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Gear Talk / Re: Paddle suggestion for SUS with bad shoulders
« on: Today at 01:28:45 PM »
Lane lives in Thailand, so no. I think he still ships out of hood River. I'd just email him.

The Shape Shack / Re: How are factory boards painted?
« on: Today at 01:25:09 PM »
Yes. The brands are basically screwing as much money out of us for the most cheaply-made product they can get away with. You can't blame them - they aren't running charities, and their distribution networks and marketing budgets and skills allow them to exclude the competition quite effectively. Most of the main brands are made in the same factory, so that factory has almost a de facto monopoly. Fortunately, the costs of the main brand's products (partly due to transport costs) has now risen to the extent that small local brands and shapers could be profitable, and can compete on price and quality. We are already seeing smaller boutique brands appearing amongst the podium finishes at international races, and this tendency may continue to grow. Hopefully the increase in competition will drive an improvement in build quality. The customer can also play a part in this, by not accepting shoddily-made gear.

The quality of production boards has nothing to do with monopoly or screwing people and everything to do with supply chain. Selling worldwide in small shops means distribution and crazy transport cost. Anyone who has done it can tell you that your cost to produce something has to be 1/4 of the retail price if you are going to see a 20% profit. Retail shops, distributors, and marketing consume 1/4. 1/4, 1/4. The rest is yours. Of course if there's a glitch, you miss the beginning of the season, you have a warranty issue, people don't like the new color, somebody effectively screws your reputation on line, and all that 1/4 goes away.

So yes, there's a great opportunity for local production.

Foil SUP / Re: Elictric foiling.
« on: Today at 12:03:10 PM »
That's how I'm doing the geezer foil--two 12" chinook mast tracks. And I'm going to install a pair in my L41 for the clearwater SUP foil I'm building. I took a clearwater wing and extended it two inches--hedging my bets.

Foil SUP / Re: Slingshot Releases SUP foil
« on: Today at 08:57:34 AM »
Tony is one hell of a designer. I should go pick his brain a bit about the Geezer Foil. I see him out on his windsurfer foiling pretty frequently.

There's an issu magazine called Crack!?! The guys on the cover look like they just finished a pipe.

Foil SUP / Re: Elictric foiling.
« on: Today at 08:52:58 AM »
Good transmission though.

The Shape Shack / Re: How are factory boards painted?
« on: Today at 08:26:12 AM »
Yeah, that rail repair on the Starboard has me shaking my head. That's just not possible.

The Shape Shack / Re: Boardwork
« on: Today at 08:02:14 AM »
So where ARE you located? We have some decent painters here, but your work is the best I've seen. I'm building an electric TR3 that's been painted as part of a failed restoration project--I picked the bits up cheaply. But the paint is shopworn, I've had the thing for more than ten years, moving the parts around from shop to shop.  I might just toss it on a trailer and come visit.

This is what the car looked like when I first put the body onto the freshly powdercoated frame--about ten years ago in my old shop under my home in Portland. Might be longer than ten years, we've been in Hood River for eight or nine years.

Looking at the funky chrome bead strips between the fender and body I'm wondering why I did all the work of installing them. The car looked much better without them. Originality, I guess. I built a very hot street motor for this thing, with a good TR6 transmission and overdrive, Tilton clutch, quaife LSD rear end. Would have been a pretty hot little street rod, but it's going to be fun as an electric board hauler too.

The Shape Shack / Re: How are factory boards painted?
« on: Today at 07:55:38 AM »
The paint issue has been raging in the custom car world for a long time, basically because as soon as you paint more than one or two cars you have to deal with the government--with good reason. The solvents released are toxic. Older finishes like Lacquer are now completely illegal--almost as strongly prohibited as lead. High-velocity sprays aren't legal, a lot of two part paints are no only sold to pros with monitored booths. And to make it all worse, the new paints that replace the nasty stuff is harder to use, though the results are excellent once you master everything.

Bottom line--spraying paint has become even more of a professional skill than it was in the past, and the barriers to doing a good job in the USA are greater than ever. Simple answer--get a pro to paint your board.

There's no better proof of the difference than the zoner that sometimes shows off his work here. I don't remember his alias--eDubz maybe? I could paint 50 boards and never get close to his work. You can find a bodyshop in your neighborhood that will do the work for a less money than investing in all the gear.

Epoxy is a bitch to get an even tint or decent polish. So you spray it with car paint. That's why watching Jimmy Lewis do a perfect tint job effortlessly is so frustrating. Every tint I've tried looks like I was trying to draw a map of china but it ran.

