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Yes I've been down that logical path. I just won't /can't ACCEPT it! 🤣Anyone have a mill (or A 3D PRINTER? there are plastics/nylon strong enough for
 4 holes 8mm connection threads?).. and some alu plate wanna make 150 bucks the Easy way?

PM please.

Thanx boyz these are all GREAT ideas... BUT none of them allow me to LEAVE my tnuts and connector bolts PERMANENTLY connected with just the necessity to loosen, slide mast base into place, and tighten to RIDE.

My current AXIS mast base is perfect... And that's actually what I was dreaming of SANS the slot that the mast actually sits in.

Just a flat aluminum plate with threaded 8mm holes (like the axis) that I could bolt the NEW CARBON "hole-only" mast base to... Which would have 8mm SLOTS in it just like the AXIS.

obviously it will have to be approx 2 cm LONGER than the carbon base of the new carbon mast base (which is a standard 20 cm long) ... But that's irrelevant. Can't believe this doesn't exist yet anywhere in the market...

This is a simple question but I haven't decided what words work best to explain what I'm looking for.

I've been using foils whose mastbase has 8mm SLOTS... so I cash leave the Tnuts in my board and just loosen them enough to slide the mast base on tighten and go.

Have just purchased a foil from a brand who's carbon mastbase ONLY has 8mm HOLES and I'm sure they would frown upon me cutting slots into the base. (ie VOID of warranty etc)

So I really DON'T want to use any of the "quick mount" systems out there... Just want a simple alu plate that I can bolt this carbon mast to... The plate being about a cm  "longer" than the carbon mast base.. And the plate would have 8MM SLOTS so I can continue to mount my foil with EASE. I REALIZE this will effectively lengthen my mast a bit and add weight but it's worth it for the convenience.

Otherwise I'll be on the beach trying NOT to lose my bolts as I'm trying to line up the Tnuts with sand blowing in my eyes every day...really a step BACKWARDS in gear efficiency even though the new foil is a step forward in quality.

I realize I could try going to a local machine shop but the cost to mill out just ONE custom base like this will be crazy high.. There's GOTTA Be someone who's had the same need and some company who already builds this... Right??

Any suggestions HIGHLY appreciated!!

Classifieds / Looking for used Axis ART 999 in the states..
« on: April 14, 2023, 09:28:51 AM »
Anyone stateside looking to sell a used 999? I'll even buy one all scratched up for the right price. Mine died but dunt have the cash now for brand new replacemen

Anyone stateside looking to sell a used 999? I'll even buy one all scratched up for the right price. Mine died but dunt have the cash now for brand new replacement.

NOW you received the PM correct??
This message board is pretty wonky sometimes

Classifieds / Takuma RS 5.1 RED carbon handles 20 uses A+ 850usd
« on: April 11, 2023, 10:39:16 AM »
This has only been flown about 20 sessions. One  pinhole in the canopy with tiny piece of repair tape covering it. Never jumped. Very crispy. Fire engine  RED.

Ya I got one. Race sanded in mint condition.....


Anyone stateside looking to sell a used 999? I'll even buy one all scratched up for the right price. Mine died but dunt have the cash now for brand new replacement.

Very interesting comment DNSKI...

I'VE also been really keen to get my hands on a MODE but not sure a 5.5 could replace my light and crispy GLIDE 6mt if and when it ever dies... Friends in puerto rico Love the MODE but they are always blessed with solid wind and waves so every day is blissful for them no matter what! Lol

Yeah.. It's great to be on the cutting edge of material development IF YOU'RE SPONSORED but paying 2 grand for a glorified pool toy and HOPING the new fibers are going to hold up is really an expensive trip to the casino when you're just a working stiff.
OH well.. I guess retirement will be forever out of reach.

Anybody have a look /try of Kaupers boomed 5mt I 6mt wing called Tyron?

I really love my glide 6mt all the way up to 20 knots.. But im not sure how much Longer the aluula material is going to hold up.. The yellow is flaking off a over the place and no idea how that "de lamination" will effect the longevity... So I'm just beginning to look at light-ish options for my big wing before it becomes an "emergency" purchase! Jeje..

Omg.. No.. Somehow I didn't see this second reply. From you with the pics and the links.. Thanx so much that's PERFECT!

And as far as cutting down a 90 cm alu mast? Are the holes threaded the ENTIRE length of the extruded 90 cms?

Greetings and salutations fellow Junkies. Just wish to CONFIRM that the alu mast holes are threaded FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH so that if I cut 20cm off the end I'll just need to chase the threads a bit with a tap and good to go? I realize I'll have to try to fill the air space or re-use the factory installed "plug" from the chopped end.

Secondly, I've read several times the process of "potting" last year's carbon mast head but just wondering if anyone took any pics or has a step by step guide of the best way to do it?

Someone mentioned that could use tefgel, modelers clay and 2part marine epoxy.. Are beads really necessary also?

Damn Beasho... Here I was all stoked that someone was answering my questions so fast and it was just YOU hijacking my thread with your aluminum cans! Lol🤣

I shimmed the mast base side with one little layer of aluminum tape and it's held tight for many months. The doodad side is always nice and snug.

Now... Getting back to the question at hand.. 🤣🤣😜
Do we have the same exact carbon "head" that connects to the fuse on the red and black 860 carbon masts as we do on the NEWEST power carbon 820? Would anyone be so kind as to attend to that query please?

Good winds!

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