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Title: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: Dontsink on April 24, 2021, 12:03:55 AM
Don't know if i have the flex to pull this one but i will try it:
Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: Solent Foiler on April 24, 2021, 01:43:31 AM
I tried it yesterday without success. Not sure if I need more wind or my 5/4 wetsuit is restricting my mobility or both. Would like to be able to...
Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: PonoBill on April 24, 2021, 09:20:22 AM
Nope. Alan is skinny has the balance and reflexes of a cat, and is ridiculously strong for his size. I am also all of those things--not.
Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: Dwight (DW) on April 24, 2021, 12:28:26 PM
I tried it today. It was really easy to hop on the board that way. But then, putting my front foot on the deck and standing got weird. I slid to windward on my butt like he said, then put my foot up, the board shot off downwind, which is not good. I think my front wing tips were dragging the bottom and screwing with me. When I got out to deep water later, I forgot to try it again.

Iím not ready to give up on it. My knees need a break.

Oh, and the stupid front straps were in my way. I happen to try it during a jumping session. Stupid me. I took the straps off after the jump session, and forgot again, to try it.

Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: surfcowboy on April 24, 2021, 08:02:59 PM
Iíve been working on knee flexibility for over a year. You can improve. Iím able to squat with my butt below my knees now. Carefully.

Itís made all my surfing better. Gerry Lopez has it right. Stay flexible. But also, you can improve. I didnít do anything fancy, just learned a few yoga poses and some stretches and I do them watching tv at night. It helps. Just do what you can.

I havenít tried this method but I do get on the board backwards a lot to keep my leash clear.
Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: PonoBill on April 24, 2021, 10:48:44 PM
When you're starting with a body that has the flexibility of a statue, multiple shoulder surgeries, knee surgery, bad hips, and an extra 20 pounds of ugly fat the road is very long. I'm going to give Yoga yet another round, but as soon as anyone says "rest in the downward dog position" I'm gonna pick up my skinny little mat and use it for changing out of my wetsuit.

A watched a very pretty girl plunk her yoga stuff down in the middle of a bunch of wingfoilers today and start doing some fairly impressive stuff. Every few minutes she'd pop back up and look around to see who was watching her. Other than me, no one. If she'd been tossing off some laydown jibes and a few tacks there might have been interest, but other than me, it's a tough crowd. And I'm invisible to young hotties. She got progressively more frustrated, toward the end she was clearly in a huff. Is display yoga a thing? Is it some kind of Gen Z mating ritual I don't know about??
Title: Re: Sitting Start with Alan Cadiz
Post by: wingsup on May 06, 2021, 10:29:33 AM
Last week,  I started on a S26 95L 5'7" Naish Hover board from a S25 110L 5'10 Hover. 6' 81KG dry. First session, 10 to 15 Knots was a seamless transition, but my second session out in the Channel of the San Francisco Bay with strong swell and plus 20 Knots. I kept getting knocked off the board before I could get my wing up. Then I remembered this video, and it was awesome! Saved my session. Lower inner thighs were sore the next day, but locking the board, getting the wing up in the air, then using the wing to help stand on the board with your front leg planted first is a valuable technique when conditions get rough.

I think now I could have gone down to the 85L 5'2" board, but I want to stay married, so I will not be buying another board for a while...
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