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General Discussion / Re: Grade A carnage
« on: Today at 04:43:04 PM »
Waimea be nasty at that size. Looks like to would be fun to bodysurf, but board? nope, no, no, thanks, nope.

Foil SUP / Re: Dynamics of catching a wave
« on: Today at 07:06:56 AM »
Yeah, you'll be fine, or at least you'll be a lot closer. Little Fugly (I need a better name, it's actually very good looking) is 6'11" X 30", I'm 230 with typical geezer balance issues. I do fine on it when it's not too choppy, and even if it's a choppy mess I can catch waves and foil with it. My only problem is that in messy conditions it gets my hip joints flared up. so Mr. Fugly at 7'2" X 33" gets the nod.

I recommend you visit Switzerland and spend some time in remote places speaking with simple uneducated and not-so-smart people. A local café is a good place to start but you could also go further than the last village and stop and talk with locals. You’ll be shocked how informed they are on issues. With borders never far away you’ll be surprised how many can speak a foreign language so you can actually talk with many of them. If you give the people the power to vote they actually will go out and get informed. Which actually is the first step to un-dumb them.

Here’s the history and the theory
but, as said above, it is the effect it has on how informed Mr&Mrs DumbF#ck are as a result that is pleasantly refreshing.

A “democracy” with representatives that are paid into position by the big and powerful companies and lobbies drifts very quickly from being a true democracy. I heard Chomsky talking about that when I was 18 but now it is becoming even more extreme.

I've spent a few months in Switzerland over the years, pleasant place, but calling it a true democracy is a gross oversimplification of probably the most complicated government structure I've ever failed to understand.

Anything with a Nordic feel is currently fashionable to quote as the "most somethingorother" way to govern, live, vote, etc.. This too shall pass. I recommend Michael Booth's "The Almost Nearly Perfect People" as an antidote. It's not a slam, just a more realistic view of cultures and governments that are both praiseworthy, and flawed. Homogeneous societies have an easy time of it, and it's easy to point to isolated aspects of their existence as examples of how we all should work and live.

The US is not a huge country in terms of population, but in land mass, resources, economy, and cultural and racial complexity there isn't really anything to compare it to, and so there isn't any easy example to follow. As a bad example, the casual racism of the Scandinavian countries would be a wet dream for any US White Supremacist.

Foil SUP / Re: Divinycell PVC Foam Block
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:28:31 AM »
The divinycell can't do the job by itself. Any attachment system can fail and should fail when the forces get high enough, but how the rest of the board is built is equally important. Windsurfers used to blow out their mast tracks frequently as the sport progressed from sailing around slowly on 12-foot boards in protected water to working on forward flips at Ho'okipa. As Talldude said, this failure didn't start in the divy, it started in the deck reinforcement. It was broken for a substantial amount of time and finally, the divy failed.

Look at how short that reinforcement was on the leading edge of the patch, and it's exactly where it failed. The carbon patch was WAY too short. The major stress on that side of the installation is pulling up on the edge, and the very short patch made a stress riser--not only wouldn't it resist the force, but it multiplied the shearing force. No surprise there. Don't do that.

You're tossing the baby out with the bathwater. The last time I recall a mast track failing on a windsurfer was about 1990, and if one failed you wouldn't blame the design, you'd blame the manufacturer. Double skin sandwich construction and other more advanced systems meant the board would break in half before the track pulled out. The problem is not intrinsic to double tracks, which could and should actually have strength advantages over tuttle boxes, but in how they are being built.

Gear Talk / Re: Cheap tiny POV HD for everyone...
« on: May 17, 2019, 06:59:22 AM »
Cowboys response gave me an epiphany--image stabilization is just a matter of having enough pixels and enough processing power to redefine the frame as each frame is displayed. Maybe that's obvious to everyone, but it was a little revelation to me.

Foil SUP / Re: Dynamics of catching a wave
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:44:51 PM »
Sam's video is pure gold. I've probably watched it fifty times. Whenever I start having a problem I ask the other foilers for coaching to get past whatever I'm stuck on, but then I go watch Sam's video and sure enough, the answer is in there.

Random / Re: I can’t wait until Monday...
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:35:21 PM »
No, no--all the Russians are above average. An earnest lady once told me that the Russians are clearly very intelligent because their language is so difficult to learn.

I'll watch it, it was one hell of an accident, and I've read a ridiculous number of the studies on the accident. It was part of my job. The initiating circumstances for the accident itself were borderline insane, the question that remains unanswered is WTF were they thinking?

And I can't wait until tomorrow: I get better looking every day.

Yes, I'm back in HR, no, I haven't talked to Dan yet, I haven't seen him around town. I've bugged everyone else though.

Gear Talk / Re: Cheap tiny POV HD for everyone...
« on: May 16, 2019, 04:57:35 AM »
Anyone who wants to edit 4K is welcome to it.

What does 4K mean? Is it difficult to edit?

This camera only supports 1080p resolution, which isn't the current highest quality standard, but the more advanced 4K makes for huge files and slow editing unless you have a very fast computer and solid state disk big enough to hold the files.

They're stealing a march on GoPro by returning to GoPros roots--with a cheap but adequate camera in a waterproof case, for a fraction of the price of a GoPro.

General Discussion / Re: Twisted ankle for paddle boarding?
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:25:01 PM »
Twisted my right ankle last week and it still hurts. Would it worsen if I go paddle boarding(on flat water most of the time)?

