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I just had a chat with support @ GS site and he said 11 ft MX is 11 kilos and X2 is 2.5 kilos heavier because of bamboo inserts.

Wow, 11 kilos (24.2 lbs) is pretty light for an 11 footer.

The above quoted weight sounds about right to me because the Outer Reef 11' is: 11' x 32.50" x 4.75" @ 185 liters in MX construction.

As an example, my One World 11'1" in ballis tec construction is: 11'1" x 30" x 4.50" @ 173 liters. With the deckpad and adding in my 5 fin configuration of (2, 5"), (2, 4") and (1, 2.25" nubster) fins and the total weight for my One World is 23 lbs.

Subtract the (1, 2.25") nubster center fin, so I can ride my One World as a quad fin setup, the weight comes down to 22 lbs, 14 ozs.

@ Badger

Do you have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for when your Outer Reef will arrive at your place (home or shipping terminal)?

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« on: Today at 05:50:16 AM »

You will LOVE the Naish Nalu 11Ft rides wave and flatwater "As smooth as Silk" Easy to nose ride
I know you MORE than qualify for our ZONER DEAL to get it at a good PRICE

Extreme Windsurfing

I already knew about your Zoner's discount pricing. Since I've been on this site, one day short of 2 years as of this date and I am a regular participant in posting here on the Zone along with being the owner of two sup boards, I already knew about your Zoner deals and had put this "detail" into my mind for "future reference" about a year ago.

Nice downwind run. The wind was really ripping. Angry looking waves too. BTW, that is an excellent looking downwind board. Love the broadside shot of it.

Thank for sharing the video.

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 22, 2019, 03:11:20 PM »
Winger...   I bought two Nalu a number of years ago  ...there was some outfit down your way that sold 'damaged freight' and I got a 10-6 and 11' pretty cheaply.  (minor issues)  If I remember correctly (and he can correct me) DJ is like 6-4 'merican size, so that solid-teak feeling 11', would not exercise his biceps much. I should have kept the 10-6 but Yellow wore me out  ...the 10-6 from Blue Planet is more suited to my clumsy form.

_________________  sorry for the hijack Winger

You didn't hijack anything. When I started looking at choices, I looked at Blue Planet's lineup and the Boss 10'8" at 36", Da Pops 10'10" at 33", Wave 11'0" at 34", Da Ohana 11'2" at 40" are all too wide because I set my maximum width limit at (32.5").

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 22, 2019, 08:58:53 AM »
Thought I would throw a video for the Naish Nalu 11'0" out as well.

I had to look at lots of Nalu 11' videos and he best collection of this board has been DavidJohn's videos. Since most of my friends are between 175-190 lbs, I picked this video since DJ is around 190 lbs and at the end of this video, the boards specs are shown.

Also, my custom built One World is 173 liters and 30" in width and the Nalu is 175 liters and 31" in width which would probably be better for me.  ;) And it can surf small waves which are prevalent on the upper Texas coast.

Heard bad reports about these.

Do you have a link to those bad reports?

X2 is epoxy. MX is molded epoxy.

It explains it here.

The Outer Reef X2 is identical to the newer Outer Reef MX. The only difference is the construction. I'm not sure which is better, but the MX model is considerably less expensive.

The 10'6 Outer Reef X2 is 27.6 lbs. They don't say what the weight is on the MX. I hope it's not heavier.

Along with the review of how it was packaged when you received it, don't forget to weigh it and report back on it's weight.

Since I'm a detailed oriented person, every little detail is important to me when it comes to making decisions.

whats the difference between the MX and the X2 outer reef ?

The two videos below explain the differences between MX and CX construction.

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« on: April 20, 2019, 05:50:28 PM »
Guest board? Anything near the size you want thatís on craigslist.

Itís that simple. But if you travel at all the inflatable was a good suggestion.

Gulf coast surfing? Iíd go with a 14íer and just roll in from way outside. ;)

So far, nothing on Craigslist in my area for the length of the sup board I want.

I don't do much long distance traveling with my 11'1" sup. When I go down to the beach and stay overnight, on Galveston Island, I stay at the motel/hotel in the link below because I can get a first floor room with a door which opens to the parking lot where my truck is parked for the night in front of my room. I do this because I can bring my sup into the room with me for the night. This way I know it won't get stolen.

And when I stay overnight near Surfside, I usually stay at the motel/hotel at the link below in Angleton for the same reason.

As for a 14' sup, this length doesn't appeal to me. Good downwinder length, but I don't think our small wave height waves on the upper Texas coast would make this length poor for sup surfing.

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 20, 2019, 05:41:03 PM »
@ Scallop

Thanks for the photos of your NSP Allrounder 10'11. With the video I posted of the 2018 cocoflax constructed NSP Allrounder 10'11" showing 3 fin boxes and with your elements constructed 10'11" showing 5 fin boxes, I'm wondering why the elements constructed one has 5 fin boxes and the cocoflax constructed one has 3 fin boxes.

