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Foil SUP / Re: Foilmount shims
« on: January 23, 2021, 05:09:19 AM »
Are the 3 shims identical?

And could I just order the shims and use longer standard bolts, 30 or 35 mm instead of 25 mm?

I like things as streamlined as possible (asap)
The 3 shims are the same. The hat wizard bolts and base are what makes this such a good design, no to the regular bolts.   I bought mine a while back and the only came with the shorter bolts. Bill got his with both kinds so I assume they come that way now. You should be good.

I just saw the other size bolts listed here.

Foil SUP / Re: Foilmount shims
« on: January 22, 2021, 07:05:02 AM »
Where do you get these shims and hardware? 

Ponobill, do you know how much lighter the carbon mast is?

The longer bolts don't show on the site.  I'm not sure how they sell the new longer bolts, but id put that in the notes if you want them.

Foil SUP / Re: Foilmount shims
« on: January 21, 2021, 08:10:46 PM »
Yeah I really like the foilmount hardware. Originally they were designed to use with their stick on plate so sometimes the bolts were a little short for foil ready tracked boards. Now they just came out with some longer bolts sizes. Makes it easier for catching the back bolts with the nuts. And you can have threads showing even 3 shims stacked. It's really convenient.

Hey FoilingPR, I haven't ridden waves in PR since the early 80s. The rides at Gas Chambers are still etched in my brain. Just thinking about all the un-ridden areas between Jobos and Surfers would now be rideable with foils is enough to make my bucket list. Hopefully I can get good enough with the wingding to put that trip in motion. Looking forward to hearing more about your PR experiences

Looks like all my excuses for not trying the 9m superpower are gone with this new version. Pulled the trigger yesterday and the 9s and 7.5s were sold out shortly after that.

A "Low wind" and a "Easy-fun" wing are the only 2 flavors i'll need, but  nice to see options.

Thanks, saved me $500 (resale hit).

I've been burned three times at various resale penalties and reluctant to try more 7m wings.

Next on my "I hope some other sucker tests this wing" list is Takoon 7m, I hear they are light but look ridiculously wide...

I've been very happy with the Takoon wings. Where I live I use the 7m most of all. Definitely easier to use than  my Gong, kind of similar to the fone I had but the extra handles. I couldn't tell you if it's better, but I like the Takoon handles more and have no regrets switching over. Really it doesn't feel any wider than the f one when using it and IIRC they were close to the same width just angled differently.  Touching the wing tips doesn't seem like a a problem like with the Gong. don't really think you can go wrong with them.

Foil SUP / Re: Building a Gong foil wing quiver - Help me out here
« on: November 20, 2020, 08:14:02 PM »
Yes, this is a good looking wing shape! Gary Efferding (Hi-Per Tech) once told me "Don't confuse the water"

So I just tried to ship a box of lebkuchen (from Germany) to my sister in PA. Went on the Deutsche post website and it worked out to 15.60 Euro. Was a little over 2KG so we had to eat some before boxing it up ;D
Went to the post to send it and the guy says that'll be 55.60 Euro. But... but... but I says... but nothing he says, your president caused this. Nothing but priority shipping allowed to the US. So apparently something Trump did has caused standard shipping to disappear to the US and that's likely why Gong shipping charges have suddenly increased as well.

I wouldn't trust your Info about the cause of shipping price thing. I notice that now UPS even has hefty temporary surcharge on state side shipping for this Christmas period. 

I have yet to understand the Gong shipping. A little while back I got a quote of 200 Euros to ship 1 tail from Gong. Crazy right?  At the same time I got a shipment from Takoon of 3 wingdings for 130 euros (Huge box).  Fast forward, last weak I got a shipment of 3 Curve T wings and 2 tails from Gong for 110 Euros :-\ . I guess I should just be glad for the random reasonable shipping. I didn't get any tracking info this time but it got here fast enough.

The XL-T, XL and the L-T seems like it covers my needs with the Wingding. The XL-T is going to be my go to for normal light wind days we get here really like it.

Model Ts are up and the LT looks fantastic!
where? I don't see it, do you have a link?

I only saw it in video and wing foil group on Facebook. We need a damn French logistics person (I may take this on, actually) thereís got to be a better way to get this stuff. What part of the country you guys in? We might need a Gong Buyers Club.

I sent you a PM on combined purchase possibility.

One other thing, Gong just announced a Pro/Curve T model which is higher aspect than the original Curve. Itís supposed to be the lift of one size up with the speed of the smaller size. So now you have 4 styles and maybe 15 total options of wings from Gong before you even swap a tail. They and Axis seem to now have the most designs, but who knows if thatís a good thing. A lot of people ride one wing, right?

Can you point me to more information on the new Curve T foil? I donít see it on Gongís website. This sounds very interesting.

One of the primary reasons Iím considering moving away from Gong is the difficulty of getting replacement components and the ridiculous shipping charges. I was quoted over $250 USD for shipping alone on the Veloce wing, which is nearly the cost of the product.

They say it will be on their site Monday this week.
 Shipping so high now buying one thing hardly makes any sense . I'll be ordering 3 things to ship together to ease to blow.

Yes, Iíd agree these two wings look very similar in pics. The Gong appears lower volume by a little, might have a higher stall speed but be a hair faster. The curve xl is almost undoubtedly a little heavier but will likely survive contact with hard objects better, my curves have survived admirably. Iíd plunk down the extra bucks for anything that would have better performance (Or my definition there of) than my Axis kit but it doesnít exist. Love the quality and finish of Armieís stuff but I wonít go backwards in glide perf.

If I may go off on a tangent... As to masts, sure the Gong masts are always going to be waitlisted. My 70cm is due to ship 11/3 (pre-ordered at least a month ago). I have the 100 already which is way too long for surf.

Thereís still time to cancel it and Iím wondering if I should. Is 70cm useful in the surf with the wingspans I require at my weight, minimum 94cm +/-? How about downwinding? Just concerned itís too short for any use and Iíd be better off moding an alu fuse with an Axis mast at 75-80cm. Apparently Beryl has used the 70 with 2XL Veloce and had a fine time of it but thatís on a narrow prone foil board (mines 28Ē). Would appreciate opinions.

Not sure if I read it on the Gong forum or facebook, but there has been a couple of reports about the Gong carbon fiber mast/fuse have some issue at the wing connection point. Something was coming loose I couldn't really understand how exactly. They may have already resolved the issue, But since you mentioned you might cancel your order anyway it might be another factor to look into.  I'll see if can find a link

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: October 17, 2020, 09:25:26 AM »
Kyle, Since you worked at Boeing you might be familiar with a material they used for cabin floor panels. It was 25 years ago since I've handled one but they were aluminum honey comb core, with what I think was fiberglass on ether side. They were very stiff and lightweight. I know it was expensive but I have wondered if the core of mast could use that material to achieve a ultra lightweight and stiff mast. Maybe worth looking at, or whatever they are using for floor panels nowadays, who knows.

It might have been McDonald Douglas aircraft now that I'm thinking about it

If the fuselage shape makes no difference, then why are plane bodies curved instead of square? 

Teeing that one up for the hydrodynamic, aeronautic, fluid mechanica' engineer types.

 ;) ;D 8)
There are a few reasons to have a round fuselage on a plane that don't have anything to do with aero/hydrodynamics. Cost and strength are 2 big ones that come to mind right off the bat. I'm not saying that aero/hydrodynamics aren't another factor, just not the only factor. There are planes with flat sides and bottoms.

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