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Foil SUP / Re: Vancouver CA Foil Crew
« on: May 07, 2022, 08:48:00 AM »
sounds good, pm me or email juandesooka at gmail dot com for more details.

assuming he needs foil gear, the kite forums in bc are best place to start for lower mainland -- there are two, kiteboardbc and wtfbc. As well as FB groups.  Bigwavedave is best for south van island.

I recommend always that new foilers try to learn behind a boat...every session in the wake equals 20 in the waves. Especially for prone, as there is so much going on at once, isolate the variables. A competent shortboard surf who masters it behind the boat i reckon can be riding in the surf on first session. For him, the kite schools in squamish will be his best bet.   I have an acquaintance in squamish who is foil surfer with a jetski...maybe some sweet talking, never know

Foil SUP / Re: Vancouver CA Foil Crew
« on: May 06, 2022, 09:03:05 PM »
surf foil? sup foil? wing foil?

wing can be done in vancouver. Surf/sup requires either ferry to vancouver island or drive to washington coast

pm me for more info if you like

Answer: it depends.   ;D

If you are in a windy location already, and that is your best and only option to get out there and make the most of it, then for sure it's fun!  The resource is there, not too much an investment to add a wing to enjoy it. Giv'r!

The it depends part is that you'll only be scratching the surface of possibilities, so assuming the wind bug grabs you, expect a series of reinvestments over next 1-3 years until you have the full rig. 

SUP is harder to stay upwind. You'll learn to lean into the rail or maybe invest in a strap on daggerboard.  Or find an old windsurfer with a retractable dagger, betcha your neighbours all have one in the shed rafters.

SUP will be harder to make work in lighter winds, as the efficiency of the foil is what makes it come alive. As you become a wind chaser, you'll find it is not as windy as you thought in strength or frequency.  The dreaded wind is 8kt (10-12mph) where it's not realistically windy enough to play in but too windy for fun paddling etc. 

Wings: plenty of less-expensive used gen1 and gen2 options out there now.  There were a few early duds but pretty much all name brands now have decent quality workable gear.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: PPffffttt!
« on: March 24, 2022, 10:18:09 AM »
dang! and binderdundat....personal rule never to tie wing to board any more....which I forget and break my own rule and then sometimes get to re experience the suffering  >:(

that's so sweet it's painful  8) :o :P

VB: I have been impressed too by how the wing handles gusts....I've pushed the top end a little, particularly with 6m on days where light wind became medium, and some pleasant surprises about upper end.  With my ozone 6m, if above 20kt, I worried about it dislocating my shoulder (which is both a compliment and complaint....grunty wing!).  With the OR 6m, I can still hold it down into lower 20s. 

And now, allow me a moment of nerding out, here's a little tribute video I put together of our local crew having some fun with the aluula's in some varied conditions.  :-)

Regarding the reluctance of the OR wing to change tack, I found steering the wing more actively by either placing a hand briefly on the leading edge and giving it a little push over to the new tack (toeside-heelside) worked well or by actively pushing the backhand away while steering up wind in a heel side tack really helps. The "floppy/narrow" setting on the soft handles accentuates the vague input and reactivity too much IMHO. Set up wider and with more tension the handling gets better. I haven't tried the carbon handles on the OR but to me it seems like they'd be ideal and would make such a big difference in handling.

I got motivated to try my first tacks last knocked off at the turn, so these are good tips thanks.  I got to demo the carbon handles one session, and the extra wing control is remarkable, I am pretty sure the difference will be huge for tacks.  I am not sure I want the carbon handles, due to hand fatigue, but aspects of them would be pretty great.

Foil SUP / Re: El Cheapo Foil Drive
« on: March 01, 2022, 09:55:19 PM »
edit...crappy scale indeed...the box with batteries and controls is 6lbs, so add in the motor and we're probably up to 9-10lbs total

Bill: sounds like polycarbonate is best bet.  I know others doing this that haven't had the same fail rate...mine were half my fault unfortunately (like forgetting to bolt my gofoil mast plate, so SO kooky).  I am going to experiment with injecting in some epoxy filler, too, see if that may strengthen it a little.

