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Sunova SUP / 4 Suns of Stoked..
« on: November 12, 2016, 02:21:42 AM »
4 Suns of Stoked, St Ives Cornwall.

Having read a lot about the Sunova Speeed on here and the other forums (Seabreeze etc.) then watching the review in SUPboarder for the 8'5 Speeed, I fell for the look and quality shown on the board on the video, then watched all the other videos on YouTube by "supthecreek" and others, so I started looking for one to view. I found Julius based in St Ives ( who looks after the brand here in the U.K. After a long weekend playing in the waves of north Cornwall, I got to know the board and its characteristics enough to buy one.  So I bought the 8'10....last Sunday. I have to to say it's the best board I have ever owned, had the pleasure to play on and each day my skills increase. 
This is forum has been a wealth of great information, I'd like to thank all the contributors who've posted reviews, posted videos, added comment and advice to those of us who sought a new board such as the Speeed. I'd like to thank Julius for bringing me on Brand and into the family.  Yesterday and Today was my maiden voyage into some very windy 1ft slop, today super clean glassy 1ft, but I just had to get out and get to know the board. I'm hugely surprised that I managed to both catch waves and spin the board with such ease, paddle into 20knts and actually catch these little lumps that formed yesterday and today caught every little wave I paddled to catch. Light conditions I didn't think would be fun,  but I'm so wrong. This board just glides the ride.
My grin is huge and I'm so looking forward to some cleaner 3ft'ers where I can really get to grips with understanding the board, take it along to some of the UK's fabulous locations and enjoy the journey.
Cheers all.

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