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Very interesting comment DNSKI...

I'VE also been really keen to get my hands on a MODE but not sure a 5.5 could replace my light and crispy GLIDE 6mt if and when it ever dies... Friends in puerto rico Love the MODE but they are always blessed with solid wind and waves so every day is blissful for them no matter what! Lol

Yeah.. It's great to be on the cutting edge of material development IF YOU'RE SPONSORED but paying 2 grand for a glorified pool toy and HOPING the new fibers are going to hold up is really an expensive trip to the casino when you're just a working stiff.
OH well.. I guess retirement will be forever out of reach.

Anybody have a look /try of Kaupers boomed 5mt I 6mt wing called Tyron?

I really love my glide 6mt all the way up to 20 knots.. But im not sure how much Longer the aluula material is going to hold up.. The yellow is flaking off a over the place and no idea how that "de lamination" will effect the longevity... So I'm just beginning to look at light-ish options for my big wing before it becomes an "emergency" purchase! Jeje..

Omg.. No.. Somehow I didn't see this second reply. From you with the pics and the links.. Thanx so much that's PERFECT!

And as far as cutting down a 90 cm alu mast? Are the holes threaded the ENTIRE length of the extruded 90 cms?

Greetings and salutations fellow Junkies. Just wish to CONFIRM that the alu mast holes are threaded FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH so that if I cut 20cm off the end I'll just need to chase the threads a bit with a tap and good to go? I realize I'll have to try to fill the air space or re-use the factory installed "plug" from the chopped end.

Secondly, I've read several times the process of "potting" last year's carbon mast head but just wondering if anyone took any pics or has a step by step guide of the best way to do it?

Someone mentioned that could use tefgel, modelers clay and 2part marine epoxy.. Are beads really necessary also?

Damn Beasho... Here I was all stoked that someone was answering my questions so fast and it was just YOU hijacking my thread with your aluminum cans! Lol🤣

I shimmed the mast base side with one little layer of aluminum tape and it's held tight for many months. The doodad side is always nice and snug.

Now... Getting back to the question at hand.. 🤣🤣😜
Do we have the same exact carbon "head" that connects to the fuse on the red and black 860 carbon masts as we do on the NEWEST power carbon 820? Would anyone be so kind as to attend to that query please?

Good winds!

Sorry to bring up this "old" topic but.. After 2 years of beating up my 19mm alu mast I'm looking at the carbon options.

We have the "newest" POWER carbon mast in 820cm BOTH in high modulus and "normal" carbon...

And the 860 cm carbon (red and black) carbon masts are... Somehow different besides being 40cm longer?
These are the older models?
Are THESE the ones that had too much play at the connection to the fuse?
I suck at epoxy work (and weigh over 90kilos and ride the 999 alot) so not really keen on buying something new that's wobbly from the outset.

Thanx a million for anyone who can clear this up for me!

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: wing harness
« on: July 23, 2022, 09:18:50 PM »
It's pricey but I'm really happy with the new dakine fly wing.. Great support.. Doesn't take on any water.. Put my trusty reel leash on the back.. Nice!

Three of the most evolved Tuvan throatsingers in the world today... Throwing down jamboree style! I LOVE IT! THANX for sharing Bill!

Almost 3 years of winging and never punctured a wing but I did do this to a new board recently by being stupid AND hitting a fish. Can anyone tell by the pic how my stupidity came in to play?

Holy sheizer! How could you even get up and foiling with the drag from the leash around the mast? And was there any innegra or carbon mat around the tail of that board or just glass?? Wow! That's some serious damage and YES how big (and slow) was the damn fish?

Shit Bill! Now I have to look up what Tuvan throatsinging is all about! Don't have time for this... Arrgghhh ;D

Sorry for your loss Jon.  :'(
I JUST posted bout how I fell into my lovely new GLIDE on the 6th session trying a stupid tack in the wake/waves of a fast moving ocean ferry.. And was able to barely foil the rest of the DW buying my nails that the 1mt long tear down the middle wasn't going to continue and maybe even damage the alula LE... it makes you realize just how incredible it is that we don't wreck our gear even more often than we do.

If I knew what they were gonna cost.. I might be interested ;D

It looks like SlingShot figured out a better execution for that concept without messing-up volume distribution in their upcoming Wing Raider

Yes THIS is seemed amazing at first read! Leave your Tnuts attached to the Foil and just SLIDE it on!
Then I thought about it a little more.. Tried to imagine myself lining up first the front then back nuts as I'm carefully Balancing my precious delicate foil in a windy parking lot... Hmmm...

With the Axis "open hole" mast plate... It's really the same but easier.. Leaving the screws always in the board with their little rubber "keepers" and just sliding the bolts into their slots and tightening... Maybe there is another benefit to these "open ended boxes" on the sshot board that I haven't figured out yet??

Nobody has any idea what the suggested retail of the boom or carbon Handles will be once they are finally on the market?

I've got about 30-40 full sessions on the Aseries 6mt now... Coming from the first edition 6m Swing and then many months on the Flysurf Mojo 6.2...have to say I love the valves, the reduced strut AND LE diameter, the snappy rigidity of this wing.

Back in the 90s was an avid windsurfer so was really keen to use a more rigid setup. On my 8th long downwind I had it pumped up super tight and was happily riding overpowered but not suffering at all. Then I spotted a ferry going at about the perfect angle to be able to surf its wake and got a bit carried away... Attempted a tack on its wave and ended up falling directly on the canopy with my 90 kilos.. Ripped it right down the middle about 1 meter long tear.
Was about 14 km from our planned destination and thought for SURE I was going to have to beg a party catamaran for a rescue.. But was suprised tu be able to gently pump the wing (and vigorously pump the board) up onto plane and actually carefully ride all the way to the end of the run... RIPSTOP can be pretty amazing stuff sometimes! I have no idea if that would have been possible with a less rigid canopy!

Of course, I had fallen a few times similarly on my older dacron wings and NEVER ripped them so the rigidity is kinda a double edge sword in that context.

Luckily our Kite Doctor did a bang up job sewing her up and I've been going hard ever since (although I DO pump it up a bit less most days than I used too.. Now that I realize that it doesn't HAVE to be rock Hard to have great performance .

I've kinda grown to love the CREAKINESS of the wing when really powered.. No flappy flappy.. More like the sounds of the latest America's Cup AC75s when they power up!

I like the idea of the carbon handles and LEAVING them on when I pack it up.. BUT... the ability to drop into a big swell face and be able to ride semi powered with just one hand in the middle of the BOOM has me thinking of going that route instead.. Even though it means more assembly each day and dragging another piece along on every adventure.

Would be incredible if we could pick this accessory up for less than 150 bucks! (dreaming)

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