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Liv2surf, I pulled out the crosswing and mantis this morning and you are correct with all that you said regarding the changes to the mantis handles. I never had any issues with the crossingwing handles and did not notice the changes on the mantis while using it. I tried it again in lower wing with the slingshot infinity 99 and was able to take off and fly in in much light winds than I could with the 5 crosswing. I didn't take any wind readings so cannot say how much wind I needed to go but there were very few whitecaps and I definitely would not have got started on the 5 metre. I really like the 6.2 mantis more each time I use it.

Funny I did not notice any difference in the handles. I did not compare them directly but I thought they were the same on the mantis and crosswing. I like them.

I just received my 6.2 Mantis today and I was able to test it out. I immediately felt comfortable with it. It hovers easily off the front handle in light wind. I also have a Crosswing X2 5 metre and the 6.2 was much more powerful for getting up on the foil. I found it pumped up onto the foil really well. I used the two of them back to back and I found the Mantis felt light and balanced in my hands and comfortable going upwind. I like my Crosswing except when very powered and then it is more tiring. I was riding flat water in a gusty location and I was able to fly through lulls that I would normally have fallen off the foil. I really like the new wing and look forward to trying it out in better conditions. I thought I was getting the one without windows but this one had them. Normally I would rather not have them but they were nice and large and provided a great view without lifting the wing. They felt light and quite flexible. I am now glad they are there because of the size of the wing. Another great thing is the leash cuff on this one is the best one that I have now. I threw out the ones that came with my 3 and 5 Crosswings as they were to small. This one fits me perfectly and is easy to put on.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Whistle repair
« on: June 02, 2020, 05:43:02 AM »
I do not have axis foils but I've done the same thing to my foils numerous times. Rather than sand it I use automotive spot putty then lightly wet sand it spray painted and it's turned out perfect every time. I would suggest doing that rather than sanding down the foil. I'm assuming the scratches aren't too deep.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Whistle repair
« on: June 02, 2020, 05:41:10 AM »
I do not have axis foils but I've done the same thing to my foils numerous times. Rather than sand it I use automotive spot putty then lightly wet sand it spray painted and it's turned out perfect every time. I would suggest doing that rather than sanding down the foil. I'm assuming the scratches aren't too deep.

Ninja Tuna, I do not  think that the handles are what makes the Slingwing handle the way it does. It is a little bit higher aspect and the whole structure is firmer. Of course it is smaller that the 5 metre wasp as well. If I had to guess it is the combination of those two things that makes it so stable at the high end of it's wind range. The wasp has much more low end and I again am guessing that is part of why the high is a bit sacrificed. Although those are all guesses as I know little about wing design. I do not have a problem with the slingwing handle placement. That might be because I do not mind having one of my arms bent while flying. I rarely have them both straight. I am just more comfortable that way.

Ponobill, I agree with you in that I prefer to hold the wing higher rather than upright like a windsurf sail. I have tried both a lot and prefer the higher position with a bit more lean in lighter winds. I probably lose some upwind but still have no problem with going upwind when I need to.

VB_foil and DW thanks for the replies. It sounds like I will be OK with a 3 metre with the shorter wing span as long as I do not try to ride it at the top of it's wind range. Now just have to decide which one.

In the winds that I am talking about the wasp will hang on the leading edge handle and just float with little pull no problem. Where I was having an issue was where I still wanted to be sheeted in with just a bit of power. In the higher winds I could still use it if I sheeted in enough that it did not backwind (the wind pushing down on the top of the wing and then surging up again over an over). The problem was then that it was providing more power than I wanted, not that I could not control it but rather that it was making my arms tire out to quickly. If I then reduce the amount of pressure on my arms then the wing started to flap up and down again as it back winds. I tried using the Mary Poppins approach but that did not work and if I tried holding the wing vertical it would work if I headed hard upwind. With less upwind angle then I got to much power again. With the Slingwing I could use a modified Mary Poppins approach and it sat there nicely and I could adjust the amount of pull to be comfortable with no flapping. It may be that I am just not strong enough to handle the power that that you can.

