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The Shape Shack / New addition on the way ... Lazy Boy SUP
« on: February 02, 2017, 06:49:03 PM »
The Lazy Boy SUP combines the outline and rocker from Lost's Lazy Boy with the bottom contours of the best selling Lost Puddle Jumper.  The result is a low rocker small wave SUP design that can also handle larger waves.

Lazy Boy SUP: 6'6" x 26.77" x 3.96" x 82L 
1.5# EPS Marko Foam Blank

Because of the narrow hipped, continuous curve, outline, you can surf this with a centered stance for down the line 70ís inspired speed runs, down carves and cutbacks... or step back on the tail and go vertical off the bottom and in the pocket. The bottom contours consist of a rolled vee in the nose transitioning to subtle single concave through the center to spiral vee under the rear foot.  These contours free the board up, making it easy to push the pinched rail deep and perpendicular into the face of the wave, rather than skate flat on top of the water.

Classifieds / Kaysen Buzz v2 Stub For Sale
« on: November 18, 2016, 06:41:26 PM »
I haven't had this board very long but it's a little too much volume for me and I want to get another board and something has to go :-(   

It is a super fun board.  It grovels well and really comes to life in waves with a bit of power.   Don't let the short length discourage you, this board is super stable even in chop.  The board encourages vertical surfing and loves the pocket.  The tapered rails allow you to bury the rails with ease and the short length, pulled in nose and wide point back make snaps off the top a breeze.   

This would be a great board for a lighter weight intermediate rider or larger advanced rider who wants to take their stand up surfing to the next level.  Available for pick up in south Orange County, California. 

$800 OBO (Zoner discount price, price is higher on CL). 

6'6" x 28" x 4.28" x 87L

In like new condition.  This Kaysen Buzz v2 Stub is a custom shape, shaped and glassed locally in San Clemente, CA.  Don't let the small size discourage you, this board is very stable.  I am actually selling it because it is a little too big for me (I am 160lbs).  Features 5 Futures fin boxes, carbon stringer top and bottom, blue/grey resin tint, Creatures XL tail pad, TRACE mount, RSPro Hexatraction deck traction and 3M clear rail protection.  Fins are not included.

Recommended Weight v Ability:
Novice: 115lbs
Intermediate: up to 145lbs
Advanced: up to 175lbs

The Shape Shack / New Addition On The Way ... Hypto Krypto SUP
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:24:23 PM »
TW's "New Quiver Addition" thread got me motivated to give shaping my own board a shot.  I have a couple of different shapes I want to try but this is the one I decided to go with first.  Blank and CNC was ordered today with a quoted 4 day turnaround so I might have the CNC'd blank by the weekend (seems a bit hopeful but you never know).

6'-4" x 27.5" x 4.07" x 81.5L
Marko Foam 1.5# Stringerless blank.

It's a Hypto Krypto homage.  The Hypto has been one of the best selling surfboards in the world for several years now so I thought I'd try and make a SUP version.    Outline is a retro fishy nose pulling in to a rounded pin tail.   It reminds me a lot of my v3 Infinity Phoenix except with a rounded pin instead of square tail.  Bottom contours are fairly subtle starting with rolled vee entry into a very subtle single concave under the front foot which then transitions into a vee / double through the fins and out the tail.    The rocker is flat for speed but I added a little extra flip in the nose.    Deck is flat to keep as much volume as possible for a small form factor but I tapered the rails down to allow burying of the rail (similar to my current boards and the Hypto rails). 

Here's a render and specs.  Not sure I'll stick with the render colors for the glassing.  I am hoping to get it glassed in Future Flex technology to stick with the Hypto theme.

The Shape Shack / Custom decals/lams. Print your own or use a service?
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:13:26 PM »
I am designing my first board and would like to make some decals/lams for it. 

Are you guys making your own or using a print company?  Advice, suggestions, and recommendations are appreciated.

This board is awesome so I'll be sad to see it go but selling allows me to get something different :-)   

Available for pick up in South Orange County, California.   Anaheim/Rancho Santa Margarita/Ladera Ranch.

$950 OBO includes board (Was $2000 new) 
$1000 OBO includes board and 7'6" board bag (a little big but a nice bag)

7'0" x 28.5" x 4.125" x 95L

Only 7 months old.  Was $2000 new.   Board weighs a little over 12lbs.  Selling to get something smaller.  Board is in good condition and is water tight.   Has some paddle scrapes on the rails and one very small ding that has been repaired (rear top deck).  Quad Futures boxes.  Fins are not included.   

Believe the hype, this board kicks butt!  If you want to take your stand up surfing to the next level this is the board for you.   Super light, gets up to speed quickly and is very maneuverable. Don't let the short length discourage you, this board is super stable even in chop.  I am 160lb and this board has too much volume for me! 

When designing the board I had the tail pulled in significantly over a standard Phoenix.  This allows for a lot more maneuverability vs a standard Phoenix but still has the the stability of the wide outline.

Recommended Weight v Ability:
Novice: 130lbs
Intermediate: up to 160lbs
Advanced: up to 190lbs

General Discussion / SUPer Saves Girl @ Doho
« on: February 26, 2016, 05:52:18 PM »
I don't know him but his name is Neil and paddles a blue and white Stand Up Paddle Sports board.

It was away from the crowd, just three of out in this particular area at the time.   This girl was in shock and unresponsive when he got to her.  He saved her life. 

If you know him, buy him a beer. 

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