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B-Walnut, loved reading this.. I'm exactly the same as you. All about waves, no freestyle and I try to spend the least on hand wings and use money for foils.  I have a 1 board quiver 4'10 22" 60L for my 78kgs for the ocean . I only wing in 12 knots or over. I own a 5m and a 4m, 900 and 1100cm3,  8.4ar foils. Applying your logic I could probably have a 5'3 80L 21" board and use a 3m and a 4m wing and a 700 and 900 foil. Which does sound very tempting....

*A side note - width definitely makes a bigger difference when on foil than I first though. I prone surf using foil drive and a 4'6 35L board. I tried a 19" wide 4'2 and I completely over foiled. On turns I put way too much pressure and it felt twitchy. I'm sure I could be comfortable after a few sessions but for now I'm happy with a slightly wider board.

Thanks for the feedback. Still undecided..

On another note, Cabrinha were great in sorting out a warranty claim on a wing. Really Freindly support and good Comms as I had to deal with them direct and not through the retailer. The shipping took a while but that was logistics and not their fault. Fair play Cabrinha!!!

Prone Foiling, Surf foiling, Pump Foiling / What Size foils do people use?
« on: February 21, 2023, 04:11:42 AM »
I'm starting to learn Prone Foiling moving from Winging. Loving it and can't believe even in tiny conditions how much fun it is.  I learnt sup surf foil but didn't like the big board!

I'm 78kg using a Foil Drive on a 50L 4'10 board on a 70cm mast.

At the moment I'm learning in very small waves. I will progress to larger waves but on average they will only be 1ft to 4ft beach breaks.

Currently using a Mid Aspect 100cm 1750cm3 foil.

Wondered what average Prone foilers are using or have progressed onto?

*With winging I moved away from HA foils as they were too wide in turns and I liked the Medium High Aspect foils with a smaller wingspan
which feel way more fun/slashy on a wave.

Anyone used either of the new Cabrinha Wings? I have had V1 and V2 Mantis Wings and really like them. I think mainly I use them as they were one of the first to offer hard handles and I have stuck with them ever since. It's a wing (V2) that is super easy, really well behaved, great in surf and has a decent low end. Only negative is I'm fairly short and find occasionally I catch the wingtip on the 5m when pumping. Wondered if it's worth the upgrade to V3 or Vision?. No chance of demo for me.. A few people made a negative comment on a video about the lack of Z in the strut design??.

There is a Mantis Apex which is silly money as are a few competitors wings. I'm not spending that money on hand wings, I'd rather spend it on foils.

Any thoughts?

I agree with Solent Foiler that short and stubby is not always the way forward.  If you want to 100% Freestyle or perhaps a heavier rider.

Im 78kg and have had my 75L Naish Ultra for 150+ sessions after using my old  85L for around 100 sessions. I use my boards hard and leave it in my van in no bag. Never clean it and rest it on the rails on tarmac , gravel etc.. Neither board has ever had my issues and my 75L (orange one) is near perfect. Bullet proof and light. The compact Naish doesn't interest me but the Bullet if offered in different sizes could have , although that nose shape puts me off.

I think the Naish Ultra is perfect in every way except for the tail shape to help take offs on smaller and/or Ha foils. Having tried over 10 different boards no other production board comes close to the Ultra for the feeling when on the wave. The relatively thin width and the pinched nose makes it feel really surfy. I'm sure there's better boards for jumping but for me 100% waves/bumps strapless it's a gem!!!!

New tail please Robbie..

*I love the new Gong Lethal shape 2023 but I've always found their boards to be brittle. Gong foils are great and very robust.

Anyone use this wing? It has a super compact wingspan which seems like it would be good to pump for short arses like me. Gong has shed some weight for their 2023 range. I struggle to pump 6m wings.. I tried the 6m and wasn't impressed mainly due to its handles. The only big wing I've ever like was V2 slinging 6.4m (used when I was a beginner/intermediate) which had a small wingspan and was super grunty to get up in light wind.

From reading people's thoughts above I'm more interested in using small HA foils (having just started using HA foils) than I am am small sinker or semi sinker boards. My wind is often on/off, gusty and often 12 to 18 knots. I also don't iump. With this in mind I'm going to change my board (Naish 75L for my 80kg) for a board that will aid early release. Do you think a bit more volume will also help? I'm comfortable in any wind with -5. I could get -10 (70L) or = (80L).

