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Classifieds / Complete Wing Foil Package
« on: July 20, 2022, 07:17:40 AM »
Armstrong CF 2400 Foil Kit, with CF 2400 front wing, 72 cm mast Tail wing CF 300 w/complete carry case covers--used 5 times

Naish s25 Wing Surfer Midnight Blue/Orange/Grey 6.0 w/pump---never used

Fanatic Foil Board 6'11"--used 5 times.

Total cost $4,000. Offering for sale for $2,000!    Jupiter, FL

SouthEast / Re: Jupiter, FL
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:06:02 PM »
Thanks for the replies. I will look forward
to meeting & surfing with you all!

SouthEast / Jupiter, FL
« on: July 22, 2019, 11:25:06 AM »
Have just completed a move to Jupiter, Florida. Looking for fellow stand up surfers to enjoy the water and waves. Went to the local Blue Line Surf & Paddle Store but no bulletin board for notes, names, etc. If interested please contact me. Thxs

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: SUP'ing Juno & Jupiter Beach, Florida
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:22:30 PM »
Thanks for the response. Contacted BlueLine Surf & Paddle in Jupiter Beach and very friendly! Will go there to try and meet people.
BTW--have been following the wind patterns. DW appears to be correct--very windy! Hope for the best by October's end

Travel, Trips, Destinations / SUP'ing Juno & Jupiter Beach, Florida
« on: September 27, 2018, 01:52:47 PM »
Hello to all,

Will be in Jupiter and Juno Beach for ~3 weeks. 25 October-15 November. Am bringing my board and paddle and would love to SUP with someone who knows the surfing areas there. As I am from SoCal I do not know the area nor if any etiquette exists re: surfing certain areas. Jupiter Inlet? Juno Pier? Other breaks?

Any and all recommendations or ideas gratefully received. Thank you,

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Chicama SUP Trip
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:59:09 PM »
Have been to Chicama the last 5 years. Great place with very nice people at the Chicama Surf Resort. CJ at WaterWays can arrange everything for you; flights to Lima and flight from Lima to Trujillo, and then the 45-60 minute shuttle from Trujillo to the resort. No worries on flights from Lima to Trujillo as they use big jets. We have 8'4" and 8'8" SUPs and no problems. LAN/Latam airlines WAS completely free for boards until last January and now charge $200 each way! Horrible. Another bummer is the long lay-over in Lima before continuing on to Trujillo, but can spend your time at the Starbuck's in the airport with Wi-Fi

Not much to do in the town of Puerto Malabrigo but resort has steam, sauna, infinity pool with jacuzzi and small work out area and game room.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: SUS in Fort Pierce/Jensen Beach Florida
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:50:50 PM »
Thanks to all for the good advice. Caribsurf--when our plans finalize a little more, I will send you a PM. I admittedly have been very spoiled by Ventura relatively uncrowded point breaks, but eager to experience what this area of Florida has to offer.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / SUS in Fort Pierce/Jensen Beach Florida
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:25:21 AM »
Will be traveling to Jensen Beach in mid-March with my wife. We are from SoCal but she wants to consider a possible move. Does anyone have any tips re: good surf breaks in this area? I have never been on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Foil SUP / Re: Foil danger..
« on: February 11, 2017, 10:11:16 AM »
Would it be possible to incorporate the Proteck rubber leading edge technology on the foils to lessen injury? For that matter, a very thin light coating of rubber on the mast? I have been using Proteck fins for years on my SUPs.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Chicama SUP Trip
« on: January 31, 2017, 10:03:00 AM »
Have been to Chicama last 4 years and going again soon! A wonderful SUS location! No worries re: connecting flight from Lima to Trujillo. Big jets. Fly LATAM if possible as boards are free of charge. Chicama Surf Resort Hotel is completely set-up to handle you and your party. They will arrange (or WaterWays) the shuttle from Trujillo to the resort--approximately a 1 hour drive. Would help if you speak Spanish. Photographers Wilson and Jesus are available to film your sessions from the cliffs and the panga service is helpful to get to the upper breaks. The only time we even saw several other people was during their summer time of February. In March-June usually nobody there and you will have the Point to yourselves. Winds do blow in the afternoon so tough sometimes for this regular footer to drop-in against 15 knot strong offshores, but doable. Ralph, the resort manager, is a really nice guy as are the employees, most of whom have been working there for years. Water temp ~ 70º but feels cool with the constant offshores. No bugs and dry air. Steam room, sauna and jacuzzi with infinity pool a great bonus!

