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SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Black Project Surge paddle
« on: December 28, 2020, 11:45:39 AM »
I bought this paddle several weeks ago and after many surf sessions I figured Iíd give a report.  Since the pandemic and working from home Iíve been doing a lot of sup surfing. After a session my right shoulder was suddenly aching.  Ive had two left shoulder surgeries so the familiar pain was concerning.  Iíve been using the werner rip stick 71Ē, Iím 5í9Ē, 205lb.  Iíve had this paddle for several years and think itís great also very durable.  I was a bit in panic mode sup surfing is my main activity and did not want to take time off to heal.  I have an older Quickblade Kanaha that awhile back I had cut to 70Ē but the handle loosened up during a session so I put it aside...feeling desperate I got a glue stick put the handle back on and was ready for the following day.  While going 1Ē shorter gave me immediate relief to my shoulder I found the QB paddle required me to think about how the blade was entering the water, think about my technique which I didnít like.  The QB blade is fairly flat and not forgiving (technique wise IMO) like a more dihedral blade.  So I started researching paddles and at first thought of another shorter RipStick with a smaller blade but they are sold out.  Then the obvious choice of Kenalu mana but I have to be honest while Iíve cut and shortened a couple of my paddles I prefer a new paddle thatís ready to go out of the box; I guess Iím a bit intimidated cutting a new paddle.  That being said if I had not just replaced a hot water heater and had cash in hand I would and maybe will in the future buy a kenalu.  So I started looking at the Black Project Surge.  Definitely not as many reviews as the kenalu but I remembered a comment on this site about how light the paddle is but mentioned the slim shaft and blade size 77 max. as only option available which seemed to conflict with the website.  The BP website has an extensive resource page which may have some outdated information so I decided to send an email asking for clarification...I sent the email early Monday (Iím in NJ) around noon my phone rang the caller ID said Maui.  It was a rep or owner (English accent named Chris) called to talk about the paddle, cleared everything up.  I will say the paddle is expensive but BP uses Klarne as a payment method, you can pay it off over 8 weeks with no interest.  So I purchased the paddle that same Monday received it via fedex on Wednesday the same week.  Cut to size at 69Ē, blade size L = 85.  My RipStick blade is 90.

When I took the paddle out of the box I was immediately struck by how light it was by far the lightest paddle Iíve owned.  During my first session the light weight felt weird but the smaller blade and shorter length was an immediate relief for my shoulder and the pronounced dihedral blade felt much better entering the water.  Now after several weeks of use I like the paddle a lot, paddles really well, of course durability is to be determined but it appears well made. And most importantly my shoulder feels good.  One thing I need to say  about a couple comments on another thread on this site mentioning the shaft is slippery.  Iím not sure if BP recently updated the shaft but mine has small ridges and has the best grip of any paddle I own(ed) this includes QB, Werner and Kialoa.

Happy New Year,


General Discussion / Re: Wow, I suck at SUP surfing
« on: December 23, 2020, 06:56:49 AM »
Since almost exclusively sup surfing the past 8 years I now suck at prone surfing on a short board.  When I stand up it feels like Iím standing on a wafer.  Kind of a Bummer.

Classifieds / Quobba and C-Drive fins for sale
« on: December 21, 2020, 12:33:29 PM »
Quobba thruster set, Large, Futures, in perfect condition - $85

C-Drive thruster set, Large, Futures, in perfect condition- $65

$130 for both sets.

I can ship or pickup in NJ.

General Discussion / Re: Huge Peahi - all types of surf craft ridden!
« on: December 20, 2020, 04:18:32 PM »
I wonder if the sup surfer had a support boat and how many paddles he had on board ?  Hard to imagine he could hold on to them getting worked the way he did!

Sessions / Re: December Warmth
« on: December 14, 2020, 10:35:21 AM »
Similar conditions up here in northern NJ if not a bit cleaner here. I wore an old Patagonia with the merino wool that now has leaky seems so I kept my hood on.

SUP General / Re: Surfboards (Longboards)
« on: December 12, 2020, 06:56:41 AM »
Hi Night Wing, It appears Realwatersports has the boards you want in stock.


Good luck with your decision or purchase.