Foil SUP / Re: El Cheapo Foil Drive
« on: March 01, 2022, 03:49:45 PM »
Sounds really good!
How much will it weigh?

according to crappy bathroom scale....3-4lbs.  I've tested it out maybe 6 times now.  Unfortunately, 3 of 6 I broke 3d printed pieces, partially due to my kooking out, and partially bad luck (eg I think I may have hit some wood in the water once). 

Only once used in waves: you can definitely catch waves that are otherwise unrideable. But: if there's no power in the wave, you better be a good pumper, not much energy to work with. You need to get up high on foil quick, as the motor drag will cause you come off foil.

Flat water: it has great potential for pump practice for those unable to dock start and no tow partner.  My pump monkey buddy could get up with motor and do sustained 40-60 second pumps.  My max was maybe 10-15 seconds, I'm working on it. 

Boost fin: they said 2000 have arrived in USA, I wonder if I will finally get mine, 2+ years later.  I suspect it won't work for foiling, but my wife might enjoy it on her longboard, luxury surfing.  ;D

Foil SUP / Re: Foildrive motor
« on: February 10, 2022, 02:02:42 PM »
I didn't bring any of my eFoil stuff from Hood River so the powered fin thingy was my weak attempt at Foildriving (I think I'm going to call it a foil boost for lack of a better term). So that didn't work so now I'm all in on making one here in Maui.

The foil drive motor is an N6374 Sensorless waterproof motor. they are about 120 bucks plus freight. I went for a somewhat more powerful, more expensive 65121 Motor since my plan now is to build a lightweight board that can do both boosting and efoiling, depending on where I stick the motor. I'll be 3d printing the parts, prototyping them on the cheap little printer I have here in my shop, and making the finished product in polycarbonate with the Prusa printer that I'm anxiously waiting for arrival. There's no way I could print polycarb with my weenie little toy, even with a lot of hacking.

I scored a rejected hollow foilboard from Mark Raaphorst. He doesn't make these anymore but he had this one in the shop. It has a few places where the stringers popped loose internally, but I was going to cut a big hole in it anyway, so it was fine for me.

I set a hatch into it, now I'm waiting for all the other bits. Getting a decent battery pack could be a hassle. A lot of the usual sources don't have anything. I've got lots of LiFePO4 cells at my shop in hood river, along with nice BMS' and a spot welder, but not here. That block of EPS on the deck is to reinforce the front edge of the hatch opening. I've wrapped it in carbon and stuffed it inside. It made the front edge as firm as the already reinforced sides and rear edge.

It's a little small for me, about 103 liters and 29" wide. In my experience efoils can be a bit smaller than conventional foil boards since you can get up to a standing position while the board is moving along briskly. We'll see.

Rad. Stoked to see the mad inventions you'll come up with.  We are still progressing on the DIY foildrives.  My buddy is on his windfoil board, only 5' and 100L, he can just barely stand on it unpowered. But as you say, the forward momentum steadies you, you can even start on your knees and do a quick popup once slowly motoring.  So your board is probably optimal, or may even end up bigger than you want. 

Are you going to work out cooling for your ESC for efoil mode? The new FD has the ESC mounted to have the bottom outside the compartment, so the heat dissipates.  It doesn't appear to use water cooling.   

Coming from NH, it's really weird to think that someone would actually yell at someone for surfing at a beach. Believe me, it gets very crowded here at times, but no one ever yells angry words at someone for simply being on the water. In fact, it's extremely rare to ever hear an angry word from anyone. You would have to do something really stupid or malicious to make someone pissed off. We're all out there to have fun. If you're not happy, go home.

I can see how foiling at a crowded beach might cause problems though. Foiling is just starting to catch on here. Seeing one is still a rarity.


