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Re: 14' bump chaser
« Reply #90 on: January 23, 2017, 02:19:34 AM »
".....there is a thing about to fragile though from being built to light."

Yeah.  Light is great so long as it is durable -> but too light often equates to too fragile.  Every board that I have used that is too light happens to also be too fragile - as only so much weight can be reduced before durability is reduced too much.  A board too light can often crack like an eggshell.

This guy at 2:30 says "While I use the ultra light biaxial on my nose".  Well as it happens this is the exact area that developed a crack on my board from an impact.  So in the effort to eliminate weight - this board now is at risk from minor impacts in this ultra light carbon area.  Interestingly Connor in a 2017 vid talks about how the new board is "stronger" now.  Hmmm?  Maybe too light was indeed too fragile.  ;)

There are ways to build lighter and stronger boards but it comes at a cost that is all.

Most company's could build stronger more durable boards if they just used more skilled labour. I recently repaired a carbon nsp that was suffering from loads of little cracks all down the rails, when I striped the paint and filler off the surface you could see the carbon had been sanded through when it was built and just covered over with the paint to hide it.

 shockingly bad!!
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