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Good thing we have deja and solent to tell us how it is what would we do without you guys?

Fact is racing is fun but not for everyone. Our local yacht club racing last summer was a blast. And yes, there were rich guys. We had ultra rich Tom but he's so cheap he won't buy good gear for himself. He rides a massive, chunky foil that is slow but will foil in the lightest of wind. He made every single start and finished every single race. He finished the season in 3rd place. Next there was Dick. Very wealthy guy with good gear and a much better rider than Tom. But he was a bit lazy and gave up on a lot of the races and just didn't fight hard for every race. He finished middle of the pack at the end of the season. Next there was Harry. Another guy with VERY deep pockets. He buys the very best gear and lots of it. He lets other riders borrow gear for the races and sells barely used stuff for pennies if not just actually giving it away. He was so busy working all summer he couldn't make most of the races. Too bad cuz he rips. But he kept the fleet geared up and the blue collared guys benefitted and were stoked. Many races were won by good riders beating other good riders on better gear. But we all progressed and shared a beer and good stories at the end of the day.

Nice videos that remind me of the ones skiessentials puts out. Have done some back to back testing of the North Mode with the Duo Dlabs. Really like the Mode. Has a deeper draft and less dihedral than the Dlab. Less spontaneous power shut off than the Dlab. Feels more like a sail than a wing but left with the question of "what would this wing be like in Aluula?" as it is noticeably heavier than the Dlab with a duller, less sporty and crispy feel than the Dlab.

Hi Robert!! Just saw your latest video "Wing Foil Gear Talk: foils for racing and Jimmy Lewis foil boards". You're gonna love that ML foil. It's actually not the Bullet 6 as you call it in the video. The Bullet 6 is a kite racing foil with a surface area of 520 cm2 or thereabouts. Your foil is a wing specific foil that people refer to as a "600" or "ML 600" with a surface area of 600 cm2. Just an FYI to those who are ordering ML foils be warned of this difference. Unless you are an 18 year old French or Italian kid you probably don't want a 520 cm2 foil for winging.

The tail wing seen on most ML foils these days has a span of 320 mm. It's tiny. And ML foils don't cost $3500 as previously stated, thankfully.

That's cool. I love being wrong and shouldn't believe everything I think. I wanna hear more.

Looking forward to both of these interviews as well. Thanks Robert!! Also curious about shimming a ML foil. Seems to me that when you shim the fuse you aren't actually changing the AOA of the stabilizer in relation to the front wing (which is the whole purpose of shimming a stabilizer) and all that is accomplished is changing the angle of the ML bottom section (glider as it's called) in relation to the mast.

1) Please ask Stefano if he would be willing to do a Youtube tutorial on sanding a ML foil. Thanks!!
2) Ask Ken if the are working on a larger D-lab for light wind? Like 7.5m.....

Over foiling isn't really a problem with kiteracing and if you are overfoiling often then you are doing something wrong. Kiteracing boards have quite a lot of nose and tail rocker. Nose rocker to get going without pearling (and occasional touch downs ie: blasting through steep swell when going hard to windward at full speed) and tail rocker to prevent nose down riding when at speed to counter the change in AOA from the rider going fast. I have a TFB kiterace foil board and when I get on foil initially or going slow (like stalling a bit when coming up to the start line) the board rides VERY nose up with your front leg quite bent. As you gain speed the nose starts coming down and at full speed the board rides level with the water surface (for the most part) with the nose rocker ready for those head on swell faces. The whole thing feels very balanced. Small HA foils for winging also benefit from a similar board design although such extremes in rocker probably not needed as speeds aren't as fast. I've rode a lot of wingboards that ride nose down at speed. NJS and Camet make custom wingrace boards that have a nice, balanced feel at speed but it's good to have production options so I'm pleased to see Naish marketing a board for wing racing.

The rocker looks like a copy of a Tarifa Foil Boards kite racing foil which isn't a bad thing.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Windsurfing 1986
« on: November 08, 2022, 03:27:38 PM »
Mark is living in South Carolina. Josh lives in Cape Verde but the spent the last two summers here in Rhode Island. His son Noah came with him this summer to work and wing raced with us in the Bristol YC foil racing series. He is 18 years old and is a really great young man. We really enjoyed getting to know him. His parents raised him well. Josh was pit crew for the racing. He provided lots of insight with his years of racing experience. And we couldn't get away with anything if he was watching. Noah got second in the series behind me. Had there been a couple more days of racing he likely would have passed me. I hope they come back next summer.

25.98 knots vmax (29.89 mph)
24.66 knots 100m
24.31 knots 250m
24.12 knots 500m
- Open water conditions (swell/chop) with 5.5m Duo Unit Dlab and ML 600cm2 foil.

Classifieds / Re: Wingfoil Stuff For Sale:
« on: September 22, 2022, 02:12:58 PM »
It doesnít appear that my PMís have been hacked but it looks like several messages have not gone through and some not received. Not sure what that means though? Iím going to re-send a bunch and see if you all get themÖ..

Classifieds / Re: Wingfoil Stuff For Sale:
« on: September 22, 2022, 08:53:58 AM »
Peter- Iím sorry you too almost got scammed by this a-hole. Iím so pissed off. I did send you a PM regarding the 1300 wing. Maybe you didnít get it? And I have responded to this thread if you look back. Also you bought a couple FOne wings from me and actually picked them up at my place in Rhode Island :-/
I still have your phone number and can text youÖÖ..

Classifieds / Re: Wingfoil Stuff For Sale:
« on: September 17, 2022, 02:04:35 AM »
Vancouver_Foiler= Looks like my account was hacked. I'm super sorry. I never got any pm, email or notification from you regarding the 1099. And I never requested or received any payment. How did you pay? Please call to report/dispute ASAP. Looks like all transactions here on The Zone classifieds should first involve a phone conversation between the two parties before final sale. Hope the matter gets resolved. Let me know how I can help. Again I'm very sorry this happened to you.

Ya and the smaller the foil the easier it is to reach the needed flight speed because of the reduced drag under the water. It's the board/foil combo driving this whole progression. The ML 600 is marginally harder to get foiling than the ML 800. My friend just got the ML 540 and said he was able to pop right onto foil and had no issues riding it. He weighs 205 lbs. Haven't tried that one yet but hope to soon.

Classifieds / Wingfoil Stuff For Sale:
« on: September 02, 2022, 03:31:04 PM »
1300 PNG- $600
1099 ART- $550
999 ART- $500
460 Flat- $130
420 Speed- $140
425 Progressive(new)- $175
400 Progressive(new)- $160
Red fuse short(new)- $200
Black fuse std- $175
Black fuse short- $190
Doodad 19mm- $50
Project Cedrus Clydesdale 97cm w/ axis adaptor- $650
Mikes Lab 97cm mast custom conversion for black fuse- $1000

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