Probably not. If anything it's probably just the sort of gentle exercise that will keep your ankle mobile. Just don't go surfing pipeline. I don't know how old you are, but as a certified geezer I will tell you that NOTHING heals. Everything comes back to haunt you unless you pay attention. It might be worth a little PT expense if you have a good one locally to get your ankle checked out and rehabbed. What you want to do is make sure you don't wind up modifying your stance and motion to compensate. I can trace my bad knee and hip issues, as well as some back issues to a skateboard injury to my ankle. If nothing else get someone to check your posture and your pelvic angle after your ankle feels OK again.

I have a good PT, and from her ministrations I've corrected a lot of lifelong issues. It's a revelation now to look at how people stand. Now that I'm paying attention I can see what folks are doing to themselves. Look at how many people stand on one foot predominantly. Imagine what that is doing to their joints.

Hi Pono, so I guess you are a Beto Guy? 8)

Well that, of course, sums it up.

Foil SUP / Re: Dynamics of catching a wave
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:06:10 PM »
It's really not about the board, though you definitely want something you can stand on without paying too much attention to it. Little Fugly has kind of a sinker nose, so I needed to learn a different way to catch waves, and in the process I relearned that getting up consistently on a foil is body position and timing. End of story.

When you are starting out, the easiest way to get up is whitewater--the fresher the better. Find the spot where the waves are breaking consistently, move ten feet closer in. Stand with your front foot where it belongs, facing forward. Your back foot can be a reasonably close to the front foot is you like, but as soon as you get moving fast it needs to be on top of the mast. Push your hips forward, weight on your front leg, head up, knees bent, shoulder square across the board. Stroke hard, then brace to handle the turbulence of the whitewater. Once the whitewater catches you and you are moving out of the turbulence, lift your front foot and then plant it right back down. Don't lean back, don't change your position or your weighting, just lift the foot, then put it back down before you feel the board lift.

You'll be up and flying. To get higher just lift again and push down--wow, you're pumping. Your back foot stays on the mast, your hips are forward, you're centered across the board, head up, flying.

And now you can learn the ten thousand more things you need to know.

In the unlikely even there isn't any whitewater to make life easy, the way to catch a wave is to push forward as you paddle, as if you were trying to shove the nose under water. The foil won't let this happen. What's really going on is that the board and wing are more or less flat with respect to the wave, no matter how hard you think you are pushing the nose down. The wave is letting the water fall away from the board as you move forward. The more you can shove down and push the nose down into the wave, the quicker it will catch and lift you up.

Gear Talk / Re: Cheap tiny POV HD for everyone...
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:50:35 PM »
Major league category killer. Anyone who wants to edit 4K is welcome to it.

My opinion of the Clintons is that they are money grubbing traitors who sold the country's interest out to the Chinese. If I were king they'd be in a federal pen for life. But I'm not, and that was then, this is now. The biggest problem with this discussion is everyone pretending that they actually know what has/is happening and are therefore the definitive source of what is true and right. Let me introduce you to reality--no one knows much. I'm not just talking about current events, though we could stick to that if we must, but all this bluster on both sides is fundamentally horseshit.

It's not a giant conspiracy--at least I don't really think so, because from what I've seen 99.999 percent of the population couldn't organize a pissing match at a keg party, and no one--as in absolutely no one--can keep a secret. It's a bunch of people acting in their own self interest, according to their own beliefs. Read a little history--it's always been so in this country, and every other. Jefferson and Madison, war of 1812 makes a good start. Not what you think it was, I guarantee. I recommend "The War Presidents" but read the book, don't get the audible version--the guy makes text-to-speech look artful.

Everyone wants to make a big deal about veterans and how people behaved. It's fluff--no more significant than hemlines and the current lightweight pop star (except Ed Sheeran? Really??). You served or you didn't serve, big fucking deal. You were a successful draft dodger--good for you. Being face down in a rice paddy full of shit shooting people you don't know anything about isn't some kind of qualifier. And it was a very different time. I got called a baby killer by a 50-something lady in Logan airport. Thank you for your service--fuck you. I don't give a shit that Trump didn't serve, or Bolton for that mater. I despise them because they are assholes. It's not complicated. They suck. You know it, I know it. They shouldn't be leading a chamber of commerce, never mind a country. If you think some wobbly economic results are a reason to support a president who is an embarrassment in every possible way then there isn't anything more to say, except that you sell your birthright cheaply.

Yes, I could be called an elitist, hell, I've been called a liberal which gave me a few moments of pleasure. More than fifty years ago I joined a Republican party that lead the way in civil rights, and seemed to really believe in the constitution, limiting the power of government, led by patriots who really did care about the USA being great and being a light to the world. What I look at now is a mean spirited remnant of sold-out motherfuckers who are an embarrassment. They kowtow to idiots who believe the earth is ten thousand years old to grab up votes and money, take positions that insult the fundamental notion of conservatism, and foster xenophobia instead of welcoming the next wave of American immigrants who will make the country stronger and more successful. WTF is there to believe in about that. The most that right wing folks can do today is point at the excesses of the "Libtards". Which is the same thing the left does.

Just fucking brilliant.

We ended up ordering a set of the SPG wings.  They look really nicely done.  Ivan and Nathan are genuinely stoked on this and are a pleasure to deal with.  I am sure we will get to swap gear this summer with some of the other new stuff coming out.  This is the loft that is producing the SPG wings:

What did they tell you for delivery? Duotone is saying June, but I'm impatient, and they won't say June what???

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