I have a 4.2 Slingwing and a 5 Wasp. I like them both and I am going to get a 3 meter. Yesterday I went out on the wasp and the wind was about 15 knots on the low end. Shortly after that it picked up and the gusts were going a few knots above 20. I know the suggested wind range on the 5 wasp is ideally up to 20 and then more expert riders beyond that. What I found was that I did not want to be sheeted in but rather sheeted out to cruise at a controlled pace (that was also easier on the arms) on the large Infinity 99 foil. When I was slightly sheeted out in the large gusts the wing would back wind and be harder to control.  I went in and changed to the Slingwing and the wind picked up more and was gusting over 25 knots. With it I could sheet out and the wing remained easy to control and I could play on the swells and S turn all while comfortable, no backwinding. My question is to those that have tried smaller sizes like 4 and 3 that do not have the inflated trailing edges, is it normal behaviour for the wing to backwind when lightly sheeted in when used at the top end of the wings wind range? By the way this is not a criticism of the wasp, I really like it from about 12 to 20 knots but rather since I will be using the new wing in strong gusty winds wanted to know what others had experienced. I realize that I could just get a 3 metre Slingwing but plan on also using it with a mountain board and like the shorter wing span of ones like the wasp so it will easier not to drag a wing tip on  the ground.

I have a Takuma BX 7' 10" foil SUP that I use with Slingshot foils.For wing foiling I primarily use the Infinity 99. Prior to using the 99 I used the 84. Both work fine for me but for wing foiling I prefer the 99. I use the larger stabilizer and longer fuselage as I prefer the extra stability. I also windfoil with the same wings and both work well, for the lightest winds I prefer the 99.

I have a 7'10" by 138 litre board and weigh 174 pounds. I like it. I keep reading that I will need a smaller board. In my case I think that is unlikely. I think it depends on your expectations and the conditions you use it in. I do not want to struggle and do not care about high performance. I frequently go out in gusty conditions where I am off the foil quite a bit. The larger board makes these conditions still easy and I still go upwind off the foil. Once a gust comes through I am back up on the foil and having fun. I am not a high performance guy and just enjoy cruising on the foil. The large board can also be taken for a paddle in no wind and I can put a sail on it and windfoil. I am sure I would get more performance out of a smaller board but i would give up the ease of use and multi discipline usage. So for now quite happy with the larger board.

Admin, I have 51 litre Slingshot Skywalker foilboard that use for light wind kiting. I installed an NSI glue on pad that lets you attach a foam foothook. I did this because it allows me to keep the board attached to my feet sideways while starting. Once up, I am strapless and not using the hook. I wonder if you did this, you could have the board attached to your feet sideways while flying the wing and then slowly tip the board down until you are standing on it submerged. The front hook should keep the board from wandering out from under you. I have not tried it with the wing yet. I was planning to after I saw this post but it is to cold here now. Just a thought I had not sure if it would work winging but worked great starting the large board kiting.

I have a Neil Pryde older semi dry 5/4 that I use when it is cold. I wear a Jet Pilot impact vest over that that really keeps my core warm. For gloves I just use a pair of loose neoprene gloves. That is the one area I could do better but have not yet found anything I like better. I believe they were sold as fishing gloves for cold weather. My fingers do not get cold until I have to grip with more force like when the squall blew through. I also wear a hood with long neck with fleece lining and wind proof outer. For downwind paddling I am good down to the mid 30's as I do not have to grip the paddle very tightly. Water is in the high 40's right now.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Wing surfing in the cold
« on: November 04, 2019, 08:54:24 AM »
I had an interesting session yesterday. It was 41F or 5C and marginal to start with for my setup. I would not kite or windsurf in that temperature as my hands would get cold quickly windfoiling and I spend to much time in the water kiting foiling. I spent almost no time in the water and my hands did not get cold for about an hour (wearing gloves). I suspect I could have gone longer but a squall blew in and and with it snow and high winds. Windfoiling in the squall would have been difficult and kite foiling I would have had to drop the kite to safety. With the wing I just sheeted out and pointed just off the wind a bit and continued to foil in complete control. Had a really fun session in what should have been awful conditions. I would not want to go out in any colder, not because I could not but rather it is not much fun colder than that. The wing has allowed me numerous sessions that I would have not enjoyed with other equipment.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Gong 5M Wing Review
« on: October 28, 2019, 07:17:06 PM »
Rastaman, I enjoyed the pictures as I use the same board and have never seen what it looks like foiling. I have no problem pumping the board while on the foil, allow though am sure it would be more responsive with a smaller one. I do like how easy it is to stand on while not up on the foil especially with the colder water this time of year.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Duotone battens
« on: October 28, 2019, 10:06:02 AM »
I have not seen a Duotone Wing baton in person. But I'm wondering if you bought a cheap used windsurfing sail and removed a batten from it if that would work. There is usually lots of cheap used windsurfing sails available.

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