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Hi PonoBill, Iím on blood thinners and got the same advice, wear a helmet as a head bump can be serious. Only wore one intermittently when winging before but mandatory now.

Great info B-Walnut. My go to board is a 5í3x22 and 74lts, but unlike you we donít get proper waves but bay swell. I too am winging for chasing swell and using the smallest hand wing possible, I want the wing to feel gone when on the swell.

I have been riding a 900sqcm HA wing but recently picked up the new Naish HA1440, no I would never have thought I would ride a big wing again but was chasing extra glide and pump that the 900 just didnít provide. Iíve have tried other larger wings but I was always over foiled, struggled to keep them in the water at speed. Not so with these new generation wings, they are very thin at the tips and turn easily, pump is brilliant and I can now link swells on long down wing runs.

Iím now using one size hand wing smaller than on the 900, my 5 mtr gets me going in 10knots and I quickly drop to my 3mtr as the wind builds. The 1440 is very low drag and a few pumps in the light wind the wing lifts the board and you then pump the board onto the plane. Tacks are super simple as the wing just keeps gliding through the turn.

So foilers riding small front wings, have a try at the new larger area thin foil wings that are being offered, no longer are they just for the beginners.

This one is by our local board manufacture, Carbonco. Mitch the owner of the business is really progressive with his shapes, has been building longer narrower boards for 2 seasons now. This one has no carbon in it, Innegra and S glass, I wanted a tough light board rather than a brittle one.

Carbonless CarbonCo? :)

Do you know the layup?
I have used innegra on a dockstart and on a surfoil board and i like it a lot.But never tried it with glass and no carbon.
Does the board feel any less stiff or responsive?.
Itís a layer of ineggra with a layer of 6oz over the top with some extra reinforcement around the track area, no pvc sandwich.
Itís light, only just 5kgs with pad. Itís had 18 months of regular use, yes there are dents in the deck where I stand but no cracks. The only damage was when I hit a turtle at high speed, the shell dinged a lower rail and the catapult ripped the leash plug out when my dyneema leash reached its full extension.
It feels nice to ride, has a softness to it. Iíve never really enjoyed riding carbon boards, no give, almost harsh. I guess thatís why pro surfers donít ride carbon boards, they feel dead.

This one is by our local board manufacture, Carbonco. Mitch the owner of the business is really progressive with his shapes, has been building longer narrower boards for 2 seasons now. This one has no carbon in it, Innegra and S glass, I wanted a tough light board rather than a brittle one.

Iím 58, 80kgs and ride a 5í3x22Ē as my daily drive for swell riding. When my shaper built it for me I was a bit hesitant due to the narrow width, but Iím glad I took his advice, no issues at all.

Narrowing the board didnít make it harder to get up on, the attached foil gives plenty of stability. And that loss of volume in width is added to the length so the board gets up in light wind and is easy to pump onto the foil. Almost like riding a small downwind board.

I think you would be just fine on the 83lts board, itís 10lts more than mine but your only 5kgs heavier.

I guess the argument for paying the price of these new materials is that a wing may last a few seasons.
Yes, it may last longer so you could almost argue itís worth it. But, imagine using a wing that is 3 seasons old today, means your using a V1 Wasp, or maybe a Slingshot with an inflatable trailing edge (what were they thinking?), but one thing is for sure it has soft handles.
Who know where the designs will be in 3 years, I doubt anyone with that kind of disposable coin will be willing to ride an old design.

Something like that would be of limited appeal as it would make the mast base longer and limit the mast position in the tracks. People already have difficulty with some brands compatibility, and this would just make things harder.

Also, we all strive for the lightest weight possible, adding a plate to save a few seconds setup would be a backwards step.

Just cut some foam strips and place them in the bottle of the tracks. Fit the plates to the tracks, the foam will hold the plates in position.
So now the plates will always be where you left them, not quite as quick as slots but you wonít loose them and the plates are held upwards in the tracks so easy to fit the screws.

19Knots is when I get the SLS 3mtr out, they donít pump very well, they do pump but different to a bigger wing. Being so small so really need to be powered but once your up are brilliant.

The SLS doesnít get back winded like the older Slicks, I mainly use mine to get back upwind for swell riding so always use a harness. At 80kgs it is my middle size wing, I drop to a 2.5 once the wind hits 22 knots or a 4 mtr in the lighter stuff.

Once on a swell these small wings almost disappear, they are so small and light you can really concentrate on the swell lines rather than handling the wing.

I've been using my 4'6 37 liter prone with the foil drive and 1300, best no wind almost no swell activity. Also great to start in flat water to practice pump technique.
Exactly the same set up Iím using. The PNG1300 makes flat sessions fun, and a great workout. And being able to cruise sub 70% power makes for a really long pump session, got 50minutes yesterday out of a battery.

Great review, got to agree about the valve-pump connection issue, leaks heaps when you try to get higher pressures in these wings. It seems the silicone seal is too soft and the higher pressures just deform it which allows the leaks, frustrating.
I have V1ís and V2ís, Iíve never experienced the stink bug water start issue you talk about. Iíll get a demo of the V3 before I upgrade any of my V1ís.

I understand that thoughts are the rocker isnít suitable, I was hoping someone who had actually ridden one might have an actual review.

My biggest wing is a 5mtr and I use it on a 900sqcm foil wing. The foil drive is perfect for this setup in light winds, the foil is slippery enough to build speed and apparent wind in the lightest conditions, larger wings with higher drag slow once the prop leaves the water and you slow down and come off the foil. The Foildrive gets you onto the foil, the apparent wind takes over after that, no chance of pumping onto the foil in 7 knots of wind.

Apple tree boards arenít available here either.

Thanks DJ, yes it has a bit of volume in the tail to support the battery and about 10lts more than the current board I’m using to wing with Foildrive. I’ve found the hardest part is balancing on the sub my body weight board in the ultra light wind, just need a few more litres.

Neither the downwind Kalama or the Axis boards are currently available in Australia

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / 2022 Naish Bullet
« on: April 12, 2023, 02:56:04 AM »
Iím looking for a light wind board that is also suitable for fitting a Foildrive so needs to be about 5-10 lts above my 78kg weight. Thought the Bullet might fit the requirements at 5í1x25 and 85 lts.

Has anyone had any experience with this board? Canít find any reviews at all.

Nice one DJ, I would like to do similar but my pod is constantly moving up and down the mast depending on use. Hard to have an intergrated mast and moveable pod.

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