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Training, Diet, and Fitness / Re: shoulder surgery went great
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:13:52 PM »
Right on Glide!
Part 1 behind you, now it's do what you need to do, to get back on the water  :)

Heal well and quickly!

General Discussion / Re: SUP Race surfing at Douro River in Portugal
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:41:01 AM »
Too bad a SUP of that size won't fit in my apartment.

It will now!

You can order any 14' Sunova as a 2-piece!
Fits in your apartment with ease  :)

They are now available... if you are interested, click my email below to ask about, or order!

Nice riding supnorte.... skillz!

Jim... yup, no dogs.
that little bay is at the bottom of very steep set of ancient stairs, more than I will do carrying my SUP  ;D

dingfix, thanks for the thought, it is much appreciated!

RrrrbeeeeGaaaar..... boo boo BoB, perfect  ;D

I swear, if I wasn't always getting lost, I wouldn't have any fun at all.

Went looking to recon some caves to paddle on a calm day
but had to go through a big town to get there.

no GPS, so I faked it and ended up driving down what looked like a pedestrian street, so I put on my Kook Hat Cam and hit record!
I never saw another car... in the city center!
No one even gave me a second thought.
Don't know if I screwed up or not, but it was fun  ;D ;D

I just kept going till I escaped town and found a place to hike to the caves.
Gonna be a great place to paddle on the right wind and tide!

Between, biking Baja, driving on side walks and hiking caves, it has been an action packed day!

ankle report?

your audience wants you in the water!!

Thanks Eastie, feels much better, but not strong enough to surf yet.... and I won't risk annoying it with paddling.
Unfortunately, it looks like surf and weather are going stormy in a few days, for at least the next week.

Having a blast re-habbing though!

My morning surf check ride got boring, so I followed some tracks off road.
Turned into an amazing cliff ride/walk, that was more like being in Baja!
Ended up at a surf spot north of town... thankfully it looked flat  ;)

Then I ate my lunch on a harbor bench. Paddling was tempting   ;D

If my ankle survives re-hab, I should be good to go when the weather clears.

Thanks Portugal !

I hope to check out the area around Lisbon and Ericeira on my way out, which is April 2nd.... sorry to miss you!

The reasons you mention are exactly why I chose this barren and majestic coast as my destination.

Yesterday, I got totally lost while doing recon on some remote breaks.... sooo much fun!
I'm making a video of it now... hopefully post it later today

Here's a screen shot as I go 4-wheeling to the boonies, in my Panda mini  ;D ;D ;D

For the past week the surf has been amazing.... while I sat on the beach with a bum ankle.

It was small yesterday and the line-up was empty, so I did a test session.

The empty beach was perfect to set up the SoloShot3, so here's a short vid of me wobbling about...
yup, not ready yet, but it felt good just to be in the water!

Chilly sunrise surf check by bike every morning: I always wear two pair of socks  ;D

Definitely not trying to "sell" Portugal.... this area is not an easy place to SUP surf, at least for me.

The waves have been amazing every day since I arrived, but powerful and hard breaking.
Most waves suck up pretty hard at the end, so a graceful exit isn't easy to pull off.

At 70, I try to avoid hard hits and prefer pointbreak type of waves when it's overhead.
My goal is to avoid serious injury, so I can continue surfing as long as possible.

Case in point... my ankle took a hit on the big day, so I have been sidelined for days already.
I can walk fine and ride my bike, but any slipping or torque and my ankle folds.

Hard to sit on the cliff and watch, but if I go back out to soon, I'll do worse damage.

I may go out tomorrow and only ride backside, that's not too bad.... but hard frontside turns are painful, as seen in my last video.

Haven't had any opportunity to set up the Soloshot yet.... don't know where I really could leave it, so it's Kook Hat Cam for now, even that is getting ripped off my head on lip slams.

Here's what I had to sit and watch today....

Gear Talk / Re: Longboard Style SUP: Yes, but wich one?
« on: January 12, 2019, 09:28:18 AM »
Hi Timi

at 6'3 and 190, you are not a small guy, so doing well on the 8'7 Flow!

