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Angulo Olohe 10'4
Reviews Views Date of last review
2 109805 Sat March 29, 2008
Recommended By Average Price Average Rating
100% of reviewers $1,350.00 8.0

Description: This is a surfing model, with design to facilitate that goal.
Keywords: Angulo Olohe 10'4
Thickness 4.25
Length 10 Feet 4 Inches
Width 29 Inches

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Review Date: Mon March 24, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,000.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Stable, good glide
Cons: could use a little more nose and tail rocker
Rider Height: 5-6
Rider Weight: 200
Rider Ability Level: rookie SUP'R
Typical Water Conditions: Both Calm and mildly choppy w/ side winds

This is my 1st SUB, I tried 6 other boards before decideding on the 10-4. I have been surfing for 25 + years from a 7-0 to a 11-0. I have been SUPing for a month now and finally having fun in the surf. The board rides great with a single 9" fin or a 2+1 set up with the 9" in the center. It really surfs like a big long board where you have to step back on the tail to turn the board. It has a lot of speed down the line when you need it. I tried a thruster set up with a 5" fin in the center but that didnt work out too good. I had great success catching waves after I put reference marks on the deck so I knew where the center of the board was at all times. I found out that I have two sweet spots, one for flat water paddling and one for sliding on waves. The board is relatively stable, Angulo did a great job when he shaped the bottom of the board. I didnt really care for the shape but now after taking it in the surf on shoulder to head high waves I appreciate the tucked in nose and tail. I had to adjust to the lack of rocker on the nose but it is just knowing where you are on the board when you are trying to get on a wave and also taking a little angle as you take off. I really like it but didnt want to rate it over a 7 because it is my first board. This is also my first epoxy and I am very satisfied with the quality. I would say that this is a great board for a novice to a experienced rider who wants to stay in the 10 foot range.
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Review Date: Sat March 29, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,700.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Great all around SUP that both surfs and paddles well
Cons: Needs just a touch more nose rocker
Rider Height: 5'9"
Rider Weight: 155
Rider Ability Level: Intermediate
Typical Water Conditions: NorCal

I basically learned to SUP on the 10'4" Angulo in September 2007. I'm open to all things SUP, but I find that what I like most is stand up surfing. It's always hard to rate a board without having other boards to compare it to and use as a reference point. I've ridden several other boards so I have some cross references and comparisons.

As a SUP rider frame of reference, I'm 61 years old, weigh 155 pounds and am in excellent physical condition. I like to charge hard and given the opportunity to "overdo it" will take it every time. I've been surfing for over 30 years and own and surf shortboards, longboards and hybrids.

The Angulo (Olohe) has been close to a perfect first SUP board for me. It is a great all-rounder that surfs well and paddles well. The epoxy sandwich construction has held up well to the beatings that SUPs take from errant paddles, wipeouts and old men that overdo it. That being said, the Olohe is not a dedicated performance surfboard, nor is it solely a long distance paddler or downwinder. I'm a pretty firm believer that in order to get the most out of standup, a SUPer needs a quiver. Ideally that would be a performance SUP, some kind of stable distance/downwind paddler and an all round "go to" SUP. But if you can only have one (and I only have one at the moment) the Olohe is a good choice.

The Olohe is stable and easy to handle in light chop, it handles backwash and bump well. I don't do regular long distance paddles, but I will put in a couple miles paddling back and forth to surf spots and in rotation in the line-up. If I knew I was going on a long distance paddle, I could take the Olohe, but I would prefer a longer, more open ocean stable type board. I could see me getting pretty tired after a couple hours in moderate chop and a headwind. But for anything less than that, the Olohe is fine.

In the surf it pivot turns nicely and goes on rail with a lot of effort (especially for a guy that only weighs 155). The three fin configuration with center fin slot allows lots of room for experimentation. Depending upon what fin set-up you are running you can make the board pretty loose for a longboard, and you can make it a pretty good noserider too.

Probably it's greatest attribute for surfing is the rounded pin tail with wings. The Olohe is fast and gets up to speed quickly. With the right fin set-up you can drive through and around sections with ease. It holds an edge very well in steep waves, and will hold tight to the face when dropping in late. The biggest waves I've surfed it in are about double overhead. If it's glassy you're OK, if there is a lot of bump and chop in the water the board will bounce around a lot and with all that board weight flying around it's harder for a smaller, older guy like me to control. In small waves it's all good, there isn't anything you can't chase down, which really is one of the greatest things about SUPing, you can go out on crap days and have a blast!

I suppose the biggest criticism I have of the board re surfing is that it's rocker is pretty flat. 10'4" is a pretty big surfboard, even though not that big for a SUP. The lack of nose rocker prevents the board from easily fitting into the curve of the wave face on steep waves. You can pump and drive, and climb and drop with the Olohe but if you come off the top and drop into a steep wave face angle or trough, you'll be on the tail trying to pick the nose up enough so that it doesn't pearl. In steep waves you'll be on the inside rail a lot and also making sure you're heading down the wave face. If the upward flow of the wave gets under all that floaty SUP styrofoam, the board just wants to suck up the face and tip over. But you learn to adjust for that. It's just like riding a different board in your quiver, with different performance criteria.

If I were to add to my SUP quiver and get a dedicated performance SUP, or distance/downwind paddler, most likely I would NOT get rid of the Olohe. It really is a great all round board and I can ride it in anything that I normally surf, have fun and get a good workout. It'll give me my thrills in bigger, faster waves, and it will keep me satisfied in the smaller stuff. I would also feel comfortable taking it almost anywhere for a distance paddle or surf adventure/excursion (excluding any really long distance paddles).

In summary, the Olohe is an excellent all-round SUP. It is a good surfing paddler, and a good paddling surfer.
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