I guess I will have to contact NSP sometime this upcoming Monday with a phone call or an email and find out "what is what" concerning the number of fin boxes. If it comes down to the different types of construction for the 10'11' Allrounder which dictates how many fin boxes the 10'11' comes with, I would gladly switch to the elements construction if it comes with 5 fin boxes.

BTW, thanks for finding your photos. Those photos are much appreciated by me. :)

I am interested in this model too, but in an 11' length. When you get it, tell us how it was packaged for transit.

Some companies cut costs by skimping on packaging and the sup arrives damaged because of the packaging.

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:59:56 PM »
Prone board volume and SUP board volume are two entirely different things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

I agree with your choice for going longer for your weaker waves, but it's not the high volume of the longer board that gives you more glide, it's the longer waterline. Excess volume just adds to the thickness of the board and has no added benefit for lighter riders such as you and I.

I looked into GSI. It appears to be a good company. I couldn't find a single bad review. So I went ahead and ordered a 10'6 Outer Reef MX through the website.

I thought these boards were from last year but it turns out the MX is the latest model. All sizes are in stock if anyone is interested.

The NSP Allrounder 10'11" is just 4.06" in thickness for it's 186 liters. That is not very thick for a sup of this length and volume. I'm guessing the rails on this sup are thinned out. Anyhow, more research is in order.  ;)

BTW, since you ordered a 10'6" Outer Reef, I'd be "very" interested in seeing your review of it when you get it and take it for a "test ride". Inquiring minds, like mine, want to know.   8)

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:47:44 PM »
My opinion, which won't be popular, has been well vetted. Get yourself a high quality inflatable, like a Red Paddle 10'6".

An inflatable sup like a Red Paddle is impractical for where we go. For a flat water saltwater marsh cruise, the marsh area is loaded with lots of oyster beds and these oyster beds grow upward from the marsh bottom. The water is so muddy, you can't see them. The sharp edges of the oyster shells will shred the bottom side of an inflatable sup.

Many saltwater kayakers know what "oyster rash" is when the plastic bottom of the hull of their kayaks contacts the sharp edges of an oyster shell. Those deep scratches in the hull's bottom isn't pretty to look at when the kayak bottom hull slides over the sharp edges of an array of oyster shells.

General Discussion / Re: A "Guest" Sup: 3 Main Choices
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:24:16 PM »
Winger...  I think Badger nailed it: get second for yourself.  Most civilians I have seen renting them hardly know front from the back ...much less '5 fins'. If it is for 'anybody' that shows up - then I'd get a BIC or something similar - just not some rotomolded POS. Maybe even a 'Wavestorm" from Cosco via. Craigslist.

Get something better if you're planning on becoming an evangelist, but still pretty sturdy - have you ever seen 'real beginners' fall?  I have often taken a second board to the beach, but only had one young guy from OH show any overt interest.  He stayed with it for about a half hour doing 'man-overboard' drills*.  Still, it's good to let people try.

I did a lot more digging this afternoon on the NPS Allrounder 10'11" and I ran into this video below. The title is wrong since it supposed to show a cocomat 10'11" Allrounder. But in the video, it is cocoflax Allrounder 10'11". When the guys turns over the board to show the underside of the board, it has the initials CFX which stands for cocoflax construction and when the camera pans downward, it shows 3 fin boxed and not 5 fin boxes. Bummer!  :(

Still, one has to look on the bright side and 3 fin boxes are better than 1 fin box.  ;) And it meets my criteria of 3 fin boxes.

When I go to the beach, I only take one board. I never take two boards. This "guest" board is for when I take someone with me to go sup surfing. As an example. Our youngest niece, when she visits my wife and me, lives in Fort Worth, Texas which is 250 miles north of me. She water skiis, snow skies, etc. This would be a good "guest" board for her. She would ride with me for the 117 miles to Surfside, Texas from our home.

And I have some friends who would like to go with me, but since some of them are "balanced challenged", they need a wide board with good volume in it for our smallish type of waves.

Now, I'm old school so to speak. When I was 15 years old, I learned to surf on a 11' surf longboard. I'm a longboarder at heart. And I really like my 11' One World.

I'll give you an analogy. When I was about 16 years old, my parents told me I needed a formal suit which was fine with me. But I'm picky when it comes to "shoes". The most comfortable dress shoes I found at that age of 16 were.......dress penny loafers. Like wearing a nice comfortable set of slippers. My feet LOVE penny loafers.

I've been buying dress penny loafers all my life. I didn't care if penny loafers went "out of style" decades ago. My feet being "comfortable" was more important to me than "style". I've been wearing dress penny loafers with my dress suits for 53 years now (and counting).

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