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Re: The road to 5G
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2017, 06:33:19 PM »
I'm not sure what 1 ms latency means? Latency to where? Satellite is minimum 500-plus ms latency - it's like 535 ms for the "about speed of light" signals to get from the earth to the geo-synch'd satellite and then the satellite to somewhere with another earth station, and back again.  Ping from Alaska to Seattle tied directly to fiber  is like ...20 ms or so (about 2000 miles undersea) . Pinging from my home to work is about 4ms - I could see this coming down. Pings to India are 50 ms. I work in telcom - I get to work on 10g, 100g, some 500g circuits  - what's supposed to connect all this 100g cellphone traffic together? Fastest backbone is still glass as far as I know - with DWDM we can get a lot of bandwidth on the fiber - but are we expecting the 100g to be "bursty" enough that the total bandwidth isn't 100/1000 times more that we can carry now?

For instance - if I upload this post at 100g, it's not going to take long :D - it's still only 50k or so of text - plus a burst of more ads downloading as my page loads up ....


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