The things you said that stand out to me are:

easy going board
want to learn longboard
get in early on mellow, soft waves

What's missing is age.... which is always a factor in how much challenge to take on.

at your weight in kg times 1.4 = 120 liters is a good middle ground.
Considering your height, and your wish list, you can go higher volume without giving up performance... IMO
Sometimes a float and length are great ways to smooth out your style on a longboard.

I am the Sunova guy, so I have ridden them all, and I generally prefer the SURF.
I have a 10'6 x 30 in the old ECO construction and love the way it rides.

My 10 x 29 STYLE is lighter and narrower, and a better noserider, but I like the overall surfability of the SURF.
I actually think I should be getting a 10' SURF now that I am closer to 200 lbs.

Something to consider:
I can't help but thinking you might like the 9'6 x 31 Steeze.... it fits all the point on your wish list, except "learn to longboard".
Good longboarding does take a certain style, that must be learned.
The Steeze is more of a "Fun shape" that surfs sort of in between shortboard and longboard.

3 vids of me surfing these boards:

I was 235 in all the vids. 5'10 and 69 - 70 years old.
With the same person surfing all of them, it may help show you the differences between the shapes, to see what type fits your eye.

Have fun on your quest.... I love board research!

10'6 x 30 SURF at 160 liters

10' x 29 STYLE at 130 liters

9'6 x 31 STEEZE at 144 liters

Here's all the stats side by side for easy comparison

You are living the life Creek.  The stoked way you just showed up with such a blank canvas, positive vibes and let it just happen!  What a brave and impressive example of how to be.  Simply classic.

The winters over here can put the spots at their limits and saturate the mellower ones. Crazy when the surf problem is too much wave action.

As most of the mornings here are now around the freeze point Im digging your chillin, shorts and sun.

If you come back next winter Ill be coming by for sure. All the luck to ya mate.

Thanks J.... every day I am outside, doing something active and learning stuff.

Ankle still mildly sprained, so no surfing for a few days.
Today, I hiked down what I call "the Valley of Bones" to film some friends surfing some great waves..... it was killing me to sit it out  :-\
I'm making a video up as I post this.

See you next year!

General Discussion / Re: Good start to the New Year
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:51:36 AM »
Brother session.... nice!

Speedy barrels for sure.
Stay warm surf'n hot waves  ;D

What a spectacular country.... totally amazing everywhere I look!
Even the graffiti is surfy  :)

Random / Re: Throwing in the towel
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:29:18 AM »
This trike has "Stoney" written all over it!

Put down the chisel for a bit, and pick up the welder.... nice winter project!

I like the idea of a pre breakfast walk to the beach every day....
great for the head in many ways and who knows, it may help as much as standup did when you first conquered that.

First thing I do everyday is ride my mountain bike to check the surf, then ride down to a southside for a beach walk.
The ride back up from the beach is my aerobic workout and leg burner.

Ripping supnorte, nice waves!
Thats the kind of break I need to find... it looks awesome!
Too bad your so far away.

You need to build a Kook Hat Cam, it would really smooth out the vids... plus super easy to use.

and don't get me wrong... I know there are lots of great SUPsters in Portugal,
I was just saying I haven't seen any around where I am.

I love the water color around here.... like the tropics!

Foil SUP / Re: 150 Foil Sessions - Video
« on: January 10, 2019, 01:22:38 PM »
Epic documentation Clay.... like said above, the filming, editing and equipment documentation is a massive labor of love.... well done!

So... foiling exclusively or do you make an occasional outing on SUP?

I'm thinkin about a short trip over there in the beginning of march - maybe see you there for a session!

Awesome... let me know when you are coming!

Hey.... I finally saw a SUP paddling at a south side beach today!  :)

As supnorte said, this is kind of at the end of the world.... not a "pass though" location.
That is a main reason I chose to come here!

LOTS of surfers from all over the world.... it is basically a surf town, with surf shops outnumbering everything else.

Yesterday I surfed with a bunch of guys from the Netherlands.
They all surf twin fin shortboards and all wore Kook Hats..... I fit right in  :)

My session was short, since I had sprained my ankle getting out of the water on the big day.... and it wasn't ready to surf just yet.
Ice, bike ride, walk beaches and hike is my rehab.... ok, I'll stretch it as well.

Here's a little vid of daily life in a small Portuguese town yesterday.

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