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Whitewater and River SUP / Re: 3 days on the San Juan, Tips?
« on: May 05, 2019, 11:45:48 AM »
Pictures to come, but a few thoughts from just off the water.  There is was very little glide, we had 3500 cfs and headwinds around each bend at a bout 15mph.  The physical aspect was at the edge of the envelope for us.  When we left the forecast was 2300CFS and mild weather.

travelling with rafts is a blessing and a curse.  I did not have to put anything on the board except a 20L drybag.  We moved at different speeds than the rafts and I was pinched into lines that I did not want because the mother ships moved slower than us, this created some challenging conditions, but we were also surrounded by rafts ready to help.  We just need to explain this on the next trip that sups will move faster and need to take different lines.

Due to the winds we sat down alot, and ended up riding in rafts about half of the water miles.  While I was a bit put out at first to be off the board I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of the canyon without having to constantly read water and set up for the next bend. For the last few miles I was able to launch the board off of the back of a raft while in the river and have some good float time into Mexican Hat.

I want to do more river trips, but man did I learn a lot on the first one.  Enough to know that I still have even more to learn.

Whitewater and River SUP / 3 days on the San Juan, Tips?
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:18:42 AM »
Coming up in two weeks, Bluff to Mexican Hat in 3 days.  Supported by a few rafts so I will only float with a 25l dry bag. 

class I and II and they plan on 2.5 days so pretty slow or short days on the water.

I have camped off my board on lakes, lots of single day whitewater raft trips but no slow river overnighters before.

Any tips?  I am kinda wondering how much time to spend standing vs kneeling knowing it varies for everyone.

I bring back some pics to share.

General Discussion / Re: Advice needed on travel with large iSUP bag
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:53:58 AM »
just got back from Key Largo and took two inflatables with us on the plane.

Area 10 has it down.  One thing we did not do was bring a manual pump.  We knew we would be renting a car so we could explore different areas and brought an electric with us as part of my carry on, with some clothes filling out the sup bag.  For reference a 12-6 gusu two paddles and two changes of shorts and t shirt came in at 43 pounds. 

Have fun. 

Gear Talk / Re: Hala vs Red Paddle Voyager 13'2" vs 12'6"
« on: July 23, 2018, 07:56:14 AM »
I paddled a HOSS, like pushing a barge.  fine for rivers and social outings and camping short distances flat water.  My idea of a short paddle with all my gear is less than three miles.  I have camped on an 11' Isle explorer the last three years, which is a little narrower and a smaller barge.  Have also paddled several hours one weekend but not camped on the Red paddle voyager.  My latest camping board is an inflatable GUSU 12' 6'.

My camping rig is usually a huge drybag (boundary waters II from cabelas) on the front  and a 35l dry bag behind me.  The girlfiend who has had her own GUSU touring board for three years carries a cooler up front and the tent in back. 

She likes to camp but she also likes comfort so we have a roomy two person tent and an inflatable 4-inch queen mattress, full size pillows, al the glamping things.  60 pounds of gear on mine and about 40 on hers.

Any inflatable will start to twist if you have too much wight out at the ends, especially noticeable on the front in wake or chop.  Which is why I got a new board for camping.  you can put a lot of weight on a board if it is kept low.  You may want to experiment with weight distribution, alot.  Moving a 40 pounds up front 6-inches closer to your feet makes a noticeable difference on an inflatable.

If you want a new and faster board you cant go wrong with the red paddle.  But you can camp the hoss just fine.

the "nest" as I call it on the 11' Isle last year.

I forgot to mention I have a first generation HalaNass that has been camping, glide matters.  While I am sure the newer Hala's are stiffer the old nass is not as as stiff as the GUSU touring board.

Fish Tales, Stand Up style / minimalist sup fishing, inland lakes
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:25:23 PM »
I have used a milk crate with rod holders for a regular size rod, which works great but you have to commit to having a milk crate and  working around a longer pole on the boat.  Granted there are types of equipment for fishing but this is the low cost redneck fishing thread.  Having a rod up front can also mess with your stroke on one side or the other.   And my board is an 11' Isle adventure inflatable.

I have hand lined and just tied of the line to a d ring next to my feet.  For local bass and trout this works fine also.  But managing 15' of line can sometimes get tangled and is something of a pain.  I do keep a small tin with one jig and 15' in my cooler pocket just in case I get bored some evenings but it is not ideal either.

Sight fishing with a fly rod is fun, but again you are commited to just fishing because you need to manage the rod on the board or go all in on a rod management system, not a good option on a ISUP.

The ice rod, short and not in the way, has some drag and play to it, keeps the line tidy.  This is my new favorite method of fishing off the board.  I tuck the pole handle in under the front bungie and let the line ride down the side of the board.  Yesterday morning we were treasure hunting the shore of the local res. (water dropping 1'/day) and after 6 small mouths in half an hour I put the pole away so I could finish the bit of shore we were hunting. We also happened to be camping so on the trip to the camp site space was at a premium for dry bags. The lure was a curly tailed grub, only one of the bass was 12" the rest were 4-8"

treasure hunting total, two anchors, 4 sunglasses, several bits of fishing tackle and the usual bag of trash. 


Flatwater and Touring / Re: Full Moon Paddle
« on: September 11, 2017, 08:18:51 AM »
We spent Friday and Saturday night at a boat in only camping spot on the local reservoir. Nice moon coming up late but we had to wait for it to clear the clouds.  We took the inflatables, the paddle to camp site is only a mile.  Good exploring the shoreline because of the rapidly dropping water level.  4 anchors, 4 sunglasses, one of which is a salvageable pair of rayban wayfarers.

