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Re: Hips and the drive.
« Reply #60 on: October 23, 2016, 11:40:00 AM »
Because of the angle a paddle enters the water there is thrust available just in pushing the paddle into the water. You'd think I'd be hyper-aware of this since it's the reason I was trying to develop a wing paddle using the same principle as the wing blade for surfskis. I still think it's a good idea, but I digress (surprise, surprise).

Oy, you and the wing blade idea.  I was incredulous years ago when you mentioned harnessing the wing idea for a single blade. 

You big fat jackass.  Hurry back to Maui so I can set you straight on wings once and for all.  Holy hell PB, Jim Terrell would have done it decades ago.  The assymetry is where wings gain the 10%.  Both sides no can.  Get it?  Didn't think so...  The scoop at the tip is confusing you.  That's irrelevant.  It's the motion in the water. 

I'll borrow a V-8 and put a wing in your hands - on the water.  Just looking at a blade doesn't do it.  You should cross train in a ski anyway with your bad knee.

I get it, but a SUP paddle stroke where the blade is pushed steadily downwards in the power stroke develops some lift in the back of the blade just from the angle of attack. I still think that lift could be optimized with a properly foiled back. If the blade is just pulled back there's little opportunity for lift, but if it's pushed downwards in an arc, there is. I think my mistake was in lack of subtlety. Might never be a worthwhile addition, but it's worth fiddling with.

I'm working on getting skinny Larry. Soon you'll have to settle for just Jackass. If I get rid of enough visceral fat to be able to fold in the middle I'll take you up on that V8 run. See you soon.
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