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I like the windsurf sail size wind range comparison. It really helps me.

We cannot have elastic in a waist leash. The belt would pull off your ass when a huge wave drags you backwards. It almost happened to me many times. I have no ass as it is.

I like the waist leashes with the stiffy out the back. It makes the leash hang way behind me. Less chance of stepping on it. Like the leash loc Hawaii.

Iíve done both straight and coil off the waist belt. For us, the straight leash got caught around the wings more often. The coil is short enough to stay away from the wings. But, weíre long past the kook stage. I wonder if youíll come back to the coil later.

Once you build out one of these, youíll wonder how you ever suffered with pickup trucks for the last 40 years. Iím never going back to pickup trucks. I think I understand why pickup trucks never caught on in Europe...they had these awesome vans.

Foil SUP / Bump Cap
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:57:08 PM »
A friend of mine, who is part of the safety team on an Americas Cup foil boat, told me the crew was wearing something called bump caps.

My friend is going to start wearing one surf foiling. Me too!

I never knew this product even existed.

Moving the feet is not the issue. Itís a surfer thing. Most of us are better surfing one way.

I hate foiling goofy foot so much..... Iíve actually have my windsurf foilboard set with a asymmetric strap setup. Less aggressive on my goofy side tack.

I think we can look to kite foilers for the answer. About 50/50 those who switch feet and those who only ride their favored surf stance. I never switch my feet.

For many of us, that challenge looks fun. But wow, I can see a few, who put the wing on Craigs List after day one.

Kite leash to his harness....

I wonder how well that works. Harness would be restrictive. I would prefer attaching to a waist leash belt.

Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling seem to be the 2 frontrunners.

I like wing surfing provided it doesnít cause trouble with Naish.

Iím sure manufacturers would like to avoid foiling in the name. They will sell more wings without the foiling tag stuck to it.

Boarding has never held up long term.

Sailboarding died off. Windsurfing won.

Kiteboarding has died to some extent. Kitesurfing is winning.

I donít see wingboarding making it.

We should do that. 

I like Wing sufing but I am open to others.

What are we calling windsurf foiling or kite foiling?  Are those the current names?

If so, Wing foiling sounds good to me.  The only problem is that it doesn't get the handheld aspect into play.  We need to reflect that this is a hand job.  Hey...

Windsurfing is called windFoil on most forums. Kite foiling is kiteFoil

I give credit to this forum for naming our sport SUP back in the day.

Maybe it is time for us to name this new sport. Maybe a poll Admin.

It gets confusing having a conversation on the beach when everyone calls it something different.

I few locals are calling it Wind Wing, but to me, that is a sail brand.

Wind Weapon was a brand, so no to that.

Wing-Surfer is a Naish brand. So no to that.

To me, they are wings, so wing something makes sense.

They seem more like a sail than a kite.

My vote is wing sail.

So Iím a wing sailor.

Cabrinha told their dealers 18 knots needed.


I like what he says

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Foil and Weeds
« on: June 27, 2019, 08:02:04 AM »
Itís not great, but still possible. We lived through it this spring.

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