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Gear Talk / Re: SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 28, 2022, 11:50:23 AM »
I tried out the board and it is really nice. It has magnetic clips to hold those plastic pieces that you change for the different settings. i was afraid it would just be a friction fit and could wear out. So that is a positive surprise. the surface you stand on is very high friction, almost like sand paper.

I just started with the widest stance and am still shaky. but this can be a really nice tool when using my standing desk etc.

So I'm happy about it and wouldn't have built something that nice DIY. 

Gear Talk / Re: SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 15, 2022, 03:59:37 PM »
I actually ordered this board and will report back how it works It will be my X-mas present, so that will take a while to test.

We have winter here. But even in summer, I only get out maybe once a week. And I prefer not to fall too often since we have discussing plants and algae. And I envision I can use it when I work on my standing desk, or when I watch TV or so. Basically practice while doing something else. i started my iSUP career this year and 70% of the time I still use it as a kayak with a seat. So I'm still in the process to stand most the time and hope this board will help.

I have some cross skate things (that I try to sell) and I don't like those tiny wheeled things that can make me fall. I'm more a bicycle person when it comes to wheeled transportation. to me anything that is less stable than a bike, isn't good. I'm really clumsy and would hurt myself if I did any of the skateboard or roller skate activities. I haven't done any of these activities in my almost 50 years. And I don't want to start activities now that could hurt me. I already have tennis elbow these days, and weak wrists. And any injury will take away from recreational activities. So any more risky things are off the table for me.  Falling off an iSUP into the water is fine, falling on asphalt is not :-)

Gear Talk / Re: SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 12, 2022, 06:50:26 AM »
Some more thoughts: I think a balancing board with a separate roller would be better than the ones I linked above (the board basically having the rocking thing attached). With the separate roller, the board could slide side-ways, like a SUP. If the board and the rocker are one, this won't happen and will be easier than a SUP on the water.  Am I right with this thinking?

This board seems to have multiple options to attach the stops for different difficulties (look at the second picture for options). it also looks to have a ball to put into the center for 360 wobbling.

Gear Talk / Re: SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 11, 2022, 08:40:28 AM »
i found soem cheaper balancing boards. Like this one for $25 They also have 360 versions

Some questions (also if I decide to DIY):
- Should the balancing board be as wide as my SUP? My iSUP are 30" and 34" and i likely will never get narrower. The above boards are 17" wide. On the one hand I think narrower is more difficult, on the other hand I might have to practice with what i actually use for SUP?
- would a 360 (wobbling sideways and forth/back) be useful or better than just a regular side-way type? An iSUP mainly moves sideways. But the ability to balance forth/back also could be good generally. i have some ideas how

Gear Talk / Re: SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 10, 2022, 08:07:11 AM »
Thanks for the replies. Yes, I considered building something like that with a round wood pole or similar. But sturdy PVC pipe should be rounder (wood never is perfect). but i also though I would have it laying around in a room that is like a rec-living room and didn't want it to look like I made it myself :-)

Does that Bosu ball also help for SUP, or more like surfing? I'm sorry, I don't surf, so I don't know if that is very similar stability methods required.

Gear Talk / SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 09, 2022, 12:03:37 PM »
I saw this review of an indoor SUP trainer.  it is in German, but you will get the idea. they are relatively pricy and seem to be available in Germany or Europe only.

Does anyone have something similar in the US? Does anyone have experience with that?

I'm an iSUP noob, so some balancing and muscle training over winter wouldn't be a bad idea. Google showed me some more or less complex machines. But i think the above simple board mechanism is better for actually training the the required muscles and balance.

Update: I actually returned the 28"Mahattan and got the 30"Mahnattan PLUS.

Nixy was very very easy to work with and I just paid the $100 price difference. They took care of shipping etc. I'm definitely a customer for life now.

The Plus (30"wide) works so much better! I went out on a calm lake (under 10 km/h wind speed, no motor boats) and paddled upright for over 3km. Standing up most of the time and didn't fall in! I still have some shaky legs sometimes, but that is just me. I have no way of telling if it is slower, but it definitely is more my style!

