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Have a blast!
Please tell Trent that I say hi!
You are going to be blown away by the boat and the area  :) :)

General Discussion / Re: I need some ideas on restoring my board.
« on: July 16, 2019, 02:55:21 PM »
ha ha... that was covered in:
"apply Gorilla glue all over the hole, sides and corners... according to directions....   ;D

General Discussion / Re: I need some ideas on restoring my board.
« on: July 16, 2019, 09:54:47 AM »
I have no opinion on the Shark Shield Freedom+

There is no real way to know if they work... so there's that.

If you put on one board for full price, you can add additional boards for around $195??
Let's see..... I have 24 boards so that would run me around $5,000 total

The down side is.... just have it on one board
Never use your other boards
Never sell the one you have it mounted on..... that should kill board sales around here  :-\
Hopefully don't feed the fishy's

I have installed 3 Shark Shields for friends, but have no interest in what is very possibly, a very expensive placebo.
I prefer to walk that wire, without the iffy security of a safety net that may, or may not, work.

A local family filmed 19 Great Whites on a day trip around here this weekend
3 beach closings
nothing to worry about.

I went out at dawn this morning in conditions that I call "Shark worthy"
Tiny gutless almost non-waves, in pure glass with good friends..... Perfect!  :)

Ha ha Pono.... that is exactly the question I asked on this forum years ago..... "Does one persons safety (using the Shark Shield) actually increase the risk of those around them?"

General Discussion / Re: I need some ideas on restoring my board.
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:46:38 AM »
Great project!

I used the following pad removal and application process on a 9'4 Creek this weekend.
This project was installing a "Shark Shield" for a friend.

I have filled large voids in folded boards, by removing the crushed foam at the fold, then filling the hole as described below, with the EPS block described below

Clean the deck well....
Scrape off all pad remnants
Put Goo Gone on the adhesive that is left..... leave on for several hours.
Wipe off glue with an old heavy towel.... cuz it is good at collecting the sticky residue. Throw it away.
Clean up area with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Flatten and square off the area of melted foam
Get a long piece of EPS foam from a surf shop that does repairs.
Cut to fit, leaving it higher than the surface of the board
Clean hole
Tape arount the entire hole and surrounding area to keep glue off off it.
apply Gorilla glue all over the hole, sides and corners... according to directions....
Too much will be a mess.... too little will leave voids.
set foam piece into the hole

Set something heavy on the foam block to keep the expanding Gorilla glue from lifting it. Tape the weight around the board to insure it won't lift
Make sure to leave space around the entire hole... so the glue can expand out.

Allow to fully cure
cut away excess glue
sand the foam insert flush with the deck
glass the repair as usual, with slow cure Epoxy resin. Mix resin and catalyst properly!!!

Sand down, smooth to deck.
Tape off area where you will apply the new deck pad (I like the FCS Dimple Pad)
Glass as usual with epoxy resin.
Apply new deck pad

Go Surf your awesome new board  :)

Classifieds / Re: Jimmy Lewis & KeNalu
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:18:07 AM »
Sorry to hear about this Claudia.... heal well, be well, my friend.

Unfortunately, if you sell something you just bought, you will have to take a BIG hit. IMO
I rode a new board 4 or 5 times after paying $1,799 plus tax etc.....Sold it 3 weeks later for $900.... half of what I had just paid.

People are looking for great deals on used.... if too high, they'd rather buy new.
At least that has been my experience selling many quality used boards over the years..... sucks, but you simply lose a LOT, if you bought it new.

"no bites so far":
If you are not getting any interest, the price is simply too high.
Try listing just the board first for a price that will sell quickly.

General Discussion / Re: Surf Lessons
« on: July 09, 2019, 06:40:22 PM »
Cookieman.... you might have to change your name to surferteach!
Nice gig for summer, enjoy the cool water on these hot days  :)

Gear Talk / Re: Another "What board" beginner question
« on: July 09, 2019, 02:44:21 PM »
Scallop, thanks for that info.
I admit that I don't know any more than what I saw when riding these boards.... as most know, I am a Sunova guy.
But I am always interested in all boards and ride whatever I can get my hands on.

It may well have been the 9'8 Cruise that I surfed, because my vid shows it as a single fin only and tie downs.
Whatever it was.... it surfed far better than any of his others I rode... and I'm pretty picky.
I would be leery of the 10' Cruise, if it's anything like my buddy's 10'11.

I followed the link that Scallop posted for the Allrounder at Surftech and noticed that
Surftech CocoFLAX version of the 10' Allrounder is only 29.3" wide...
that's pretty narrow.

The NSP site lists the CocoMAT Allrounder 10 x 32

From my research on the NSP site:
I'd be very comfortable recommending the 10' x 32" Allounder in CocoMAT at 9.7 kg

Manuel and Jorge will probably have lots to show you and probably let you demo right there.... I think it would be worth the trip. Manuel is a wealth of SUP information and a totally awesome guy.

While I was in Parede, the wind was always north, so I never got to surf Caparica, but I did get a nice tour of the breaks with my friend Tiago Silva at Mauka Lodge in Ericiera. The breaks there looked really nice!

Gear Talk / Re: Another "What board" beginner question
« on: July 09, 2019, 06:06:20 AM »
Hi Templar, welcome to the Zone!

You are in luck, there is an awesome group of SUPsters right near you.
Go to visit my friend Manuel at GUSU SUP shop at Praia da Parede  between Lisbon and Cascais.