Some of the newer shapes definitely work better than but I wouldn't hang it on any single feature.

Three new shapes I've just tested all worked really well with HA foils:

- SlingShot Wing Craft V2 4'9 x 25.5 x 80L
- Fanatic Sky Style TE 4'11 x 23.5 x 75
- F-one Rocket wing V3 5' x 23 x 60L / 5'3 x 25 x 75

The Slingshot was the most stable and had faster acceleration but was
harder to get the perfect trim.

The fanatic had fast acceleration and was more sensitive to mast
position but very easy to get comfortable and find the right trim.

The F-one was smoother moving through the water, had gradual acceleration
fairly easy take-off and easy trim but a lot less sensitive to mast position.

This is hardly a comprehensive review and I'm just an average foiler but I
think the fact I was able to quickly get comfortable and ride those boards
and foils I've never tried before speak for it self in regard to these shapes.

for reference I'm 87kg currently. Hope that helps

I've always though short stubby boards = slow planing. Longer slender = faster planing.

Looking at the 3 boards you tested all of which I'm considering this doesn't seem to be the case? I'm after a 70/75 L one board quiver which has really early planing with ha foils. Yesterday I got caught on the inside in the impact zone and could have done with a quicker board as the wind was marginal. My current board which I love is Naish Hover 75L 5' 24". I just don't think it planes particularly early although as I can't test boards it may just be me!! Any thoughts anyone..

Thanks for the response and yes it helps. I prefer narrow boards (the fone and fanatic) and feel perhaps this may also aid speed to get up. I love the look of the Kalama E3s which I know are downwind specific but a similar design for winging in waves would be cool.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Board shape with HA foils
« on: September 10, 2022, 06:19:28 AM »
I've been winging for the past 2 years. I'm strapless mainly in waves/open ocean. Not interested in jumping just surf and downwinding. I'm around 80kg and use Naish Hover 75L. I have been using a mid ar gong foil for the last 8 months and can get going on most conditions. Changed to a 9 ar 1250 and love the glide and speed. However it clearly needs a slightly different take off routine which I'm sure I will dial in relatively quickly.

My question is the newer board shapes with the cut off tail.  supposedly aid take offs with ha foils - do they work? Is it easier?

My Hover is the orange one which has been superb but it's definitely not current on terms of board design

Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 07, 2022, 02:03:11 PM »
Thanks for your input California. The board does feel like a beast compared to my wing board. The smallest board (non foil) I sup surfed was a 7'4 hypernut.  I was just airing on the side of caution but maybe wished I'd gone smaller.  I'll try my smaller foil next time..

Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:30:26 PM »
Thanks EastCoastFoiler. That makes sense .

What about size of mast, it was pretty shallow. My normal winging mast is 85 and I had a 70 today. Felt I should have had shorter. To people use 45, 50, 55 regularly?

Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:04:16 PM »
Yeah , I should have said's a mid aspect 2100cm3 wing I learnt to wing with and use very occasionally when the wind is very light. I just felt I had way to much lift and everything felt cumbersome. My normal setup for wing 1350cm3 is 5'  75L and today was 6'9 120L and it felt big. When foiling I was moving my feet and weight forward to keep the board down and didn't breach once. I struggled with when taking off going straight turning to trim the face I ended up doing a 180 turn facing out to sea ...and gliding for a few seconds.. ha. Mostly it just felt big. I'll try my normal wing next time . Just interested what size people use in small waves at my weight

Foil SUP / A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 01:59:41 PM »
I'm competent winging, last 2 years.

I've purchased a 6'9 sup foil board and had my first session today. No problem paddling catching waves and getting airborn. Some epic wipeouts and I had great fun. It was small about 1 to 2 foot.

Q1 Does anyone ride a really short mast in beach breaks. I had 70cm. I only intend surfing small beachies

Q2 I choose a far to big front wing. What do people use at my weight. 78 kgs , small waves.

It was good to feel humbled today, I love learning..

Jondrums - that's interesting as I'm also lost when switching from normal to twisted. I always think of doing this as I approach a wave on my wrong side -goofy side. Other thing I agree with, exactly the same is cranking upwind at silly angles when not in twisted stance. I've never seen people in twisted stance get near the angles I get. Btw that's not down to my talent (lack of!) but the stance.
Locally I seem to be the only person moving my feet all over my board and switching my feet all the time. 90% are strapped and in twisted stance. They mainly come from kite backgrounds.

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