I almost exchanged the 28" for another Monterey, but I'm glad I got the Manhattan PLUS to switch it up. for now i use the Monterey for longer tours where i mainly sit and kayak. On longer tours I need the dual-chamber more, and encounter wakes and currents. For just being close to where is tart and goofing around, I take the Manhattan and will not put my kayak seat on.  i learned sitting and paddling with the iSUP paddle actually isn't so bad. So I can wean myself off the seat and kayak paddle.

So this turned out fine (thanks to Nixy's great service). My advice to any non-pro is to get the PLUS version.

And yes, my 30"Manhattan still is skinnier than 99% of the iSUPs I encounter. I really think 28"is really stretching it unless you are really experienced.

I'm getting close to 50 and maybe have 1-2 days a week to paddle during the summer.

I practiced standing on a calm swimming beach. I only fell in 5 times, but practiced some beginner turns. Couldn't do the step-back turn without swimming. I think for now this iSUP will do more kayak duty on rivers with current (where I don't stand anyway). It's really fast and tracks very well. Going upstream is so much easier since any added speed above the water speed is noticeable.

I'll use my other 32" iSUP for more standing practice before I do that on the Manhattan again. Or if we just do an iSUP/swimming day, the Manhattan should be perfect when you want to swim.

I just saw they now have a 30"Plus version of the Manhattan  That must be all new since I didn't see that. That would have been better for me. Oh my....

I bought the Manhattan. It was just too good of a deal with the triple-action pump and the carbon paddle for $600. It took only 2 days to deliver.

I took it out today. but it was a bit choppier than expected and I only sat on a kayak seat and used kayak paddles :-) it was a bit less stable initially, but got better once moving. It kind of feels as expected based on my experience with the 32" Monterey.

Where the water was calmer, the water was full of disgusting plants. And since I counted on falling in when standing, I'll do that in the future near a nicer beach or so.

Speed (when kayaking) was maybe 1-2 kmh faster than my Monterey. I tested tracking without any fin, and when kayaking it actually still tracks relatively well (better than many inflatable kayaks). So this is a really nice board and I look forward to explore standing  8)

Accessories are the same as for my old Monterey, excellent. The triple action pump takes under 5 minutes to 15 psi (but my arms hurt!!). The carbon paddle also is great (for me as non-pro). I actually also bought their electric pump. That takes 10 minutes. But my arms didn't hurt and I can apply sunblock and do other stuff to get ready while it pumps.

Gear Talk / US finbox fin for iSUP - 7"or shorter
« on: August 03, 2022, 05:39:15 PM »
My iSUP has thsi 9"center fin note the thumbscrew that is captive (doesn't get lost)

I want a shorter fin for shallow rivers. All the ones I found have a different type of screw and a sort of threaded square washer. Look at this example. I'm not able to install such fin with that square washer, only without.

Is this some sort of different US fin box system? Some reviews mentioned it would be for hard SUP (not iSUP). Some videos make it look like that square thing should slide inside the finbox. But that doesn't work in mine.

Is there a shorter (like under 7") reasonable fin that is like the one I have?

I started iSUP last year with a Nixy Monterey G4  that is 11'6"x 32". I know how I behave on it. I'm 175# and 5'11, BTW. I only go on lakes and slow rivers and when wind is under 15 km/h. I'm in Wisconsin (NOT great lakes)

Now I have to buy a second iSUP for family use and think I use the Nixy Montery for family use and buy myself the "next" iSUP. Want something narrower/faster. But I'm still a bit shaky.

2 caught my eye and I wonder if going from 32" to 28" width is just too much?
- Option 1: Nixy Manhattan at 12'6"x28"  I like it being light weight, great accessories and at $600 a screaming deal. but all reviews i read start by saying that novices over 150# will fall off...
- Option 2: SIC Bullet air 14'x 28" It lacks on the accessories, cost $1,000 shipped, BUT it has the dual chamber (like my Monterey). I'm a safety freak, so a dual-chamber would be nice (even if i never heard of anyone loosing air...)