Seaside OR is infamous for having 70s style surf localism persist into the new millenium.  Article on it ... watch the "get choked out" video for the next level.  :-[

Needless to say, the Point's out of the question. But even in The Cove, you can get told off even if you've done nothing wrong, even if no one else is out.  It's kinda like that.  I agree with Red, easy no-hassle options nearby, do that instead.  With winging being so versatile, you may end up just going out right in front at Cannon Beach. 

And yeah, more I think of it, Ft Stevens could be pretty rad if you luck into decent conditions. I haven't been there since transitioning to winging....opens a lot of possibilities compared to kiting.

If you go there, go early. There will only be a few diehards there and the good surfers don't care so much about your choice of equipment. It's the fakers that get sideways and channel their inner dickhead.

Haha, that's totally true! I didn't mention ShortSands, as that's a favorite for surfing, especially to get away from wind, but it's not very foil friendly.  Last time down to Oregon we went there late morning (without foils) so the gals could get a surf in ... so funny to be getting stinkeye from the "heavy locals" on their midsize boards, when the is beach over-run with tourists and beginners. 

Seaside cove you stand a good chance of getting yelled at any time of day, whether you've done anything wrong or not.  But as long as you stay away from the surfers, I've found it works out ok ... better if not there are peak times or when really good surf.

Foil SUP / Re: Foildrive motor
« on: February 08, 2022, 02:09:07 PM »
Does anyone know specifically what motor the Foil Drive system uses?  I guess I'm looking for the equivalent Chinese part number. ;D  Also, wanting to know the diameter of the folding prop.  I found a nice cad model of a folding prop recently and want to attempt to machine one.  That will be a big time investment so want to get close to the correct size before I start.  Thanks!

Hdip's thread has the info you need for DIY.  Sent you an email with some more info.
Most people are 3d printing the folding props, which seems strong enough (though in the 2 prototypes my buddy made, he's had no issues and I've busted 3 prop blades).  The Lift folding prop is metal, a work of art, and $$$.

NWkite is an active forum for PNW water fun chasers...may get more replies there. 

Love the Oregon coast, but more a summer thing for us.  I was there once in winter and had a super fun kite downwinder at Fort Stevens, on a south-east. Normally it's a NW thing, from the shipwreck to Sunset Beach, but on SE it was opposite. You can drive on the beach there, so if you have others with you, they can follow along.   Though for wing it would be fairly intense to get past the white water if there's significant swell.

In summer, Manzanita is best bet for dependable wind, seems to get a daily thermal that doesn't hit north of there. But dunno in winter. Pretty significant beach break, again may be tough with a wing.  We had good sup foiling there, big drops and long walls...but also super poundings.

Thinking about that area again but with wing in mind ... Fort Stevens right in lee of the jetty may be your best bet.  Would be easiest water entry right near jetty, and you could get outside to rollers with limited chop.

Best surf foiling for me was at seaside cove.  Keep lots of distance from grumpy surfers, expect a talking to or be told to leave...sup alone is bad enough, combine with foil and you have a bullseye on you.  ::)

I have mixed feelings, I see both pros/cons.  My wing riding has been 99% soft handles, I tried buddy's duotone once and was pretty impressed how the boom made a positive connection, felt good for micro adjustments, gybes really easy.  It didn't convince me to switch, but I can see the appeal.

I was lucky to get in on the same demo session as Van_foiler. My first impression with the carbon handles was they were harder to hold -- I have been having issues lately with grip fatigue with cold hands, so even the OR soft handles can be a problem (vs the bagged out ozone straps I was used to).  But then in use, the carbon handles gave me the same positive connection feel as I had previously with a boom.  With the super stiff aluula strut, the entire assembly felt very solid.  Honestly, it was kind of WOW, in how tightly it came together.  Most noticeable for me was hand switches and in flying off the front handle where you luff but not quite switch to the front handle for full luffed swell riding.  You can fly the wing quite easily with one hand, 90% depowered.

When they are available, I will likely pursue them.  Though I also still plan on trying out my webbing backup strap idea, to ease hand fatigue on the cold days.

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