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Title: It's official
Post by: stoneaxe on July 30, 2020, 10:09:05 AM
The sticker is on my truck.

Creek knew I was interested in a Search Point Break and when he heard about a very gently used one available he gave me a call. I've been out on it twice and love the way it feels and paddles. can't wait for some surf to get it in.
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: TallDude on July 30, 2020, 04:04:39 PM
What a perfect fit for you. I'm stoked to hear you're able to overcome your balance issues enough to paddle and surf.... 8)
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: stoneaxe on July 30, 2020, 08:08:26 PM
It is a great fit.
I suck more than I used too but it's still fun.
Paddling the virtual CCBC this year on it....15 miles is going to be a challenge for me this year but I can't wait to get on the water with a small crew of close friends. The route has us entering a river mouth where there is usually surf.....some very long rides if there are waves. Always fun to surf during a CCBC..... :). We'll take a break at my buddy Tim's place which is on an island at the river mouth, recharge our hydration packs, etc...then paddle up the river to Levitate surf shop. Going to be a great day!
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: mdsurf on July 31, 2020, 12:54:13 PM
Congrats.  I have not gotten to ride mine yet but that will change this weekend.  Love the look and the feel of the board.  Big shout out to Rick for hooking you up on a gently used new version.  Should be a blast.
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: 1tuberider on July 31, 2020, 12:59:23 PM
Welcome to the team.Love mine. Use it in all big or small.
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: lopezwill on July 31, 2020, 08:12:16 PM

Great news! 

Looking forward to a ride report.
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: stoneaxe on August 01, 2020, 06:45:33 AM
I still haven't had it in a wave yet but I took it out for a 6 mile paddle to Brown's bank last week. I wouldn't call them waves but it gets so crazy with all the conflicting currents that chop was coming from 3 different directions. Frequently looks like a washing machine and is a great place for me to get some balance therapy. I worked out in it for a half hour and was gassed. Took a break on the bank and ate lunch....such an awesome place. I was sitting on my board in 6" of water without another soul within a mile. One of the folks on a local FB page said they saw me out there from their boat and were just about to call the harbor master that someone was stranded way out with the tide rising when she saw me get up and start paddling.
Lots of fish in the bay...even a small 6 foot blue shark that let me get close before she took off. I think her belly was full of fish, either that or pregnant.
Title: Re: It's official
Post by: surfercook on August 07, 2020, 11:47:33 AM
Good luck with your new Search. New board equals new stoke.
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