starboard single layer and that shows in the weight. But more layers could mean stiffer and more robust? IDK. They don't say their rails are welded, so I assume they are glued. I researched for SE reviews and didn't really found bad ones. But I didn't find any reviews comparing them to Starbaord etc. the only negative reviews I saw where from totally unreasonable people (one person who wanted the 3-eyar warranty honored after 5 years, one person who wanted today's price guaranteed for a purchase they want to do next year etc.). they offer 3 year warranty. What I like about them is they only offer one quality type for each model. I don't like the Starboard model of offering lower and high quality versions of the same type. I own their bottom of the barrel SE 370 kayak and while it shows the price point, it is decent for what it is (only had it this year though). One notable disadvantage of the SE are the glued fins (my SE 370 only has glued fins). Since they are an annoyance when packing away and take away the option to use different fins. I saw one remove fins and boxes and install a US fin box. but sure would not do that on a new boat under warranty. Those glued fins bugged me all summer, even if I didn't bend or damage them. BTW, the $500 Longboard I mentioned above seems to be sold out (was an ebay seller who had 3 return models)

Starbaord: price-wise I look at ZEN construction. but fear it is a bit flexy. I saw this German review and it seems to flex a LOT and they also point out it is due to the single-layer construction.  Looking at the video the bow and stern lift out of the water quite a bit. Is the flexing shown in the video typical for boards in this price-class? So to get a somewhat stiff board from Starbaord it seems on needs to get the Deluxe and/or Double chamber. So price-wise this gets out of the beginner range. I'd spend the money for a good board, but with zero knowledge, I need a burner board first.

Size: sounds like a 30" width may be better long term. On a previous thread I researched the Nixy Monterey (34"wide, which is a great board), but decided to go for a touring type. Honestly, I was so impressed with Nixy, if they made a touring boat, I really would consider that.
Would for my size (175#/5'11") a 12'6"x30" be a good target size? or would looking at 14'x30" be appropriate? It seems many touring boards are in this class.

Tahe: I saw those and don't totally exclude them since they could serve as a family board later. But price-wise they get really close to the Nixy Monterey, and the packages have the glued fins. I think only the one 11'6"without the seat package uses US fin box.

Fanatik: thanks for the links, they were not on my radar. Should I be worried about only 1 year warranty? On their website it looks not all use the US-fin box. They seem to have quite some rocker and being on flat water, I fear the actual water line will be short (lower speed). I'd consider some lower brands if the price is right and they don't make stupid design choices (i.e. glued fins).

Seat option: I outgrew my SE 370 kayak. So I either would have to buy a separate kayak, or make do with the iSUP. I don't even know what IK i would like at thsi point, but it sure woudl cost $800+. i rahter put that $ in a better iSUP now or later. So I really want to give the seat on iSUP a try. And inflatable kayak isn't a great kayak to begin with. So a good iSUP should be as good as an IK. On long tours I sure will like the change between both modes. I totally realize on an SUP forum this is being frowned on and maybe I will agree after I actually try it  :)

I'm looking for a decent beginner touring iSUP in the 12'6"x30" size class. I'm in Madison, WI area and have kayaked the local lakes and rivers. Some boat wakes, but no large waves. I'm 175# and 5'11". So far I only had 1 hour rental SUP experience and have a few months Inflatable Kayak (IK) experience.

Before I decide to spend the big-$ on the perfect iSUP, i need to get soem experience to judge what width, length etc. really is needed after i get some more skill. I also want to start out with a seat to use the iSUP in kayak mode (I know, a beginner idea). I only want a reputable iSUP (no amazon brands etc.) that will last at least a few years. but one that doesn't cost too much since it may for only 1-2 years. I do day-tours and go to places. I don't take any significant luggage with me. Tracking and speed is somewhat important, hence the touring type that hopefully keeps this beginner alive. Cross-wind has been a problem with my inflatable kayak, and I hope an iSUP being lower will help.

I already own a good triple-action 2-cylinder pumps. I know at some point I need to buy a good paddle. Water here sometimes becomes shallow. So I may want to play with fin sizes.

Tell me if my choices are bad and I will regret them or if you have better ideas:
1. A return model (full 3 year warranty) Sea Eagle Longboard 126 for $500 that comes with a seat (worth $50) and Al paddles (worth nothing) and cheap pump
2. A return model (full 3 year warranty)  Sea Eagle Needlenose 126 for $650  with somewhat heavy fiberglass shaft paddle (worth not a lot) and cheap pump
3. A new Starbaord (2 year warranty) Zen SC 12'6x30" for $830 with a cheap pump.

Disadvantage of the Sea Eagle is they are heavy (30#) and don't use US-finbox. The starboard weighs a bit over 20# and has US-fin. Are there other advantages or disadvantages between the two brands? I know Starboard seems to be a stronger brand, whatever that means. I did look in other brands, but they either don't have a US-fin box either, or are quite more expensive than the Sea Eagles.

So for boats that I may only have 1-2 years, which others would be good? I like to focus on good brands with 2+ years warranty, and US-finbox unless it is a smoking deal.

If I wanted to splurge, there is a Starbaord Zen with Dual-Chamber for $1,130 that is 14'x32". My fear with that is, it may be too large. That money would be for an iSUP to keep for long.

I'm in the "paralysis by analysis" trap and for each of the options I think "if I add just $150 I get so much more iSUP". So do I go with the cheapest knowing I change anyway, the middle knowing it will be faster and track better, or more expensive? We have winter coming, so trying out some options isn't an option.  But I want to buy soon so I don't end up with supply line line issues next year.

SUP General / Re: Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:48:58 PM »
Thanks. That looks like a fast boat. Warranty says 2 years through Tahe (I assume that Tahe that also makes the beginner SUPs). But I fear before I look at the sub-30" boats I better get some experience before making a large commitment.

Thanks for all the advice. I think I'm staying away from the Monterey and focus on more touring oriented boards since I may enjoy them for longer, even if I get wet in the first few attempts. The Monterey is a great package for the mission (exploration with lots of luggage, I assume), but not really what I try to do. BTW, for some reason I assumed it includes the full-carbon paddle. It actually is the hybrid Carbon-fiberglass paddle they sell for $95. Still a good deal, though.

The touring iSUP may not be ideal for taking my kid. But when I take her we swim anyway, so falling off is less of an issue. I also can keep my SE 370 kayak for next summer to paddle with her. Or for just playing around i could buy a separate Amazon iSUP, or rent. But taking her out of the equation gives me a more mission-driven iSUP for the long haul.

So I'm looking for something in the 12'6"x30 or similar to start out. I also would consider the above Starbaord 14'x32", unless this is too large boat for me. Is there a " too large"?

Alternatively I could get a cheaper single-chamber iSUP for next year and gain some experience before looking into the 14' long or the sub-30". I found Starbaord Zen SC 12'6"x30" for $800 or a Sea Eagle Needlenose 126 for $650 (with fiber paddle). Main disadvantage of the SE is, it weighs 30# and has glued fins and slide fin vs. the 20 pounds for the Starboard that has US-fin box.
I also found a Sea Eagle Longboard 12'6" for $500 with Al-paddle and seat (I obviously would need to replace that paddle).

Edit: probably best I start a separate thread for a touring iSUP

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