Should I look for a little wider board, like a 30"? I don't really want to keep buying iSUP. My plan is to have this new one, and the Monterey through the end of their useful lives (10 years?)

Considering the Manhattan is reviewed as not very stable for beginners, would the Bullet be much more stable at almost same width? I don't have the option to test or rent a 28"iSUP to see how I like it. So I'm buying strictly from my experience with he Monterey.

SUP Safety / Re: 3 SUP paddlers dies in Wales
« on: November 01, 2021, 08:04:02 AM »
I was under the impression it happened on a river and the river was fast due to rain.

If it was a t the mouth of the river, of course the ocean tide could have added.

SUP Safety / 3 SUP paddlers dies in Wales
« on: October 31, 2021, 09:19:18 AM »
Just saw this on BBC

Maybe it is my lack of reading comprehension... but the article doesn't seem sot state what actually happened beyond being caught in heavy rain.

SUP General / Re: Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 28, 2021, 09:07:38 AM »
Thanks. The decision got easier when I decided my family may end up having 2 iSUP in total. In 1-2 years this Monterey will be for family duty and the new iSUP will be a "motorbike" iSUP for my then advanced skills when I go out alone. Probably in the 28"-30" class

That way I didn't need to find a single iSUP that is good for beginner, advanced, touring and 2-person duty.

SUP General / Re: Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 27, 2021, 12:54:30 PM »
I received my Monterey G4 and set it up in my living room (Winter is coming). I don't have a comparison to other iSUP. But someone else looking at this may want to know:

- I set it up with the Nixy Comfort Kayak seat. It is a bit elevated and seems comfy.
- I strapped the SUP- and my kayak-paddle to the D-rings. I used some velcro straps with carabiner hooks. From the seat I can mount and dismount the paddles.
- I ordered a D-ring I can thread into the one camera mount in the rear since the D-ring itself is too close to the edge and would keep my kayak paddle in the water.
- I can reach my drybag strapped to the front bungees easily. For the time being I will try to use the drybag as a foot-rest. But I will consider a better footrest solution (once I know how much I paddle kayaking vs. standing).
- The pump is great and a bit better than my triple-action 2-cylinder pump. Among other things the hose is attached to the non-moving part, which is better than having it attached to the up/down moving handle on my old pump
- The manual is very brief and doesn't talk about the inflation sequence for the 2 chambers. I contacted support and they told me to inflate the outer chamber first while the inner valve is open, then inflate the inner chamber
- The bag is good, but it doesn't fit the pump or paddle. So for someone who actually carries the iSUP a long distance, or travels, they may need a larger bag. Not a problem for me, I don't even need a bag since I can park close to the water.
- The leash seems to be good and solid
- The paddle seems good. I can feel the weight of the paddle end, though. So I see why one would like a full-carbon paddle :-) But I'm sure it is fine for me now and way lighter than all other OEM paddles.
- Mine was an open box (for $65 off). But it was packaged like new and there was no trace of prior use.
- Overall quality seems fine. The Pad doesn't line up with the D-rings 100% and there is some overlap. I saw that in a different review also and you only notice it if you pay attention. Not a big deal and this is me being nit-picking.
- The center fin is 9" US-box. The side fins are proprietary. My recommendation would be to make them all US-box. I plan to use the single 9" center fin in deeper water, and the two 5" side fins in shallow water.
- There is a paddle strap on the port side to attach the paddle while carrying. I don't know how well that works, but I'm more concerned that strap will be in the water and ruin hydro-dynamics to some small degree.
- It has tons of attachment options and sure would be a good youtube/fishing/touring iSUP.

Overall I'm happy with it and would buy it again. Support also stated they do sell the plain iSUP without accessories, but stated it isn't really worth to do. I agree, especially when you buy an open box... even when I buy my next iSUP from them, I'm sure I can sell the then unneeded accessories for some good $. So for my next iSUP I really would consider Nixy again if they have a type of iSUP I need.

I can't wait for spring!

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