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Title: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: Keys Sup on February 21, 2020, 05:24:47 PM
So after a 3rd time at the cable park felt like I was ready to learn to use the wing. Total failure. 5m Duotone on Naish Nalu 10'6" 153L, with ventral fin, Bayside in 15-18 knots. 5'10" 212 pounds 55 years old. The section of Bay is not protected so a lot of chop. First time trying to kneel and just went straight over on my head. Tried a few more times but no good. I guess my next choice is an Amundson 11'3" with ventral fin but only 170L. I have a Bic Techno 293 to teach beginners on at 31" wide and 205L and a dagger board. I am thinking the Bic is the one. Also have access to a Bic Nova, looks like an aircraft carrier. What wind speed do people learn to handle a 5m? I guess I could use my skateboard but will most likely result in road rash on the wing. Suposed to blow 20-25 tomorrow but now I am thinking to pack windsurfing gear instead of foil board and wing.
Title: Re: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: red_tx on February 21, 2020, 05:45:33 PM
I have not had enough wind to wing foil yet, as a result I have been wing skating in the parkinglot and have learned tons.

I would not want to be on the water without the several hours I have wing skating. You learn how to hold the foil in so many ways and are in a position to practice hand changes, tacking and jibing. Another simple and important move is turning the wing from belly side up to back side up(if that makes sense). Its tougher in the water if you have not practiced on the land. I  am glad to have had these skills and moves figured before I get in the water. 

Another thing everyone should know is that you need a base understanding of how to sail in this sport. Knowing how to reach up wind to get back to the truck etc. You need to know how to find the wind, and keep the wing lit up etc. Some of this is almost impossible to explain to folks without actually being on a sailboat with them. So sailing experience goes a far way here from a navigational and logistical standpoint.

I'll follow up after my first wing foil or wing sup session to let you know how my land wing skills were used.
Title: Re: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: supkailua on February 21, 2020, 06:58:41 PM
What is the cable park? Are you being towed by a cable onto the foil? If so that is great foiling practice, but won't help with wing control.

I spent an hour or more handling the wing on land before going out to the water. My first session I never got wet, it was just wing control practice. You should be comfortable powering and depowering the wing, flipping it both directions, jibing, etc. all on land before hitting the water.

Even with that land practice I could not handle the wing in choppy water on a SUP. The largest windsurf board with a dagger board is what I used. It is almost like being on land. You should be going up wind and really feeling the wind in the wing on that board and then move to the most stable foil board you can find.

I felt good on the windsurfing board with dagger and moved to an unstable foil board in high wind and chop and could not even stay on the board on my knees, never mind stand up. A more stable board on a lighter wind day with less chop started to feel good again like the windsurf board, and then I moved into foiling on it.

For a size 5 wing I would say you want gusts of 17 mph to 22 mph. If it is gusting over 22 mph with a 5 wing that is going to be a lot of power in the wing. You are heavier than me so it might be OK. You can always test it on land next to the water. If you are getting blown around on the beach then it is too much wind.

Let me know if any questions.
Title: Re: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: flkiter on February 21, 2020, 09:23:29 PM
Your foil sup with the foil attached is going to track way better than a sup with a fin. If you're kneeling then you'll want to be closer to the tail of the board so when your wing pulls, the board will ride flat on the water and so when you stand up, you don't stuff the nose. Don't worry about foiling, you'll have to pump the board or the wing hard to get on foil with the size board you have so just give it a go and get comfortable riding the sup foil board around with the wing. Once you're staying up wind on your knees, then work on staying up wind on your feet and then attempt to foil.
Title: Re: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: Dwight (DW) on February 22, 2020, 04:15:09 AM
Like flakiter says, use your foilboard with foil under it, or the BIC windsurfer with daggerboard down.

Then get some POWER. My heavy friend here, rides a 6m almost all the time. 5m just doesnít work. Itís taken him months. Heís your size and weight. It took him 20-25 with the 6m just to get airborne. Heís finally getting much better in lower winds. There is so much technique to learn and it takes lots of power to learn it for many people.

I wish Naish had included the 7.2m with yesterdays release of the new model. So many people need these bigger sizes.
Title: Re: Step 2 Learning to use the wing. Failure!!!
Post by: Keys Sup on February 22, 2020, 05:23:44 AM
The cable park is being towed by a cable. Was using it has step 1, learn to foil, Step 2 learn to wing and Step 3 put it all together.

Thanks Flakiter I will take the foil board and Bic to see which one works.

I keep thinking of getting a 7m and am thrilled Naish is making the 7.2m.

Unfortunately I work 6 days a week so TOW is hard to come by.
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