Oh, here we go:,30140.75.html  This guy is unreal. I have to get him to come to Hood River to paint my eTR3.

Foil SUP / Re: Elictric foiling.
« on: Today at 07:40:59 AM »
You could pack more power with RC motors--the graphene shielded batteries give one hell of a discharge rate for their capacity--5 amps at 30C--150 amps from a battery you can hold in one hand. But for long life and capacity for weight, it's tough to beat the 18650 Panasonic batteries--unless you could get your hands on some Gigaplant 21700 batteries.

I have four big ducted fan motors that I was going to build a drone with, but my Inspire2 has killed my drone building impulse. It would feel like I was building a Celica when someone had given me a Ferrari from the future. The fans aren't designed for water, but so what? Just means the pitch will be wrong.

Foil SUP / Re: Geezer Foil 2
« on: March 28, 2017, 11:07:37 PM »
Got the masts today. Did a first layer of 10oz carbon and one of 60z glass because I couldn't get the heavy carbon to lay down--should have stuck with 6oz. So I covered it with wide pieces of fiberglass, flipped it over and lightly stapled the stretched FG to the wood, then wet the glass and the edges of the folded carbon. We'll see how that turns out. Looks OK so far. On one mast I cut the margin of the glass and carbon too narrow on one end, but I need to shorten one mast a bunch anyway.

I'll probably do the same thing on the other side, but I'll go wider with both the carbon and the fiberglass and get an inch lap. I'll do it as a cut lap but do the cut after the glass cures. Gonna take t light touch not to weaken the carbon. Maybe I'll just let the carbon have a fuzzy edge and just sand off the glass on the taped lap.

I've been playing around with the relationship of front to rear foil. I think if I set the nose to be slightly high with a neutral AOA and neutral AOA in the tail foil, then any weight shift forward reduces AOA on both front and back and therefore reduces lift. Might be good, might be terrible. It's something I can easily tweak with shims.

I don't think I'm going to put carbon on the baseplates. Doesn't seem necessary. Maybe a carbon patch over the fillet. I'll use chopped carbon to make the fillet.

Random / Re: The road to 5G
« on: March 28, 2017, 04:39:18 PM »
I'm not sure what 1 ms latency means? Latency to where? Satellite is minimum 500-plus ms latency - it's like 535 ms for the "about speed of light" signals to get from the earth to the geo-synch'd satellite and then the satellite to somewhere with another earth station, and back again.  Ping from Alaska to Seattle tied directly to fiber  is like ...20 ms or so (about 2000 miles undersea) . Pinging from my home to work is about 4ms - I could see this coming down. Pings to India are 50 ms. I work in telcom - I get to work on 10g, 100g, some 500g circuits  - what's supposed to connect all this 100g cellphone traffic together? Fastest backbone is still glass as far as I know - with DWDM we can get a lot of bandwidth on the fiber - but are we expecting the 100g to be "bursty" enough that the total bandwidth isn't 100/1000 times more that we can carry now?

For instance - if I upload this post at 100g, it's not going to take long :D - it's still only 50k or so of text - plus a burst of more ads downloading as my page loads up ....

I wonder the same thing, though there's an awful lot of fiber. A read a paper a long time ago that said communications would eventually leave the linear model and be totally nodal. That speed in a mesh is a function of the number of nodal connections times the backbone speed.  My memory of the concept is fuzzy, but I recall it making sense to me at the time.

Downwind and Racing / Re: Hood River in October???
« on: March 28, 2017, 01:46:16 PM »
Certainly drive through and have a look. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Diane's Tesla has a full-current charger in the garage. She was lucky in the location of our electrical service--our garage is a separate structure, but the utility drop is on it's back wall. The 100 amp 240V breaker for the charger looks big enough to service a house. She gets a full charge from nearly empty in a little over three hours (85KWH).

I expect a minivan will precede the pickup truck--the plans are for the minivan to be built on the Model X platform. If they don't do something stupid with the doors it might be a useful surf vehicle.

The pickup and a commercial panel truck are supposed to be close behind. From what I hear, the model 3 ramp up is going better than expected. I heard the Model S assembly line was much more difficult and troublesome by comparison. There's a benefit to doing something the third time.  They're edging up on 200K cars sold. I question whether they will ever be a profitable company in my lifetime, but I don't think that matters to a horizontal company.

Gear Talk / Re: Any motorized paddleboards?
« on: March 28, 2017, 12:32:15 PM »
They already have, and they won't.

Gear Talk / Re: Infinity Boards
« on: March 28, 2017, 12:17:18 PM »
Small outfit.

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