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Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Foil Pump simulator
« on: September 19, 2020, 07:42:26 PM »
Merely a pup.

So you know man, I use you and Pono as touchstones when people ask how I got into foiling. I say it looked fun and then these two older guys on Maui showed me that I wasnít too old. Forever grateful that you guys lead the way.

Foil SUP / Re: E foil
« on: September 19, 2020, 07:36:47 PM »
Slatch, 100% it was classic. 20 mph wind had me pinned to the bow of a 60í cruiser while the maintenance guys watched.

Hdip, that account is fire. Everything they post kills me.

I never really report the good however (itís never as funny.) When I crashed after my first run on foil one of the ladies on the dock clapped and cheered. Learning surfing is mellower since every foiler still remembers the early days.

Yo! Iíll be in Carlsbad for a week in like 7 days. We gotta go to San O!

Foil SUP / Re: E foil
« on: September 19, 2020, 07:45:52 AM »
Hahahahahaa. Comment of the year and the truest thing on the Zone.

The first week of wing foiling being blown into peopleís boats was the latest blow to my ego. Theyíd just look at me with such pity it was hilarious.

Thanks for the belly laugh.

Oh, so thatís what youíre all so stoked about...

Flew for real yesterday. Probably 45 seconds to a minute. Long enough to see that the wing is super stable once up, the speed is amazing, you can totally play with the altitude in a controlled way.

Not only is this a great feeling on its own, but itís going to give me what I hoped for, long foil rides so I can dial the foil better for surfing.

For tracking, 6 sessions and solid 15 mph wind is what it took me to get to a decent heelside (goofy) run. Working on switch stance as well but have yet to foil switch.

Thx guys, especially admin and bigmtn. Getting that foil all the way forward helped a ton. Iíve moved it back a bit but it would have taken forever to fly if you hadnít told me to overcompensate. Oh, and getting foil position right in the box feels amazing. Itís almost like you can do no wrong.

No, no, keep it coming. This thread is for non wind folks so kite knowledge is appreciated.

That also tracks, the angle I mean, as the tip I got was to power up with pumps and when thereís a gust go a little higher to lighten the load on board.

As a beginner too Iím taking safety over full power as that tip drag is an instant fall. So Iíll play with this when I go out in a bit. Iíll have good 10-15mph today. Hoping I know enough now to pop up on foil earlier.

Foil SUP / Re: E foil
« on: September 18, 2020, 12:46:13 PM »
Check the YouTube videos from Bali. This thing will get you over the hump. For me itíd make a sub-5í prone paddle in possible, if I could live down the ribbing.

This tracks with my experience as well. I only use it on my way to the back one if I miss it.

Foil SUP / Re: Learning to foil SUP - Riding waves
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:06:50 PM »
This is what I thought and yeah, at this wave size jumping off the front (or being thrown) isn't as critical.

What's the trick to getting in earlier? Just more umph behind the paddle? Truth be told, I'm probably being a bit lazy now that I can take off easier.

I'll be home this weekend hope to catch you at one of the local spots maybe Sunday.

Taking one of my employees and her daughter for their first SUP session in Ventura or Oxnard harbor Saturday. Taking me back to my first days on a board!

Foil SUP / Re: Learning to foil SUP - Riding waves
« on: September 17, 2020, 07:02:08 PM »
OK so why do I not live down here in SD? In-laws are strongly hinting that we should move South not North.

First, double sessions take a toll, had to take a day off. Back at it this am and am wondering about mast placement on new wing. Iím running just behind the balance point now and it feels pretty controllable. But wondering about how to handle certain situations.

Right now in the mushiest waves I donít take off. That feels like Iím far enough back. But, when I catch a waist high wave and itís jacking up often I feel like I get to the top of the mast and bail. Should I be putting the front foot down as hard as I can, or am I right to bail and I should be turning down the line to avoid the breaking wave? These are small mushy waves, mind you so itís not crazy to me that I might just power through.

I got some really nice rides this week and am finding that when in doubt, going for it works. I guess I need to ride with some folks and have them watch me to see whatís going on here. But I feel like Iím holding back and being over cautious.

Today when I felt the wave was too steep on take off I just gassed it and made it every time so I know at least that was just a feeling.

Whatís the idea here, press the nose and Iíll outrun it? Or is it too late when you feel this?

Random / Re: "Foiling" Oahu to Kauai
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:39:14 PM »
Thx man. I love adventurous stuff like this. Also so good to see guys who just love the water and all sports and experiences. Most ďsurfĒ pros strike me as miserable. These guys just seem to want to play in the ocean. These are role models, not some guy who can schwak a lip 3 times in waist high mush.


Thx for hopping in. I set these up so weíd create an easy way to track beginner issues and you are right on time.

Adminís comment about wing positions being relative made me think.

Iíll just add what little I know and congratulations on consistently getting on foil. Thatís my next short term goal on the water.

For me, on a swing with no transfer handle, Iíve had to learn to fly the wing a bit more I suspect. But the rear handle is my source of power. I rarely use the forward handle as I can feel the wing power up when I move my hand back. But, yes, control is an issue in the early stages. Keeping the front up and the tip out of the water is a huge challenge and causes most of my falls.

Iíd like to hear more about what I see as the three main positions (please guys add in if weíre missing some.

Low with strut/boom almost level like a wind surfer - I never use this for now.  Seems like only experienced folks do this?

Mid (shoulder high?) with the strut /boom at diagonal-  This is my main position I use.

Slightly overhead angled - this is my full power take off and get on foil position for right now but I can only do it when wind is at 15mph or so.

Overhead depowered with one hand- this would be the gybe position, though I get to this sometimes when the wind leaves and Iíve been in the slight overhead powered position.

For all of these I can do them with the front handle (not leading edge handle) and the second handle, but with less power than front and 3rd (back) handle. This tracks with all Iíve read and seen online.

There are really no videos on this and I get that admin is likely right, that itís so conditional. But it seems like we should start to define and discuss the most common ones so beginners have a path. I use what Iíve read here on the water all the time and try things out.

What do you guys think?

Haha, too long in the industry. When someone says ďmy programĒ I assume the wrote it lol.

Thx, and yes, each reach is so instructional. Iím really glad for my time in waves so I can be present when on foil and think clearly about whatís happening.

Sage advice about toe side and yes, after years of snowboarding, skating, and surfing without switch skills, Iím working on it. This sounds like a good plan.

As to trimming the foil, that 3/4Ē move back got me really in a nice place. But after trying my Curve M in the surf Iím for sure adding a smaller ďbigĒ wing and will use the XL Rise for teaching buddies or sell it off. Eventually Iíll start playing with high aspect Iím sure. (Nice thing about Gong, ~$250_$300 wings.)

Iíve got a few more days here. Daily sessions help for sure. And when Iím home Iím going to work out a shuttle with my wife and get a few miles under my belt.

I wonder if Apple knows how many iWatches offshore sports have sold? lol

A few miles on foil is pretty crazy man. These are the numbers Iím looking for.

Today the wind was fully powered, the foil was back 3/4Ē in the box and it all came together for 2 solid foil runs. Not long but I brought one down on purpose and crashed out of one. Really good feeling.

Iím curious about starting in direct onshore winds. Am I right that thatís pretty hard and you just need to paddle out and get yourself some room to run along shore til you can angle up a bit?

Also, when schlogging I can make it up wind on toeside but not heelside. I figure thereís some trick but Iíve not sorted it. Since I can foil more and more on heelside I guess Iíll just deal lol. Hoping to get decent length runs by end of week. This lunch break wing session schedule is working well as I donít have time to get exhausted.

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