General Discussion / Huge Peahi - all types of surf craft ridden!
« on: December 04, 2020, 12:50:20 PM »
If this doesnít get your adrenaline going...prone, sup, tow, skim, kite, windsurfing - so much fun to watch!


SUP General / Re: To my SUP family
« on: November 27, 2020, 03:12:58 AM »
Nice Rick!  Well said.

Sessions / Re: November Finally Glasses Off
« on: November 26, 2020, 03:21:40 AM »
Nice video oki.  Iím curious what type of sea life you see on or under the water?

Sessions / Re: Local Summer Lives!
« on: November 09, 2020, 12:05:44 PM »
Cool Marc!  For some reason when I tried the Soloshot edit app it sees the files but does not have any highlighted rides.  Seems like a convenient app if it works.  I also get a text file in the folder saying my memory card is too slow. 

Sessions / Re: Indian Summer in NJ
« on: November 09, 2020, 02:57:35 AM »
SurfinJ- thanks.  2nd lockdown, where do you live?  You canít leave to go surf?

FRP - thanks for the comment. Iím really enjoying the destroyer.

TD - thereís plenty of spots around here that get crowded all year round.  Proners are funny they seem to migrate to other surfers.  There were at least 10 guys packed together just south of me.  I also find Surferís donít want to walk if they donít have to.  When I choose a spot itís usually but not always a lesser wave and I check if guys paddle out can I move? I never stay in a pack.

SSS - thanks. Like I mentioned to TD, around here you can find lonely waves when the known spots are crowded.  SUP surfing is great for mediocre waves.  And I have no paddling away...

Sessions / Indian Summer in NJ
« on: November 08, 2020, 12:03:37 PM »
This weekend had amazing weather and a fun small swell to go with it!  This video is from this morning, yesterday had similar conditions but the schools of bunker fish were absolutely huge!  They were so active it looked like it was pouring rain from the splashing at the surface of the water.  Yesterday was the day I wish I had a gopro attached just to film the activity above and below the water.

Gear Talk / Re: JL Super Frank vs Destroyer
« on: October 30, 2020, 02:01:28 PM »
Hey Badger, yes on the sessions page about mid way down.

I will say Iím intrigued by sups with the step deck.  The Flow 2.0 and the l41ís.  I believe Caribsurf was selling a l41 Bruce Wayne that if I had the money would have jumped on it.

Gear Talk / Re: JL Super Frank vs Destroyer
« on: October 30, 2020, 12:38:04 PM »
I have both boards super frank is not carbon and destroyer is 8í10.  I love both boards.  I had the super Frank first, rode in all conditions big, small, chop and glass always worked well for me.  I no longer ride it but I felt just as comfortable riding it in the same conditions as the destroyer.  I personally do not find the SF ďskateyĒ, the only board I ever found skatey was in my prone days when I had a fish with twin keels.
I bought the destroyer cause it got great reviews and Iím happy I did, I only ride one board thatís why the SF is collecting dust but if the destroyer got destroyed Iím glad I have the SF as a backup.
I do not like to go too small with sups cause I want to be able to efficiently paddle away from crowds
Im 56, 5í9, 205lb without wetsuit, surf in NJ.

Ventilation is the reason air travel is not particulalry hazardous. Sitting in a typical restaurant the humity is high, the ventilation minimal and if it's standard seating, you're within a few feet of ten people. On an airplane the bodies are packed just as close, but the humidity is super-low (keep hydrating) and the ventilation is much better than you'd expect--somewhere between 30 to 50 volume changes per hour. Half the air comes from recycled cabin air that's passed through a HEPA filter, and on most jets the remaining 50 percent is bleed air from the engine compressor stage. At typical altitude the air comes in at very low temperature and under comression instantly heats to about 150F, then it gets cooled expanding into the ventilation manifold. Nothing, and I mean nothing that lives or is simply RNA with a protein coat survives that.

So yeah, turn the vent on, wear a mask, and realize there's a good set of reasons why people on cruise ships pass infections around  briskly and people on airplanes don't.
This is a very informative comment to me. So PB, just to clarify you have no worries flying on a plane during this pandemic?  Thanks

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