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Title: Locking tie-down straps, DocksLocks?
Post by: zacksc on March 13, 2022, 06:17:37 PM
I was thinking of getting a new set of locking tie-down straps so I could feel more comfortable leaving a board on my car overnight in front of my house. I have used KanuLock in the past and it worked fine.
    Things I liked about KanuLock was it never stabbed my hand or frayed. Wasn't thrilled about the small key or, on the other hand, the bulkiness of the lock and straps.
    Maybe there is something better now? Onefeng? or ?  What sort of locking tie down straps are available now? What are the pros and cons? What do people prefer?
    Or, on the other hand, what do you think about DocksLocks? I guess I could use a docks locks jaws and security cable instead. Maybe that is a better way to go?
Title: Re: Locking tie-down straps, DocksLocks?
Post by: Bean on March 14, 2022, 06:35:42 AM
No security system is going to be 100% effective, the best we can hope for is a measure of deterrence.  (Bla bla bla, yada yada...)

The KanuLocks have worked well for me for the las 10+ years (before they were "KanuLocks" -SPL).  I like the simplicity of a single system, decent strap and decent security in one.  Before Kanu Locks, I used Inno racks which were great but just a little bulky, and  are always mounted on the bars. 

I've actually been thinking about going back to the Innos, because they are great when loading in strong winds (we've had a pretty windy winter).  One advantage to using something like Inno is that the lock is conspicuous and a casual thief may go on to the next opportunity.

One of the best security systems is of course the Blue Planet handle, (or similar) thread any cable through and lock it up.
Title: Re: Locking tie-down straps, DocksLocks?
Post by: burchas on March 14, 2022, 08:59:13 PM
Take a close look at
By far the best system imo

- super fast loading
- no pressure dings on rails due to over tightening
- more secure than any strap system
- no need for pads between boards
- ability to handle solo on the windiest days


- expensive
- could be an issue with in snowy environment?

I still keep the kanulock as backup but never used ever since
I have the 
Title: Re: Locking tie-down straps, DocksLocks?
Post by: sflinux on March 15, 2022, 08:16:02 PM
I agree with Bean.  I had SPL for 7 years, then replaced with Kanulock (so far so good).  The keys are better with Kanulock.  My opinion on Kanulocks is they are not ideal for wet/rainy environments.  I am of the opinion that the inner metal rusts and degrades with time in these conditions.  I freshen the lock with T9 Boeshield.  I am also of the opinion that Kanulocks webbing is not uv stable and gets brittle over time.  I freshen the webbing with 303 UV protectant.  When it rains, I switch to standard webbing tie downs: (
In addition to what Robert does, I tie an extra knot around the bar, then put the extra webbing inside the car, and tie a knot on the webbing near the door frame.  The idea if the latch mechanism fails, the knots will hold it secure.  Plus is makes it harder to steal. 
The Kanulocks keep honest people honest.
I looked into the Dockslocks and was interested in purchasing them.  I don't know if the design has changed, but I found reviews where the Dockslocks are easy to defeat without any tools.
If you want additional security, and if your board has a center fin box, you can use something like the Fin Box Lock, coupled with a Master Lock Python.
I have had a similar experience as Bean.  I use Kanulocks to park during the day and leave boards on my racks while I am in the water.  But I remove boards from my car when I get home, unless it is a board that I don't care about.  At night, it is just too easy of a target.
But these days, a thief may be more likely to steal your catalytic convertor.
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