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General Discussion / Politicians are getting crazy
« on: Today at 10:44:21 PM »

Apparently some politician wants everyone on the water to go through a captains course.

Welcome to the group. PR is a foiling paradise except for the reef hits. I used to live in La paguera, had a kite boarding school there back in 2002. Went last year to jobos beach, great spot to learn surf foil, can't wait to get back this summer to wing the North shore. Do you ride with Ricky and Patrick in shacks beach? They're loving the wing down there. They were on the fever about it till a grom started catching 20 waves to their one

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: January 18, 2021, 03:26:54 PM »
You can be further forward on the board. Rear foot should be forward of the mast. Get about 3" forward and you'll keep it down.

Old guys like me remember Logosz windsurf boards. Tony’s board designs pushed the envelope. A free thinker.

True that. Every time I saw Tony last spring he told me I should kite foil instead of screwing around with wings. I took it as more of a comment on my slow progress than wingfoiling in general. But maybe I was wrong

Tony probly knew he was going to be sitting on a ton of kite stock as everyone progresses to the wing

Here's stuff from the marketing booklet

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: January 03, 2021, 04:53:59 PM »
My friend Tiago dock starting the High Performance Series 980 despite only being 1253 cm2:

And doing the same with the HPS 1050:

And surfing with the 1050:

Can't wait to try my 980!

I'm really enjoying sup foiling the 1050 also. Just got the crazy short fuselage and hope to get on it tomorrow. It's great how fast these foils can move and turn.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: January 01, 2021, 07:09:26 PM »

I am wondering whether the short fuselage would still be better to mitigate this ?


When I demoed the 980 ultra short with 370 or 340 tail (forgot which one it was) it was such a hobby horsing cluster F*** there is no way I would have been converted back to Axis with that setup.

The short fuse and 420 tail was a whole different magical world, that completely sold me on Axis

370 shimmed rear on my Mr Toad's wild ride. Just got the crazy short from axis to try next week.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: December 30, 2020, 07:18:09 PM »
1300 is dedicated towards wing'ing. Beginner/intermediate and super light winds. Has tons of glide but not a pumper like the 1150. It goes on the red fuselage and I prefer it with crazy short fuselage and 370 rear. This will probly not be out till spring. I can ride in less wind than what I could do with a 13 Chrono V3 and 1250 foil. I think those that want a super easy down wind foil will also love it. It was blowing 20 knots and I was on a 2.5 ensis, got on foil and just glided forever with little to no input from me. Turns very well for its size when paired with ultra or crazy short fuselage. The foil is so long that it's incredibly stable. If you're new to winging and don't have a good board pump, then 1300 will be for you. Two pumps of the wind wing and you're up and riding.

As for the HPS wings, the 1050 is so user friendly. I've had several beginners get on it with the ultra short fuselage and 370 rear shimmed, haven't had a person get off it and not ask when they can get one. Teaching tacks has been really easy also. The foil will carry you through the turn without the wind wing's help. This also relates to riding towards a wave, tacking without the wing and riding away on the waves power.

I'm in South Florida so if you're in the area, hit me up to try them. This week key West, next week Miami

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: December 28, 2020, 08:43:11 AM »
I've been sup foiling the 1050 when there's a little wave action or big drops. It's faster than the 1150 and turns really tight with really nice push out of the turns so 180's on the faces of waves with no use of the paddle is easy. But when it gets super small and going to be a pump session or shore break rides, the 1150 can't be beat.
The 980/1050 were designed more towards wing'ing tho. On a marginal day that I know I'll be switching between a big wing and paddle, the 1150 is my go to. If I'm just going to wing then 1050/980 is all I bring with me. 4.5 ensis and 1050 is more than enough for 10 knots. Paired with one of DWF's new wing boards designed for the HPS wings.
Axis has several foils coming down the pipeline dedicated for each sport of foiling. Even jumping with the wing. They also have some really nice easier all around stuff that even the top riders are enjoying due to how easy they are.
I recommend trying the 1050/980 wing'ing. That's where those foils work the best. Also down wind racing for the 980.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: December 26, 2020, 05:46:37 PM »
Almost all the Axis Wing/stabilizer combinations I've measured are 5 degrees or thereabout. Most other manufacturers use something like 3 degrees for general use and less (as little as 1 degree) for higher performance wings. I'm not sure why Axis does this, a good question for Adrian. I shim all my Axis combinations to 3 degrees, which requires a 2-degree shim in the front stabilizer screw. I have to get a higher speed to lift off, but once I'm up they don't porpoise, even with the spectrum of fuselages I have--standard to ultra-short--and I can trim the board flat with relatively light front foot pressure.

Interesting.... Sounds like axis are making their foils slower by making them too lifty and beginner friendly. Partly why I'm considering switching to another brand for proper speed.

HPS is anything but slow. Axis is making fast foils, easy predictable foils, surfy lose and great stuff to pump around on. Plus several rear wings coming to help speed up the foils in strait aways and turns.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: F-One Swing
« on: December 21, 2020, 07:54:34 AM »
This is the issue we have with the Duotone Echo with big dihedral. While the Echo IS TAME flying off the nose handle, these are the simple drawbacks for us. Likely why some say it still doesn’t behave great.

This one shows the shoulder tweaks when wing is upside down and rider in the water. Crashes, etc. Jacky has to be cautious of an old dislocated shoulder. She HAS tweaked it because of dihedral.

This one shows why big dihedral is prone to flipping over a lot when down. In the water, crashing, mounting the board etc. Wind with any crab angle to YOU makes it want to flip and/or jump around.

From the pic with it handles down on the water, looks like the trailing edge tip is sticking up so I'm hoping it's enough to not catch and flip over. Worse case I'll just have pay the extra and stay on the ensis wings.

Demetri of epic is getting into winging. I had him on a wing less than a year ago and he's already fully hooked.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: December 19, 2020, 06:15:41 AM »
That’s our typical wind out here. Would you recommend that small an ensis? Or do I go 5.2 just to be safe. Only a couple sessions under my belt.

I found a deal on a 6’0” f one wing board and am trying to talk myself out of it. Haha.

I realize 6’0” is big and I’ll want to downsize. Will it not having foot straps be the nail in the coffin? I want to learn how to downwind in Los Angeles county.

I'd hold off on the 6' board and when it comes to the ensis wings, one can't buy only one. Myself as well as Dwight and several others I know tried the 5.2 and then ordered a quiver immediately getting off the water.

For shits and giggles I took the 1050 with the 2.5 out yesterday also and a little struggle to get on foil but once up, I was powered. The 3.5 replaced the 4.2 F1 for me and if I was going to get just one wing from them, the 4.5. I think it has the power of the 6 F1 almost.
I would sup foil 1150 until it was too much wind then jump to a 6 F1, so I do the same now but I'm jumping to a 4.5. ensis. The combo low end of the 1150 pairs great with the ensis wings

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: December 18, 2020, 07:37:23 PM »
It was blowing 15-16 mph today and I was on the 980 with a 3.5 ensis. I'm about 170 lbs, so the black series has some amazing range per size.

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