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Title: Phantasm - are we sleeping on SlingShot
Post by: burchas on December 12, 2021, 06:53:07 AM
Recently added SlingShot Phantasm PTM 926 to my quiver. Few session in and I can't figure out why there's so little info on these foils.
I wasn't planning on buying it, I was looking into the GF RS and ART999 but a someone who used both told me he was more impressed with SlingShot's PTM 1001 overall.

Looking at my immediate needs for a goto wing the will cover most conditions I wanted something in the 1200-1300 range for my 185-195lbs.
This foil is fantastic! It's my first High Aspect foil and I was expecting some learning curve. Not the case. After figuring out how to get over the initial stall for getting up on it
once flying I almost forget I'm on a foil.

Up until now I winged it from 10-15 under powered to 25-45 over powered. Pitch control is almost an afterthought. There's just not much input needed and sweet spot on the board
is generous and very forgiving. I usually ride it all the way to the back of the tracks but I moved it forward 2 inch on an overpowered day and the difference was really minor.

Whether mowing down upwind bumps or carving and running over downwind bumps there's never too much lift and the glide lets me recover most times when I fuck up.
For my skill level as an early intermediate, this foil is just easy to use, predictable and confidence building. The smallest yet easiest foil to practice jibes. Stoked.

After such a good experience I'm considering staying on the Phantasm train and get the PTM 1001 for my next size down.

Anyone else care to share?
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