They carry mostly NSP.
Jorge, the area NSP rep, surfs there every day.

My Buddy Cisco has a base model  NSP 9'8 x 32 Elements and a 10' x 30 Gong NFA140.

Of these two boards I wasn't really that excited to ride the Elements... boy, was I wrong.
I much preferred the 9'8 Elements... it surfs great! Very stable, paddles nicely and surprisingly agile.... I really enjoyed that board!

I looked on the NSP website and was a little bummed to see that it now comes as a 9'2 or a 10'0
But considering that you are 6'4, my best advice for you would be to try the NSP 10' Allrounder.... it should be a perfect board to transition to SUP.
You will appreciate the 32" width.

See Manuel and Jorge .... they will take awesome care of you!
The shop opens mid morning.

When you get to Praia Parede, you can't see the shop.... just walk down the stairs to the beach and the "Wall" community magically appears!  ;D
Please tell them I miss them!

It is very crowded with SUPs on the weekends and after work (see pic #1), but mornings are usually empty.

Here's my video of "the Wall" and interview with Manuel at GUSU (Get Up, Stand Up)

Pic #1
I am riding the 9'8 Elements while filming my buddy Cisco on his Gong NFA

Pic #2
Showing the rounded pintail of the 9'8

Technique / Re: Time to get out and back to line-up
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:49:55 AM »
As Gerry Lopez says.... "No need to surf it all the way to the end"

It is easier to go over the back of a wave that is not about to break, so you can carry some speed into your paddle back out.

When I decide to exit:
I do a small turn down the wave to maximize speed
shift both feet to the inside rail to start the carve
drive a "shallow" turn off the shoulder... on an angle that carries speed off the back
as I go over the back of the wave:
I bring my paddle forward to take a strong stoke as I go over the wave
This shifts my weight forward, to get back into trim
I continue to stroke hard, aiming wide of the next wave.

My first goal is to stay clear of people surfing in.....
Secondary is to get over the next wave before it breaks.

It takes practice, but feels awesome when you get it wired.
I feel that surfing backside on a SUP is more natural, because our heels easily apply weight to the rail of our relatively bigger boards.

Hopefully you can see this collage, if not viewing on a desktop
(hint: click on the picture to enlarge it!)

Sessions / Re: Tofino 7 July 2019
« on: July 08, 2019, 03:22:39 AM »
Another fun one Bob... nice summer swell!

Classifieds / Re: Sunova Skate XL, 8-8
« on: July 05, 2019, 08:17:25 PM »
The 8'8 Skate XL was the first wide tail board I ever liked.

I demoed my friend Mark's 8'8 XL and had a blast!
The next day, I ordered a Skate.... it is still one of my favorite summer boards!
Plenty of Skate vids on my channel (click below)

Funny.... before I read this post tonight, I had already decided that tomorrow, I am using my 9'2 Skate, to maximize my fun in the small summer surf we are getting right now.

Gear Talk / Re: Longboard Style SUP: Yes, but wich one?
« on: July 05, 2019, 07:58:20 PM »
Thanks for the update... looks like you got some nice surf to break it in!

I had a chance to ride my buddy Cisco's 10' NFA in Portugal.... it's a great looking board!

Nice treat for yourself! Enjoy  :)

Funny how it's never the heavy stuff that tweaks the back, but the little bend and turn - BAM !

Heal well and get back out there.

Gear Talk / Re: Sunova Shroom?
« on: July 03, 2019, 03:36:23 AM »
I am interested in the Shroom because I attempt to surf the Gulf Coast, which has the conditions it is made for (a sloppy mess) 98% of the time.  What are your thoughts on the board for this area? Also need some help deciding on a size.
Im 48 62 210lbs.

Thanks for your help.

Hi B-wulf, welcome to the Zone!

You are fairly tall
You didn't mention your ability level, so I'll give you two size options.

There is a big gap between these two sizes.

8'3 x 32 at 126 L if you are a competent intermediate.
There is enough float because of the width and shape.... but with your height, it will challenge you "front to back" when paddling for a wave.... but at your age, it shouldn't be a problem if you have skillz.
for reference:
I have an 8'3 Shroom, and have no problems at 235 lbs, because it is a very stable shape.

My video of the 8'3

8'7 x 33 at 142 L if you require extra stability
I had an 8'7 for a winter.... it is a BIG board!
Because of the wide nose and tail, the width and length of the 8'7 feels much bigger and is stable as a barge.
It surfs with the same characteristics, but noticeably bigger.
It should be a good match for your height even if you are an advance novice.

My video of the 8'7 in full winter gear

As I say in every discussion of the Shroom..... I do NOT like the stock fins, they make the board extremely hard to turn, IMO

Sessions / Re: Lake Session: Blue Planet Duke
« on: July 01, 2019, 04:07:28 AM »
Nice write-up Wingman, glad you are enjoying some long paddle sessions in Texas!

I notice that I can paddle any board straight forever.... IF I can easily lean on the "paddle" side rail, dip the rail slightly and still paddle comfortably.
Longer boards tend to get trackie when I dip a rail during a one side paddle, so they tend to be hard to paddle in a straight line because "straight" requires the board to correct slightly to the "paddle" side

Also.... anytime you start a post and decide to delete it..... just hit the "back" arrow in the top margin of your browser. It is as if you were never there!  :)

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