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Title: Changes
Post by: OUTSIDEWAVE on September 19, 2020, 09:00:29 AM
Well it has been a wild couple of years.
Good. Tons of work .....bad no time to surf as in zero days off self employed 
good saved enough to buy a house  where up in the mountains near Bass lake .....bad had to evacuate due to creek fire  now still busy at work all my hard board are up at the house.    Still working in Orange County   

Thinking of buying a used beater standup surf board that I can leave down in OC all the time.  Or  Just leave my oldest board where I stay. no place really  to leave it safely where I stay . So itís risky. A bit  Or buy a used soft cheap wave storm  ( canít find one anywhere which I thought they would be all over weird)

other thought is to buy an inflatable that I could take to the lake on 4 wheel drive trails around me and surf it when I am down in oc it would be my take everywhere in the back of my pickup board ,  My questions.
Are what to do?
Do inflatables surf worth a darn?
Where could I find a used inexpensive. Soft board such as a wave storm?
What are your suggestions?
In the last 2 years I have been in the surf maybe 4 or 5 times skills have seriously eroded.  I want to change that.  Get back to my roots

The other thing is and this is just a rAnt. Every time I come down for work  I drive by the beach in Carlsbad  and Encinitas and they are packed you canít find a parking space.  Itís a wtf moment for me. 

Title: Re: Changes
Post by: PonoBill on September 19, 2020, 09:37:41 AM
Hardly anyone sells used Wavestorms because hardly anyone will buy them. They are literally throwaway or giveaway boards. I've never thrown one away but I think I've given away at least ten.
Title: Re: Changes
Post by: supthecreek on September 19, 2020, 11:42:09 AM
Hi Outdoors

Good to see you on here again... wish you got to SUP surf more!
Congratulations on scoring a house, that's awesome. Good luck with the fire mess out there!

Many options:
 - since you are the boss, give yourself a few days off when swell is running! Priorities!

- Sell your pick-up, buy a white cargo van for work and SUP always stay with you.
  White because it doesn't get too hot inside for board storage
  I bought a 2014 Chevy Express 1500 in Florida last winter..... love it!
  V-6, over 20 mpg average for the past 4,000 miles since I left Florida.

- Buy an inflatable that actually works in surf!
  They really work, I rode a prototype in Thailand 2 years ago. Bottom turn, top turn, paddles like normal.
  Stefan's concept is genius... makes the board rock solid, and yet it's an inflatable.
  How solid?
  look carefully at his SHORTBOARD and longboard SUP inflatable in the pix.... freeking skinny and no bend in board!
  Tell Stefan Creek sent you!!

Title: Re: Changes
Post by: OUTSIDEWAVE on September 19, 2020, 12:05:09 PM
no seeling jeep gladiator  need  4 wheel drive  for work and fun and a picl up too.  The tripstick looks cool    may have to check that out.    The wave storm was my thought becasue as Bill said it is basically a throw away.    no loss if it gets stolen or  whatever.   budget wise trying to minimize costs,   as far as the house goes   1 acre    all grass  150 yeat oak trees and 80 foot high pines     2400 sqaure feet  separate shed / work shop  and separte office.  In encinitas  this would 2.5 million    ridulous.     lakes are coo but it is not the same as an ocean.. 
 any less expensive  inflatible sups that are worth a darn inthe surf. Most look like some kind of chinese knock off.   Ugg.
Title: Re: Changes
Post by: surfercook on September 20, 2020, 11:09:56 AM
Sounds like you're ready for some extended water time in the surf! Nice you have a house even if it ain't near the ocean. Crazy what property goes for near the ocean. Same deal here in NJ for real estate.
 Wavestorms are REALLY hard to come by also here in NJ for cheap anyways. I've seen em on Craig's for well over $200. Been looking for one also so I can give lessons. I heard soft top sales were off the charts this year because of all the extra families that are in place (for the pandemic) in their second homes here at the shore. Truth!

Title: Re: Changes
Post by: OUTSIDEWAVE on September 20, 2020, 01:45:13 PM
aint that right !  saw 2 for sale in santa barbara several years old the coating wearing off the rails  150 per. I don't know if th ecoating  seals out water or not. 
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