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Title: what kind of gear
Post by: dumbo on July 14, 2007, 09:04:46 PM
i am new to this.. what gear should i get started on? ???
Title: Re: what kind of gear
Post by: Chan on July 15, 2007, 05:13:48 PM
Hi D.,

You pose an interesting question, and one to which there is no clearly “correct” answer.  Many factors need to be considered such as size of the rider, type of paddling that the rider is most interested in (i.e. racing, fitness, small wave cruising, touring, big wave riding, performance wave riding, all around fun), and the location where the rider will rip.  Once you determine the answer to these variables, there are many great options to choose from.  Eventually, you may (like many of us) end up with more than just one.
Title: Re: what kind of gear
Post by: shapeshifter on July 26, 2007, 04:18:46 AM
i'm thinkin' you could go with rentals for a while unless you have an abundance of friends with different options you could sample. this way you may be able to find your happy medium.

that being said... i'm not really one to talk. i purchased a board sight unseen, ignorant as to who shaped it and without prejudice. since money wasn't an issue and with the understanding that a good rider can make the best of anything i chose the unbeaten path. i've learned a few lessons along the way:
1} if you are dealing with one-offs (or initial releases) be sure to secure an eta.
2} be flexible.
3} be patient.
4} try not to cringe when they someone tells you that chris malloy tried your board and he loved it.
5} enjoy the variety of options that are available through the rental consessions on the beach.
6} take everything they say with a grain of salt (and a slug of whiskey.)
7} when a magazine editor says that they'll return your board from a photo shoot on tuesday... be sure to pin down the month and year!
8} use the lag time to plan out the eventual configuration.
9} try yoga... it helps build good qualities (and passes the time constructively.)
10} oh, and did i mention? patient.
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