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: getting an SUP to Matapalo
« on: December 07, 2015, 09:19:39 PM »
We have hired Costa Rica Shuttle (ask for Charlie) to drive our boards from San José Airport to Puerto Jiménez or as far down the dirt road as Martina's (Buena Esperanza) Bar & Restaurant. It takes him about 5 1/2 hours and he definitely is driving fast! Not cheap at $450 but divided by several friends, not too bad, especially if having your own board is important. Another idea is to start early the next day and have plenty of time to make the drive in daylight. We do this renting from Vamos Rentals and leave San José by 9 AM to have time to buy groceries in Puerto Jiménez and arrive and unpack. As you probably know, at 6 PM, it becomes very dark.

For rental houses, look at the 4 homes offered by Lyn LaCava. Casa Bambu, Casa Linda  are the closest to the water's edge at the Pan Dulce break. Great prices and beautiful. It is an easy walk to BackWash Bay and another 15" or so to Matapalo.

Agree completely with the packing advice: bubble wrap on deck and bottom of the board, gas pipe insulation for rails, extra padding for paddles and spoon them into curvature of the bottom of the board, and a well-made padded travel bag.

Mucha suerte!

Technique / Re: Perfecting the spin turn
« on: July 09, 2015, 04:04:02 PM »
Thank you to all who wrote offering tips and advice. Yes, I SUP surf and also use it harvest all the leftovers. Have tried to break down all of the advice into a format I can follow repetitively to gain muscle memory. Here is what I have gleaned:

1.    lower center of gravity by bending knees
2.    reach out with the paddle rotated 90º to the water’s surface, plant deeply near the nose
3.   sweep the paddle widely, away from the board
4.    try ‘dividing’ the paddle motion somewhat into two 90º arcs by just hesitating for a moment while
5.   squaring shoulders to the board axis
6.   on completing the spin; planting the blade in the power position for stability, while bringing the back foot into surfing                position
and…. the problematic area for me….finding the sweet spot for the rear foot...

      *duplicating each time the correct rear foot placement that is neither too far back nor too far forward.*

Again, I appreciate all of the constructive comments. Not being a 'youthful djinn', I must make up with technique what I lack in ability!
Hopefully, this will help others as well.

Technique / Perfecting the spin turn
« on: July 07, 2015, 09:30:52 PM »
Was wondering if anyone can offer steps to really perfect the 'toe-side' spin turn. I am a regular footer so this would mean spinning the board counter-clockwise. Somedays I feel great but many others the turn just doesn't happen. Are there steps that any of you use to consistently spin in 1 or two sweeps of the paddle to drop-in? I love the feel of a 'spin and in' but lack consistency which probably means a break in technique. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks very much to those that responded. Some great suggestions...I really liked kneecapSUP's advice that the 'stomp pad only gets used really on tight snaps', otherwise one needs to keep an actively engaged back foot moving from rail to rail. Supsurf-tw said just about the same thing so will really try and follow their advice.

Balance_fit was spot on--I did stall as the waves were only knee-occas waist. So, lesson learned.

jumpfrom 13k--Ventura Point usually always has something and we have many offshore mornings because of the wind patterns from the Ojai Valley. Also, with the SUP crew here having some experience, we are not regularly getting the Rodney Dangerfield ("can't get no respect") from the lay down crew.

Kojack--thanks for words of encouragement. I did cut my paddle down about a year ago; from 80" to 78". I have found that this really helps me quicken my cadence. I have a Ke Nalu Maliko 90% carbon/10% fibreglass which I love. Mahalo to Pono Bill for that!

 Just took delivery of my L41 S3 SimSup. 8'8" x 32" x 4 1/2". Me: 6' 195#s. Had it in very small but clean surf today in SoCal. Very impressed with the handling characteristics but a little tippier than my 9'4" North Pacific.
   Can anyone recommend practice tips for me to get my foot farther back on the tail? I tried to look down and to feel the stomp pad but the size of the surf or its lack prevented me from having much success. Are there any specific training techniques to help me ride farther back on the tail?
   Thank you for any and all advice.

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