The bonus to bringing inflatables camping is being able to stack the two of them and have a really comfortable camp sofa.  That's my ISUP tip for the month.

Feel the glide,

Flatwater and Touring / Re: Full Moon Paddle
« on: August 28, 2017, 10:47:19 AM »
Been a while since posting on this but I have not missed any full moon paddles this season other than last month because of clouds.  The meteor shower was also a good reason to get out and paddle at night.

Next one is coming up. 

As a reservoir paddler it is one of the few times to enjoy the paddle in relative silence and wakeless.  12 miles yesterday and all I wanted to do at the end was go home and listen to nothing.  On the plus side of reservoir paddling is the everchanging shoreline.  The water level is now about twenty feet below full.  We went out Friday night into one of the coves where a lot illegal cliff jumping happens.  15 pair of sunglasses.  we also brought back 2 grocery sacks full of empty cans and bottles but thats the way treasure hunting goes.  So far only one anchor this year but the water is dropping fast.  I am somewhat confused about the empty coors lights to panty ratio this year, hopefully this is a trend for the better. 


Gear Talk / Re: Inflatables-Isle, Tower, Elevate OR ?
« on: August 08, 2017, 02:08:57 PM »
My isle explorer 11' is two years old, holding up well and works well for easy river and flat water, I've done some overnight comping off of it also, wish they made the 12' when I bought it.  The touring 12'-6" is also a good choice but I like the side bite fins for rivers and the explorer comes with bungie d-rings already installed in the rear.

Since you are in Colorado there are some good deals on used Halas, the hala nass (I have an older one) is also a good choice, the new ones dont have side bites.  Faster/better glide than the Isle Explorer, more expensive, quality is great for both.  If you have to do a lot of carry the Isle is going to be about 5 pounds lighter.

Red paddle has  really good product, a paddling buddy has two of the 12-6 and I've spent some time on those also.

I'm in FOCO if you are in the area and want to demo the isle and see what you are getting before ordering on line.

General Discussion / Re: Vanity plate ideas
« on: March 30, 2017, 03:00:37 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Anyone paddle at night?
« on: March 28, 2017, 02:55:09 PM »
A fair amount, we get out on and around the full moon 7 months out of the year.  A few things.

Headlamps are really only good for closing on shore, I find the flash of them on my arm distracting while paddling.

You may have to obey specfic lighting rules, check your local regs.  For instance where I go we are not considered boats and a single white or red light is acceptable.

There are some splash proof LED lanterns out there, I use one on the front of the board.  And an LED bike light (red) for the back either on me or the leash.

I organize a few moonlight paddles for people who want to try, so I usually bring several inexpensive chem lights to pass around. 

 The water temp will be about the same as it was during the day.

You are going to wear your leash at night, right?

Horsetooth Ache race on Saturday, a half marathon which is primarily for crew and scull, but tow of us SUPs get to play.

I made it to the tun around point at 6.5 miles and decided to give the poor support boat with me the rest of the day off and have a beer.  The other SUP was over a mile in front of me and working hard into the rising headwind.  He was also half my age on a carbon fiber racing board, so it was cool to watch him going for it.  I just particpated, no racing.

Flatwater and Touring / Re: Let's see pics of your favorite flatwater places
« on: September 22, 2016, 03:04:27 PM »
Got in a quick paddle after work last night, our local reservoir water level is low which is typical this time of year.  The boat ramp on side is closed, which gave us 6 miles of serenity to paddle and talk without dodging wakeboat waves, and enjoy the quiet.  We went back in our favorite cove and watched the deer until dark, which comes too soon this time of year.  But it is worth the trade off.  Fall is my favorite time of year to paddle. 

A 3-year old Hala Nass craigslist find was finally put on the water.  After a summer spent on an 11' Isle explorer the Nass felt like it could glide forever.  Not too fond of the older style fins but the price was hard to pass up for someone who has been wanting a Nass for a year now.   

well done, on my last camping trip I used a very large portage bag up front, which was a hassle changing paddle sides.

Will try your set up on the next camping trip. 

Flatwater and Touring / Re: Full Moon Paddle
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:38:31 AM »
For last nights moon we decided to stay out overnight, drank a few glasses of wine under the moon and then headed i n for the tent.  Other than forgetting the stove for coffee this morning it just about perfect.

wanted a picture of how the board looked loaded, not bad.  not my regular stroke, at least I hope not 8)


Gear Talk / Re: iSUP Recommendations for Wife Please
« on: August 05, 2016, 12:16:44 PM »
I've been through this with bicycles and paddleboards with my GF. 

LIghtweight and easily abused/loaded by her, I'm with you on the inflatable.

Something to consider before buying though.  If you are on a hard 11'6" board and she is on a 10'6" inflatable she will never keep up with you unless you are paddling at the most unfun of paces.  You get bored, she gets frustrated, not good.

This spring we replaced two waterlogged 12' soft tops with inflatables, a gusu touring 12' and an isle explorer 11'.  I was looking forward to the gusu, I have spent the last 3 months exclusively on the explorer.  We are much better matched in speed, which is why she wont let me have the longer gusu board back, even though it is a bit heavier than the isle. 

Try as many as you can and hopefully you can try some longer inflatables with her so she isn't paddling at a sprint just to keep up with your normal pace.  Otherwise buy yourself a non gliding mini-barge for the time you two spend together.   8)

PS we keep the inflatables in the garage, inflated.  I find that about ten pumps each once a week keeps them at the 16 psi range I want. 

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