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Foil SUP / Re: Another revelation about the Barricuda style Kalama board!
« on: December 21, 2022, 05:26:31 PM »
Hi Piros, this thing is sexy. How thin is it please? Also how far is the back of the track to the back of the board please?

Thanks -red

Here's our version from down under , I'm just on 200lb plus haven't stood on a Sup for many years so I went 8-0 x 21 x 120 litres , teamed up with the Axis 1300 this thing is crazy stable. Managed to flat water pump it up in the first 10 mins so pretty impressed.

Um.... "Hand Wing"??

In the beginning.... Eric at progression podcast tried to call them "Hand Kites"...

That did not stick either, and also made me puke burp.


Folks, I have a new set of the Wing nut bolts and I noticed they were lose yesterday. Warm fuzzies. Almost need a tool to tighten them :)

And liv2surf regarding taking a tool out with you.. Yes I was doing that before. I would stash an allen wrench in my impact vest and then adjust on the water..

To me its how I get everything dialed in, I even change the mast position based on the wave height.

Foil SUP / Re: Dave Daum - King's Foil (Basically perfect)
« on: June 09, 2022, 01:13:13 PM »
APPST, Thanks for the write up.
More pics please :)
Include the bottom and butt views.

Been doing flat tail rockers since my first foil shape attempt long ago....

Started going no tail kick last year after DW made great sense on why we don't need them...

Found that chines all the way back out the tail made it tippier(?) and more work than was comfortable in windy/whitecap days so added some flat to the tail...

...that removed all of that. Love this board!

Califoilia, Looks awesome. Are you able to Stand up Foil Surf it, or Wing or both?

Pono, and now you have me thinking more about volume. No I am not a physics expert like you sir.

So then, in my lesser brain, I imagine pushing a V shaped wedge down into the water takes less effort than pushing a flat shape (With the same volume).



Pono, I get that, but It looks like the discussion was around the tail section rocker not the foil box location. Granted, they are close in proximity. Maybe I am missing something or interpreted the first incorrectly. I thought we were talking about flat bottom where the foil box is located and then the bit after that towards the tail. The bit after the foil box being the subject here. "Tail rocker" not foil box rocker.


*****SHIM SHAM*****
Why is it that folks who shim feel like they need to inject shim sham talk into every thread?

The thread is about tail rocker which is a board shaping discussion. Please take shim talk to some other thread that I won't read. :)
Mkaay? Thanks
*****/SHIM SHAM******

One thing I think about the Kalama tail end, being tall and V Shaped on the new boards, is that they cork and then uncork easily, not sticking to the water. As you pump down you are pushing more volume deeper with less effort, then the volume corks the tail back up with less stick to the water.

I also have always felt that the longer the flat surface(even behind the foil box) the more glide in general(flat water). DW talks aboot this also.


Sucks Jondrums. I feel you.

If it makes you feel any better. I was already a pretty good winger when I got my current Sling Wing 5'4. IShe waas brand new and crispy,.... First time out, on the lake, I boned out a Jibe and sent my PNL185 through her. Big L shaped cut. Luckily had clear tape in my rig, taped her up and continued the session.

Took her home and did the ugliest patch job (Maybe Ill post a pic if I am not too lazy). The patch involved black RV Flex tape(Both sides of wing), with a thin line of Gorilla glue epoxy to keep the edges down, then after dry. Clear tape to keep the edges of the Flex Tape down even more, then more Epoxy to keep the edges of the Clear tape down...

I have like 150 sessions on her with no problems..

Ill tell you what sucks more than poking your wing out in the water.. Getting your ass handed to you when you come in from a wing session in the ocean... I was at Lincoln City in OR today and almost popped my ACL(for the third time) and almost poked a hole in my Brand new Sling Wing 6'4 and then am pretty sure I dinged the hell out of my Naish Wing Surfer 5'10...

Id rather foil surf than Wing foil in the ocean... the goings out and comings in at least were I go are NASTY..


and by the subject line I could have sworn this was spam..

So i clicked it.

I'm with DW and am guessing the ass sinks, which is why the front just comes out of the water. There may be something to your foot being that close to the base plate.


Great writeup Pono. Thanks for sharing -red

Foil SUP / Re: Vancouver CA Foil Crew
« on: May 07, 2022, 08:20:15 AM »
Thanks Juandesooka, He wants to do Surf Foiling. Standup or Prone. I am guessing that he would be into winging. Ill have him come here and chime in when hes ready.

Thanks for the response.
Happy Foiling

Foil SUP / Vancouver CA Foil Crew
« on: May 05, 2022, 04:43:28 PM »
Team, I have a friend in Vancouver CA that wants to foil. Experienced surfer from Aussie.

Are any of yous oot there?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. Yes it is plenty fun.

+1 to jondrums and the skate. (Super important in my opinion *if you know how to skate). I actually went wing skating yesterday with my Dart 3M and Dart 5M... sick lines in the parkinglot and the best way to learn how to handle the wing in my opinion. I have the Waterborne Skate setup which is similar and more sexy than jon's.

To daswusups suggestion about the $350 Slingshot gear laying around.. I have it laying around. let me know. Maybe cheaper than that..

Winging on the standie allows you to hold the wing above the water and, then allows you to practice basic out and backs to the launch which are crucial.

We are talking about sailing basics also here, and this allows a safe way to learn the ole out and back.

Have you seen Robby Naish smacking surf with a wing on a standie? Its awesome.

Good problem to have.

Go Foil:
RS 1150, or GT 1050/1250.

RT tail - short.


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